Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Survivor: Caramoan Fans vs. Favorites - The "Favorites"

Survivor: Caramoan Fans vs. Favorites cast

Although I'll be focusing on the "favorites" in this entry, here's the new cast video featuring all --

 The season premiere is Wednesday, February 13. Be there or be square. Lifeguard Laurie has once again graciously volunteered to run the blog pool -- you can contact her at lifeguardlaurie@gmail -- just add the dot-com at the end. I don't want her getting swamped by robots, y'know!

For those unfamiliar with the blog pool, not to worry ... you won't lose your shirt in this one. Well, unless you're swimming, maybe! Cast members are randomly selected for our blog community members. We cheer on our chosen castaway until they get the boot or perhaps become the sole survivor. That, of course, is not to be confused with the Soul Survivors. Those folks who get the ultimate sole surviving castaway retain any bragging rights until the next season when the slate is wiped blank once again. 

Okay ... onto the returning so-called favorites. Yes, that term certainly doesn't apply to at least a few for me.

Brandon Hantz. Say WHAT? Why must we endure this little whining sexist wussy jerk Hantz again? What kind of hold does this twerp have over the producers? He wasn't even enjoyable to watch, not at all. Of course, we could always bet on when he'll cry or try to push his extremely narrow-minded ways upon others. 

Brenda Lowe. She was in Nicaragua. While she certainly doesn't bring about such vehemence and vitriol in me as much as does Brandon, I'm not classifying her as a personal favorite. If memory serves, she played well and managed to manipulate folks some, then depended on Sash to save her with an idol. He didn't, she fell and went boom. I didn't NOT enjoy her before; I was just a bit ambivalent.

Corinne Kaplan. Gabon, 12th castaway out, 4th jury member. Um. Okay. She didn't make much of an impression on me the first time around. I recall her mouth tended to get her in hot water with others at times. My favorite? Nah. I'd have to actually remember her more for her to qualify.

Erik Reichenbach. Now, here is someone who's certainly memorable on the show. Memorable for making the most foolish naive bone-headed move ever in the game, that is! He's the guy from the Micronesia season who trusted the girls and gave up his immunity in a wham-bam-off the island eviction. Let's see if he's smartened up a bit. Not really a favorite, but it might be interesting to see if the past repeats and he's trust foolworthy.

Phillip Sheppard. SAM is back, the best drinking game ever on the blog! SAM stands for Secret Agent Man -- every time he mentions secret agent work, we drink! He was on the original Redemption Island. I was initially annoyed by him, but the man has an odd way of growing on a person. He's a hoot to watch and very entertaining in a whacko sort of way. I see he has fresh new pink tidy whities (pinkies). For some reason, I actually liked him while I didn't like Coach (another whacko).

Malcolm Freberg. Hey, wasn't he just on last season? And, I really don't doubt that he would have won it all if not for Denise. He's a strong player, smart, likeable, easy on the eyes.

Francesca Hogi. Or, as SAM would say: Franquesca. The most memorable thing about her for me was the tribal council smackdown with SAM. She was a fairly decent player, but I'm more interested in seeing her reunite with Phillip Sheppard, this time supposedly having to work together.

John Cochran. Huh. The Woody Allen of Survivor has returned. Most likely the palest castaway ever and most inept at the game to have actually made an impact on the game. Sure, there have been more inept folks on the show. However, they leave little impression on me. I actually liked Cochran and, if I have to suffer through returning castaways (never my favorite reality show gimmick), I'd just as soon watch him again. Will he win? Bwahahaha!

Dawn Meehan. Dawn was in the South Pacific season. I remember her as a strong woman in the game, but not surrounded with the best crowd. She was an ally with Cochran, so this reunion should have them working together again. I'd like to see her do well.

Andrea Boehike. Another Redemption Island alumni. She's hoping all the crazy people target each other and she will rise to the top. 

I'm not sure of the criteria used to select these "favorites." Some we could almost predict would be multi-season -- like Cochran, Phillip Sheppard. Others seem to be favorites of casting, not of the real fans -- Brandon.

What's your take on the returning castaways?


monty924 said...

Can't wait for Survivor to begin. SAM here we come! Add me to the pool, Laurie! YAY!

lynn1 said...

Brandon a favorite???? He is an annoying little gnat. If there had to be a Hantz this season I would rather it be Russell.
Laurie please add me to the pool.

mammaroos said...

Seriously how many survivors can Malcome do before he wins hopefully he makes it far this time around :))

JOEY said...

Hi Jackie, So good to hear from you .
please add joey to the pool as well. he is looking forward to this one. can not believed they have hantz back, ewww, must we suffer for it??
thank you

Brent McKee said...

Heck, if they were going to have a Hantz on the show, why not show Brandon's dad that it's not so easy as he thought it was back when Brandon did it the first time? That way the Hantz clan (as much of it as we know about and please don't dig up any more) would all have been humiliated on competitive reality shows.

P.S.: Add me to the pool when the time comes.

Anonymous said...

Jackie, Thanks for the great writeup on the returning cast.
Please add me to the Pool as well.


Donna in FL said...

Not impressed by this cast of "favorites".
Laurie, please add me to the pool.

ML said...

Laurie, please add me to the pool. Thanks! Jackie, as always, love to read your writeups!


Anonymous said...

Could I please be in the pool. Thanks Karen. From Can.

Anonymous said...

Can I please be added to the pool. Thanks. Karen from ca.