Sunday, July 08, 2012

Off Topic - That Was the Week It Was - July 8, 2012

What? It's Sunday? I guess it must be time for my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken along the way.

But, first ... (as says the ChenBot), I do have to touch on all of the Big Brother 14 news just a bit. If you haven't noticed, I've started posting about the cast. I plan on posting more a bit later today about our new hamsters. They actually entered the house last night, but the live feeds don't start until after the premiere airs. I posted cast interviews over on my Big Brother Facebook Page for this blog. Please feel free to like the page -- I link all my BB blog articles there, as well as some additional content.

On more personal non-television matters, I received word from the new landlord that Vincent can indeed stay despite the new "no pets" lease. YAY! I really didn't want to move. But if they said he had to go, we would find another place to live. I did make it clear to them that I would be moving if they didn't allow him. I know this area isn't the easiest to find good tenants and, apparently, so do they.

As for my knees mishap last week, they seem to be okay. I couldn't make an appointment due to the holiday week, but really need to call back this week. The left (older) knee swelled up for about three days and is still sporting all kinds of beautiful colors. The right (new) knee has a scrape and a small bruise in addition to some residual pain around the kneecap. Both seem to be stable enough. I'm not going to have them redone no matter what! At least not for the next twenty or thirty years, I hope.

My latest staycation started yesterday. Supposedly the latest heat wave should end tonight and I might be able to enjoy roaming about with the camera or take a run into the city. I'd go to the beach but too many people go there this time of year!

Onto the photos I've taken this week -- I had some extra photo fodder because the Plainfield 4th of July Parade was held yesterday, on the 7th. Don't ask. I watched the parade because it goes right by my apartment building. But I didn't partake in any of the other events of the day because it was just too darn HOT. Clicking on an image will open it in a new window, clicking again will make it larger, then close that window to return here. 

Horse in the 'hood!

I edited this to leave only the horse and rider in color. Obviously, this is from the parade. We rarely have horses just roaming around here in the 'hood.

Early Morning Presbyterian
Early morning Presbyterian

I like the way the early morning sun played out on the local Presbyterian Church. East Front Street, Plainfield

I see the bee's knees
I see the bee's knees!

The bees are still busy in Bridgewater!


Fungi update
Fuzzy fungi update

I went for a lower angle on it. It's either evolving or dying. Heck, they could be one and the same. Bridgewater, NJ

Just a weed
Blossoming weed

Chicory has arrived
Chicory is back

Every summer, chicory grows wild at the Plainfield Train Station (in between mowings). I think it has such a neat little bloom with tassels and all!

Google train
New Google Transit

Some of the NJ Transit trains on the Raritan Valley Line are sporting Google ads. Well, they're advertising that the NJ Transit web site now accepts Google Wallet for payment, not Google per se. Yeah, right.

Demon Ice Cream Truck stalking me
It's stalking me!

Even downtown, I can't escape from the Demon Hello Ice Cream Truck of Plainfield. Corner of Watchung and East Fourth.

Second of the month
Early on the second of the month

Returned rental trucks almost led out to the street. July 1 must be a huge moving day for folks. Better them than me.

Pizza Pizza

While I took this at the parade, this poor guy has been bicycling all around the city touting the new Little Caesars Pizza in town. Every time I've seen him, it's been over 90 degrees. I hope they pay him well.


They couldn't pay me enough for this! This suit, when it's hovering around 100 degrees with high humidity must be torture. I recall having to wear a bear suit for something or another decades ago in cooler weather. It was still hot.

Stepper boots


These two arachnid men sat on the stoop across the street and watched the whole parade.

The Juggler

I found my spot in the shade!

For some reason, the dancing horses took a side trip up on my neighbor's lawn. When they left, this one discovered that little patch of shade and he didn't want to move!

I made a bad video of some of the parade action:

I also made a slideshow with photographs from the parade which you can find right here at this link. If you prefer to browse through the photos, I made a separate album for them at this link.

Vincent in the window
Vincent in his window

Vincent would prefer the window open, but I prefer to have the air conditioning on. I win.

How was your week? Are you ready for Big Brother 14?


Palmaltas said...

Love the photos, Jackie. Hope your knees are better. Nice to see the fuzzy fungi is still there.

Delee said...

That poor horse is lathered up with sweat. I hope they got a nice cool bath when the parade was over.

Even though I know different, the fungus looks like it is dusted with snow!

Yikes, I would last at most 5 minutes in that dog costume. Panting with its tongue hanging out. Wonder if there were ice packs taped to his/her body?

Was Vincent watching the parade?

Sally said...

Very glad to hear that you and Vincent will be remaining in your home! Your new landlord seems both reasonable and responsible, good qualities, to be sure.

The heat wave broke yesterday here, and it's now oooler, much less humid, and quite pleasant out. Hope that's headed your way, so Vincent can have his open window to hear and smell, as well as see, his kingdom.

JOEY said...

Hi Jackie.
We loved the photos, you really are very talent at it.
we are so happy for you to hear that vincent get to stay, that really was a good of the landlord.
oh wow, no way would we be out in that heat wave, just how hot is it there? may i ask?
we are in florida and it started at 92 this morning but they said the heat index is 102, there just nothing better then cool air inside.
does the heat effect vincent as well??
take care and we love you .

Witt said...

Hi Jackie!! I'm so glad that Vincent and you will get to stay in your apartment. You are right; good tenants are hard to find and your landlord knew he'd be losing a great tenant.

Can't wait to see the new season! We are also enjoying a low humidity 80 degree day after 103 on Saturday here in MD!

Witt :)

Susan in MA said...

Jackie, I admire you so much. I'm glad your knee is okay, after all you've been through. And I'm glad they let Vincent stay.

~Susan B