Sunday, August 05, 2012

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - August 5, 2012

Happy Sunday morning, world! If you're looking for Big Brother live feeds content, those posts can be found at this link right here. I posted one late last night and another will be posted later this morning. This post is my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken. If you're here for the show, you may feel free to stay and read this ... or not.

Once again we had an incredibly uncomfortable weather week here in Plainfield, NJ. Humid, hot, sticky, rainy, stormy and just bleh! I'm SO not a fan of hot and humid weather. I hate standing still in the shade yet sweating profusely. And, no. I don't glow. I sweat. Wah! Although, I'll admit, I do enjoy a cool thunderstorm as long as I'm not caught out in it and my power remains on.

On the home front, I mentioned a week or two ago that it probably wouldn't be long before someone stole the video cameras the new landlord put at the entrances. Welp, the one from the side entrance went missing Thursday sometime between the time I left for work and returned home. The front door one is still there and I didn't bother checking the back door. I hope the jerk who stole it didn't realize it's being filmed in a locked room in the basement. I blame the riff-raff from the front section of the building.

In between going a bit bonkers between work and the BB14 live feeds reports on the blog, I've been going over my photos to submit for the Plainfield Library Photo Contest. You can submit five and I have a pretty solid four chosen so far. It's not the easiest theme for me -- Plainfield, Dining In or Dining Out. I see so many cool restaurant shots I could take through windows. But I don't want people to think I'm a creeper.

I think this weather is putting a damper on my photo taking inspiration. I didn't get many shots that I really thought were good this week. Here's the best of the ones I took:  

On a fallen limb
On a limb

Although many limbs are still down from a storm the previous week, I believe this one on the lawn of the Plainfield Quaker Meeting House was actually cut.

More flowers!
Up close and personal

Yes, there was rain. Sigh.



Cool spider
Cool spider

This cool little spider (click on image to open on a new page, click again to make it larger) built all of this webbing within 24 hours! Bridgewater, NJ. On the other hand, I'm not enjoying walking through webs on the sidewalks early in the morning. Perhaps it's neat to know that I'm going where no man (or woman) has gone before yet that day, but ...!

Hot morning
Hot morning

Wah. I took this shot from the corner of Roosevelt and East Second about 6:30 one morning this week. Wah. Hot. Whine. Fuss.

Nifty mushroom

This one had some coloring to the top and neat fringes. Plainfield, NJ


I took this one in Bridgewater Thursday morning after an entire Wednesday of rain. Something was WAY busy!

Foggy train station
In a fog

What the heck is all this traffic doing on East Third Street in Plainfield at 6:30am? And, furthermore, who do people call and chat loudly with on the train at that hour? If I call someone at 6:30am, it's to report a death or something equally horrible.

Foggy church
Foggy religion

The Presbyterian Church on East Front Street in Plainfield looks like a spooky fortress in the fog.

Fence in bloom
Don't fence me in!

In the back of my apartment building. Note the recurring rain theme going on here today.

Not cherries!

I'd say they're probably poisonous. Even the birds don't eat them. But they make good photo fodder! Bridgewater, NJ.

Just a weed

We have needed the rain as the lawns were all going brown. The weeds, in particular, have really come out! Bridgewater, NJ.

Stinkhorn mushroom

My first stinkhorn mushroom sighting of the season in Bridgewater, NJ.


I found these along the way on East Front Street in Plainfield.

Vincent himself
You have that camera AGAIN?

My apologies for the poor lighting, but this is what Vincent looks like after he's been playing. He's actually atop his toy, having conquered and killed it.

How was your week?


Palmaltas said...

5I understand the feeling of being the first to walk through spider webs early in the morning. In a strange way it makes me feel safe knowing no one else is out on the swamp boardwalk. Love the photos, Jackie.

meb said...

The pictures are phenomenal Jackie. Especiall liked the first one.. the black and white, Out On A Limb... and the Nifty Mushroom with the color was actually very pretty (and I do not like wild mushrooms growing in my yard). Then the stinkhorn mushroom was very deceiving... I thought it was a broken pencil.

Of course Vincent is my favorite and he does look like you've caught him doing something naughty. Killing his toy is allowed. : )

Thanks for the tour.

Donna in Alabama said...

From a distance, the first photo looks like a stick figure...
Webby is totally creepy! I have webs across the entry to my porch every morning, yet I never remember and walk right into them! Webs don't bother me, but the thought of the spider on me makes me do karate moves!

Vincent, the conquerer, the killer of toys at Jackie's castle!!

JonMD1267 said...

I think you have ninja spiders their. I try and have a rule with bugs in general as long as they don't touch me, I won't touch them, they break the code and it's on lol.

It has been a brutal summer heat wise here on the east coast and we need rain here bad in MD as well.

I always enjoy your pictures and when you capture the small things in every day passing.

lynn1 said...

Jackie, Enjoyed your photos this week (I enjoy them every week though).
I was wondering with the library theme of dining in or dining out if you could use some of your spectacular insect photos? Especially of the bees gathering nectar. That would be dining out in my opinion...of course I am not a judge for the photo contest.

Jackie said...

Already in the plan, Lynn. I have a great shot of a bee "Drinking in the sweet nectar that is Plainfield" picked. :-) Birds and squirrels are fair game, too ... as long as they're eating something! I have no choice but to think out of the box a bit on this one.

lynn1 said...

I think you will definitely impress the judges with your photograpy. You have a great eye for subject matter and composition.

Becky said...

Jackie, my DH and I enjoy your photos each week. Good luck in the contest.