Sunday, February 24, 2013

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - February 24, 2013

Once again it's Sunday. Odd how that seems to happen once a week, huh? Well, that means it's time for my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken along the way.

I realize the Oscars are on tonight, but there will also be a new episode of The Amazing Race. Despite the red carpet, the blog party for the show will go on as scheduled. You're all free to wear gowns and tuxedos if you wish. Check back at 8pm ET for that post!

I have a lack of photos this week, so you're going to get a lot of Vincent. I was on a staycation and the weather was mostly dreary and warmish or really cold. Thus, I napped a lot. I stayed home for the most part. Yeah, I got some of the chores I planned to do done.

But I really napped a lot.

And it felt great!

Onto the photos I took ...

Dreary photo fe2a3261-9477-474b-9e3a-94d066242276_zps916b70af.jpg
Damp and dreary

It seems like most of the week was damp and dreary. But I didn't mind. I feel rested for the first time in months! This is looking down Berckman Street towards East Third Street in Plainfield.

Vincent - B&W&green photo IMG_5126a_zpsf794e0c7.jpg
Vincent in B&W and green

In this shot, I left only Vincent's eyes in color. In fairly close up shots like this, his scar on his nose shows. I always wondered how he managed to get such a scar in his previous life. It was already a well-healed scar when the shelter got him, so it either didn't happen while he was a stray or he was a stray for a really long time.


EEK! photo IMG_5141a_zpsf14df754.jpg
Eek! Run for your life!

Jaws like a crocodile! Er, actually, Vincent is yawning.

Yuengling photo e0a23801-802c-4685-b1c3-676862d71ee9_zpsb2e6747d.jpg
Yuengling truck

I like Yuengling. I have no Yuengling. Watchung Avenue in Plainfield.

Barrio photo IMG_5117a_zps8adbc0f3.jpg

"Out from the barrio, you hear my rhythm on the radio" - Smooth by Carlos Santana

I edited this shot to leave only the word "barrio" in color on the ads stuck all over the poles and traffic light boxes. This is on East Front Street, downtown. It's not quite a barrio (neighborhood) as not many people live on that block.

Muslim photo IMG_5172a_zpsfde5cf01.jpg
Okaaay ...

As I'm not their target audience, I doubt they'd really be sorry they missed me if they saw me. This was scooted under my door when I ignored a knock. Hey, I was in my pajamas and not expecting anyone at my door on a Saturday morning!

What can I say? I'm surrounded by diversity, unlike where I spent my childhood years. It keeps things interesting.

No ball for you! photo IMG_0006a_zps1b6f48e6.jpg
No ball for you!

I saw the super carry this out and set it near the dumpster in the back corner of the parking lot. He found it in the third floor hallway (where there's been tons of issues with kids running wild). Ignore the Sandy-fallen tree in the background. I guess they're never going to take care of that. The little basketball hoop vanished before the trash haulers came. Wherever it ended up or whoever has it ... I bet it won't be sitting in the hallway again!

I'm so confused! photo IMG_5164a_zps564188a2.jpg
I'm so confused!

Yipes. I was stopped and standing when I took the shot! Off of Park Avenue in Scotch Plains.

Winter photo IMG_5158a_zps5d2a2966.jpg
Sweetgum tree in winter

Lend me a hand photo IMG_5157a_zpsd574a633.jpg
Lend me a hand?

Hmm ... hopefully there isn't a hand inside. I didn't check. Gulp. East Second Street, Plainfield.

The haha box and keys photo IMG_5154a_zps2ca86cb1.jpg
Keys on the haha box

I call it the "haha box" for obvious reasons. It's some sort of electrical box on the sidewalk at Berckman and East Second in Plainfield. Maybe for the traffic lights? I don't know. Someone vandalized it with hahahahaha ... etc. Now someone apparently found some keys and set them atop the haha box.

Vincent photo IMG_5127a_zps0ae9469e.jpg
Please give me catnip

Vincent in hypnotize mode.

Go away paparazzi photo IMG_5148a_zpsfc20eb9e.jpg
Leave me alone or I'll call Alec Baldwin


PDX Granny said...

As usual, love seeing your world thru your eyes. :)

Sally said...

oyurac 321Catching up on sleep is a good things. And it resulted in some very good photos of the regal Vincent.

Anonymous said...

I love reading your Sunday off topics. The pictures you take are amazing!!
And yes, Vincent is the king!!

Becky said...

Vincent, Vincent, Vincent, you poor "little" cat! You appear to have such a rough life. Do you think your Mom would adopt me?

Great photos, Jackie. BTW, AR is not scheduled to show here tonight.