Sunday, March 03, 2013

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - March 3, 2013

Good Sunday morning to all! It's grey skies and flurries for me here today. I hope someone somewhere has sunny skies. It's time for my weekly reflection on the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken. Once again, due to a mainly cloudy blah winter kind of week, the photos are far from my best. While we haven't had snow all that often this season, it's still just kind of boring out there -- everything looks dirty and dead. I want spring with something inspiring every day!

My work and personal life seem to be stuck in a winter mood, too. While not particularly dirty and definitely not dead, it's been very routine. The children who treat the upstairs common corridor of my apartment building as a playground have been quiet some evenings, then going until nearly ten at night other nights. 

I've enlisted the assistance of three neighbors in my own hallway in complaining. I really wish there was something in the leases which could assess fines for breaking lease policies. About all the landlord can really do is not renew their lease due to all the complaints. It's hard to evict for much other than non-payment. 

I just don't understand why parents move in here knowing there's really no place for children to play -- no playground, no safe outdoor space for them, etc. Then those parents don't take the time to enroll their children in after school programs or even take them to the huge lawns of nearby churches where they could run and play without disturbing neighbors. 

Why would parents let their very young children out of their sight in the evening hours? While the building is secure as of late, people come and go. Strangers can get inside. Not only is it a disturbance, it's really not a safe place for kids to play at all. I swear I pay more attention to my cat than some of these so-called parents pay to their children.

By the way, there are two apartments with children in my own floor/wing. Neither of those parents send their children out in the hallway to run amok for hours. One of them live under one of the offending upstairs families. She said the kids are up running and jumping most of the night and they're the worst upstairs neighbors she's had in her fifteen years here.

Meanwhile, I'm still under an empty apartment. Jasper and his wife moved out during Sandy and they rehabbed the whole place. I noticed the ad on Craigslist for it was pulled over a week ago and thought I'd have new people. But, no. No one moved in. That's fine with me. I like having no one walking on my ceiling or flooding my bathroom!

You can tell by my extended rant, I've had a boring week, eh? Onto this week's photos ... 

Colorful dawn photo IMG_5204a_zpscdc4cbb2.jpg
As the sun rises

Despite that, once again, we've been mostly in grey clouds for a good part of the week, there was one colorful morning. I took this shot on Roosevelt Avenue on my way to the train station. It was a pink and orange world for just a few minutes. Today I'd have to put on my rose-colored glasses for any real color.

Hawk photo IMG_5253a_zpsb8e91f28.jpg
My friend Cooper ... hawk

When I got to the train station on Saturday, I noticed the usual crowds of pigeons were absent. Since folks along North Avenue throw out bread for them, that's unusual. Then I noticed not one, but two hawks circling above the train station. Due to the proximity of Watchung Avenue where I got buzzed twice by a swooping hawk, it's likely that one of the hawks is my "friend." Unfortunately, they wouldn't stay still for a good photo.


What's that? photo IMG_5189a_zps7fb5a2e5.jpg
What's that over there?

Looking through the still Hurricane Sandy damaged walls of the TD Bank Ball Park from the Bridgewater Train Station, a tent can be seen!

A circus! photo IMG_5190a_zpsdbd508d0.jpg
It's a CIRCUS!

Why, it's the big top of the Big Apple Circus! I keep hoping that as I pass through for work they might be out exercising the horses or something. For those not familiar with the Big Apple Circus, it's a far cry from Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey. It's basically a dog and pony show with acrobats and clowns, as well. But, unlike the big circus, it is under a "big top" and probably one of the few remaining traveling circuses actually in a tent.

Oh my photo IMG_5251a_zpsc985b5bd.jpg
Oh my

Not ME! I noticed this sticker on a post at the Bridgewater Train Station. Personally, I think it would be kind of hard to be an international pot smuggler aboard NJ Transit trains. Well, unless you take the train to the plane ...

Fungus among us photo IMG_5248a_zpsc1d32e3a.jpg
Fungus among us

As evidenced by the brown edges, the winter has roughly killed off the fungus growing around the Bridgewater Train Station. I have no doubts that once the temperatures get above freezing and remain that way, it will bounce back.

Geese photo IMG_5246a_zps57c2c493.jpg

How many times do I have to tell the local Canada geese that they should fly in a "V" formation? Honk! Honk!

Reflections of sunrise photo IMG_5245a_zps869fd6e5.jpg
Reflections on a sunrise

I messed with the editing of the red brick building in this one. I'm now getting to the Plainfield Train Station in time to catch the sunrise shining on the windows of buildings on North Avenue.

After the dawn photo IMG_5243a_zpseeab349c.jpg
Dawn's clouds

I loved the colors in this bank of clouds reflecting the sunrise. Taken from the Plainfield Train Station, westbound platform. Track 1, that is.

Sunrise photo IMG_5214a_zpsc5418cfc.jpg
Electrifying sunrise

Taken in Bridgewater after I got off the train.

Not flocking together photo IMG_5197a_zps960d6f45.jpg
Not flocking together

Nope, nope. They are not birds of a feather and they're most certainly not flocking together! They're just equal opportunity crumbeaters. That big one is a seagull butt, if you're wondering.

Sleeping Vincent photo IMG_5237a_zps724346ca.jpg
As I get ready for work ...

Vincent has resigned himself to the fact that I will end up going off to work each morning despite how cute he can be. So, some mornings he just sleeps in.

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PDX Granny said...

Obviously your boredom hasn't rubbed off on Vincent. He looks perfectly content to snuggle in and snooze.

Becky said...

Hey, I finally had time to check out the pictures. You really are remarkable with the camera. And Vincent is just "resting" so that when you go off to work he will be able to guard the house. Really! Well, that's what he told Calvin.

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I am very entertained by this post, all of your topics are interesting and it makes sense, keep up the good work, I love it!

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Joanie said...

Cooper Hawk...NCIS fan?