Sunday, October 14, 2012

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - October 14, 2012

Good Sunday morning to you! As it is Sunday, it's time for my off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken. Lots of photos today, so I hope you have a cup of coffee with you! 

I'm feeling much better this week -- still a bit fatigued, but definitely more myself. After a real dip in the temperatures at week's end, today is supposed to be delightful. My last day off (Wednesday) started out rainy, chilly and grey. The weather turned around by noontime and I ended up having myself one fine day off with my camera at my side.

I had decided to go for a Trader Joe's run in Westfield. And, despite my disappointment over the summer with the algae and neglect in the nearby Mindowaskin Park, I walked over there to see what I could see. As I approached the park, some HUGE bird flew low directly overhead. Yipes! What the heck was that? 

Following my last sighting of where it seemed to go, I found a gorgeous great blue heron. I guess I'm into cheap entertainment, because I watched him for a good hour as he stalked about the low waters, watching and waiting, and then ZOOM ... fish in mouth!

Canada geese, various ducks and a rambunctious squirrel or two made for the most enjoyable, yet quiet, afternoon I've had in a long, long time. The kids were all in school. The park had its walkers -- one woman walked laps around the park for the entire time I was there. A few folks were out with their dogs walking. Some young mothers were there with toddlers. A few people just sat on the benches and read books. It was a perfect day for a walk in the park!

Here's some of the gazillion photos I took -- clicking on an image will open it in a new window, clicking again will make it larger. Just close out that last window to return right here to the blog.

Heron 3
Great blue heron in Westfield

After the rain
After the rain

This was the result of overnight rains as I walked in Westfield on Wednesday.

Early train
Catching the early train

Heading off to work early in the week. Plainfield Train Station.


Beheaded Fred
A crowd gathers 

Fred got beheaded, thus drawing curiosity seekers and looky-loos from near and far. Yes, the same fate could come to any of them at any time!

Historic church

This is the third church building for the congregation. It was built in 1861, but the original building played a part in the Revolutionary War. The Westfield Presbyterian Church, adjacent to Mindowaskin Park.

Mindowaskin Park
Mindowaskin Park

Get my good side!

Water fowl
Bowing ducks on a rock

Just a note -- the water, while not sparkling clear, isn't really green as it seems to be in most of my photos. The green is the reflection of trees surrounding the water. We haven't gotten much color here yet this season.

Wood duck 4
Wood duck

Female mallard duck

Wood duck 3
Love the wood duck!

Ducks on a rock
Mallards on the rock

Wood duck 2
Wood duck on the move

Oh my. Inter-species (?) duck couple?

Close goose
Got any food for me?

Wood duck
A duck and his reflection

Duck wing
Show me some wing!

Goose mug shot
Goose mug shot

Here's looking at you
I've got my eye on you!

Reflected heron
Reflected heron

Heron standing tall
Standing tall

When the heron stood full-length like this, I swear he was nearly as tall as me!

Goose with reflection
Goose amongst reflected trees

Heron bubbles
Leaving bubble trail

You think the fish would catch onto the bubble trail wherever the heron went.

Heron with fish 2
Caught a fish

Oops! Too late.

Heron 3

Heron stalking

Watching the heron was mesmerizing. He'd stand for long periods of time like a statue, then stalk slowly, then stand tall checking out the scenery. But when he went for a fish, he was lightning fast.

Heron with fish

Heron 2
Walkin', walkin', walkin'

Nappy Vincent
Sleepy Vincent

Sure. He's sleeping because he's worked SO HARD all day long!

How was your week?


Palmaltas said...

So glad you're feeling better, Jackie. The blue heron and duck photos are fabulous! Loved them!

lynn1 said...

Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing.Hoping you will feel 100% very soon.

Petals said...

Hey Ms J!
OMG, I was LOL at the Fred story/pic. The waterfowl shots were epic, too - like a wildlife magazine. You are so talented.

It is cooler, leaves are falling, Halloween is approaching - love this season.
Watching Walking Dead marathon in anticipation of tonight (season 3 premiere!!) Do you watch Dead, Ms Jackie?
Hope everyone has a beautiful Sunday!

Becky said...

The pictures, as usual are phenomenal! I confess, I always want to go to the last one first... just love Vincent pictures.