Sunday, August 19, 2012

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - August 19, 2012

Good Sunday morning to you! It's time for my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken along the way. If you're looking for Big Brother content, you can pull up all of those posts with this label link and might want to skip over this particular post. Don't worry, my feelings won't be hurt. But, for those who remain ...

This coming week will break the pattern of hot, humid and stormy. It will keep the stormy part now and again, but the temperatures will be slightly below normal. I'm more than ready for the temperatures to ease. I was probably ready before it ever got hot!

Vincent has fared fine through the hot weather as, in the worst of it, I've left the air conditioner on low for him. However, I'd rather just have the windows open with a gentle breeze wafting in and a lower electric bill. Unfortunately, I have to go out back and forth to work as I am not a spoiled cat. 

Let's see ... I seem a bit discombobulated this morning. So, maybe I should just send out random thoughts on the week in my BB live feeds reporting style. Yeah, that's easier than paragraphs! Here we go!
  • I hurt a finger at my workplace. It's making typing a bit hard. I think it might be sprained.
  • I saw a whole bunch of bats in the skies downtown last night as I returned home from work. Cool.
  • The days are getting shorter. Last week it was too rainy, but would have been too light for the bats on my Saturday later return home.
  • I did not win the big Powerball lottery drawing. I bought one ticket. Never gamble more than you wish to throw away.
  • I have been contacted with an intriguing offer to work for a start-up on the Internet which (hopefully) might become another social networking way of life. I'll know more next week after I talk to them on the phone.
  • But, of course, I'll keep my day job. Internet income is so up and down.
  • Right now it's way down.
  • No one stole the cameras at my apartment building. For some reason, the landlord took them down, every one but the front door.
  • I don't use the front door.
  • Even the one in the laundry room is gone.
  • I don't know what's up with that.
  • And now, the front door which had been red, has been painted black.
  • Enough of this, onto the photos! 
Clicking on an image will open it in a new window. Clicking again will make it larger. Closing the window will bring you right back here.  

Weed flower
A weed flower

Yes, even a weed can be pretty.

A paler shade of bee
A paler shade of bee

I messed with the saturation in this photo. I don't know why, but I like it in paler pastels. East Front Street, Plainfield.

Red sky in the morning
Red sky in the morning

Sailors take warning. And sure enough, it rained later that day. This is the Plainfield Train Station as I waited for my train about 6:30 AM one day.



Ramadan has ended
Ramadan ended this week

I have some friends who are happier when Ramadan falls in the winter time. It involves, amongst other things, a month of fasting from dawn to sundown. As it doesn't follow our basic calendar year, it often falls when the days are a lot shorter than they are in August! This is on North Avenue and Gavett Place in Plainfield.

Bees don't like petunias

I never see any bees hanging around the petunias. I guess they're just not pollen-laden or something.

Stinkhorn with flash fly
Apt relationship

A disgusting duo indeed -- a stinkhorn mushroom with a flesh fly sitting on it. The stinkhorn is named such because that dark tip smells like carrion; the flesh fly feeds on decomposing animals. Bridgewater, NJ.

Odd bird
What is this bird?

I saw this unusual bird scurrying about on the sidewalk in Bridgewater. In action, it reminded me of the pterodactyls in Jurassic Park chasing people in the kitchen. Of course, it's not as large. I think it might be a bird found closer to the shore than where I saw it in Bridgewater. I'll have to Google about. 


Look, babies! I'm still following the spider's progress. The egg case went from a neat globe to what you see here.

Stinkhorn devil horns
Stinkhorn horns

Oh no! It's a stinkhorn devil buried in the landscaping!

But I want to be a BEE

Look! I'm a bee!

After hours joint?

I came upon this Saturday morning on Church Street. I guess they made their own Friday night bar. I edited it to leave the bottles and newspaper name (it's an honor box) in color, all else black and white. Plainfield.

Magic bus
Magic bus

The church related to this bus was setting up a cool little fair thing in the parking lot of the U-Haul building at Roosevelt and East Front (Plainfield) as I headed to work yesterday. Bouncy castles and cotton candy. But, dedicated person I am, I went to work.

Hey, little bird
Little bird

So Innocent
Dreaming of little bird

Doesn't he look so innocent as he sleeps? Rockabye, Vincent, in his own chair. Shh ...

How was your week?


Petals said...

"A Paler Shade of Bee" Love it.

Delee said...

The bird looks like a female Roadrunner but why would they be in NJ! I hope someone tells us for sure.

Typing with a bum finger is not fun, hope it feels better soon. Great pics per usual!

JonMD1267 said...

All the shots are cool, but the bee ones are excellent as usual. Do not trust the spiders!! lol

Palmaltas said...

A stinkhorn mushroom and a flesh fly. I do learn something every week. Thanks, Jackie.

Anonymous said...

Love the pics! It's a nice break in the house of wannabes