Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Amazing Race: Cast Video and Blog Pool Sign-Up!

The new season of The Amazing Race makes its debut this coming Sunday evening, February 17th! The Esteemed Margo has been kind enough to once again take charge of the blog pool for the show. I do apologize for getting this post up a bit late -- real life and all that mundane stuff, y'know.

The way the pool works is: Margo's Mom randomly picks names out of the hat (perhaps bowl or other such container of said names) and each blog member is randomly assigned a team to cheer on until they get Philiminated or win The Amazing Race. Nah, the winning blog members unfortunately don't go home with a million. But they do get bragging rights to hold near and dear until the next season comes around!

The official CBS website with the bios is here for you to check up on them.

Here's Phil's introduction to the cast:

If you want in on the pool, please respond here on this very post in comments. If you're signing on as Anonymous, we do need some sort of sign off name on your comments. Heck, you can be a boy named Sue if you wish, but we do need a name. Please get your name in there as soon as possible as we'll have to cut off the entries sometime Saturday!

Then join the blog parties during the shows as they air in East Coast time! Hang out with a great bunch of friends and get ready for a whirlwind trip around the world ... from the safety of home.


monty924 said...

Yay... but that means my reign as a pool winner is coming to an end. Just not enough bragging rights time. :(

Margo, sign me up! Thanks Jackie for hosting the best parties ever!!

SharonS said...

Ditto to what Monty said.

In the pool I go... please :)

SueGee said...

Please add me to the TAR Pool. I will see if I can duplicate the first boot from Survivor in the TAR pool!!

Sue Gee

Merrilee said...

Please add me to the TAR Pool!!



Brian said...

Please add me to the AR pool



Margo said...

pool peeps so far
Auntie Leigh
Donna in AL
Nana in NW
Sharon S

Brent McKee said...

Yeah, put me in the pool (I hope I get John Wayne's granddaughter).

JOEY said...

Please add JOEY to the pool as well.
Thank you

lynn1 said...

Please add my name to the pool.Thanks Jackie and Margo.

Ed in Ohio said...

I'd like to join the 'pool peeps'!

Thanks in advance Margo & Jackie.

Anonymous said...

Jackie, please add me to the pool.



Donna in Alabama said...

It looks like a cool cast for this season!
I hate to scare everyone but I have my swimsuit on! LOL

Anonymous said...

Could you add me to.the pool Thanks Karen inCaliforia

Donna in FL said...

Margo...Please add me to the pool! Thanks.