Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Amazing Race: Phil Keoghan's Season Breakdown

So ... have you signed up for the pool yet? Margo hasn't announced a cut-off time unless I've missed it. I think midnight tonight (Saturday, Eastern time zone) should be the latest you can sign up. That would be fair, I believe. Of course, if Margo has indeed indicated a cut-off earlier than that and I missed it ... oops and she's the Pool Boss!

The season premiere is tomorrow night at 8 PM ET or after 60 Minutes, whichever comes last. (Sigh.) I really hate that so many of my favorite shows are on Sunday evenings with a haphazard schedule due to sports coverage. I seriously think that they'd be better off scheduling sports to end at 8 PM and cutting out one primetime show. Ah, but that might lose them some revenue, huh?

Anyway ... I'm including Phil's breakdown of the teams we'll be watching this season. I so agree with him about those teams who claim they want to test their relationships. I mean, are they serious? Under super pressure when the best of friends might crack, silly folks want to test themselves. Okay. Go for it, fools!

I'm taking an immediate liking to several of the teams just based on the videos I've seen at this point. But I'm going to need to see them in action to really judge them. How about you? Do you have an early favorites? 


caela said...

Hope I'm not too late for the pool! I'm ready for TAR! It's my fav!

Delee said...

I am waiting anxiously on pins and needles for AR to begin. This is my fav reality show! Losing interest in many others! The ad for AR just says "After 60 Minutes", grrrr! Heavens forbid 60 Minutes is cut short as I do not watch it! AR running late messes up the whole Sunday evening schedule!

Margo said...

midnight is a fine cut off.

Sharon said...

Hope you are feeling better by now and on the mend Jackie.

Just checked and the Raiders vs Broncos game is over at least 90 minutes before TAR begins here. :)

Between NFL and College, non-fans get the shaft for regular TV programs.
Can't resist saying GO Raiders!
(GO 'any team' playing the Broncos.)

Margo said...

**Pool Match Ups**

Abbie & Ryan - Donna in AL, Sharon, Rbennie
Amy & Daniel - Auntie Leigh, DKNYNC, ML
Caitlin & Brittany - JOEY, Lars, tlynsta,
Gary & Will - PDXGranny, Buzzmaam, Jackie
James & Mark - Caela, Jennasmom, Sydney, Brian
Jaymes & James - Margo, Becky, Zoetawny
Josh & Brent - Sharon S, MEB, Dusty, Monty924
Natalie & Nadiya - Lynn1, Glenn, Ed in OH
Rob & Kelley - Laurie, JonMd1267, Delee, Nana in NW
Rob & Sheila - Terry in TX, Brent Mckee, ChicMc
Trey & Lexi - SueGee, Merrilee, Donna in FL


Becky said...

Yeha! I gave eye candy and my pool picks!

Jackie said...

I have the "not normal" team (according to Phil). I like that! I hope they don't go out really early!