Sunday, March 31, 2013

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - March 31, 2013

Easter 2010 photo HapEaster10JackieMA31501004-0001.gif

I hope everyone is having a fine Easter Sunday! Since it is indeed Sunday, it's time for my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken along the way. The blog party post for The Amazing Race will be up tonight approximately 8pm EDT. Come on by and watch the show with us!

I have a small ham I'll be making for today's meal here, along with cabbage I bought very cheaply in my Peapod grocery order last week. I timed my order so that I was catching the end of their St. Patrick's Day specials. The corned beef was way cheap and out of stock. They issue rainchecks, so I'll try for cheap corned beef on my next order. They had actually been out of the sale ham for the last three orders I made and that came through with this one. So I'll have a bit of a feast today for myself. Every day is a feast for Vincent the Cat.

Although the nights have still remained cold here, the daytime highs are finally in the 50s. Woohoo! Unfortunately, I leave for work so early that I'm still wearing my winter jacket. By the time I go home, a lighter spring jacket would do. But I'm not lugging spare jackets back and forth to the train station.

I still haven't met or seen my new upstairs neighbor. However, I did ask Lee (building gossip) if he had seen him. He certainly has and it explains a few things. It's an African man, not to be confused with African-American although it's a possibility that the man might be a US citizen.

Aha! The mellow music that I can't identify explained. The chanting I heard explained (religious maybe?). This could very well be the perfect upstairs neighbor. My next door neighbor on one side is from Africa -- the one whose mother was confused in the hallway during a fire alarm. All that man does is work a lot and live quietly. While I'm sure not all African folks work a lot and live quietly, it appears my new upstairs neighbor falls in that category. It's not likely that the man will throw wild parties or play rap music with heavy bass. Nor will he have live Mexican polka bands playing up there. YAY!

Living in this building is like living in a real melting pot -- Peru on one side, Africa on the other, Jamaica, Costa Rica and well, Georgia (US) across the hall. Africa above and um, well, New Jersey below. I'm certainly not in Round Lake anymore, huh? 

Not much else has been happening. I so want spring weather so that I'm more willing to get out and about. The cold makes me just want to stay home a lot.

Onto this week's photos ...

Spring! photo IMG_5697a_zps551bc4c5.jpg

Yes, these were planted by a landscaper. But, the main thing ... they didn't die and keel over in a frost. It's finally SPRING!

Almost full moon photo IMG_5694a_zps50daf918.jpg
Not so full Worm Moon

The full moon this past week was the Full Worm Moon. I didn't get a good shot of it with definition until it wasn't really full anymore. Oops.

Hawk in flight photo IMG_5661a_zps31f67661.jpg
Hawk in flight

I caught this hawk in Bridgewater. Well, I didn't literally catch it. What would I do with a hawk? That's just silly!


Don't jump photo IMG_5724a_zpsbf67e3fb.jpg
Don't jump!

Oh, wait. You have wings. Go ahead and jump.

Groceries photo IMG_5721a_zps2e081bfd.jpg
About time

They finally took down the "Grand Opening" banner at this bodega on North Avenue in Plainfield. It's only been over a year now. They put up an equally cheap and not permanent banner with lots more writing on it. Um. Okay. I still don't see how it's a restaurant. I've only been in there a few times as I can't depend on them to be open very early in the mornings when I'm going to the train -- sometimes they are, sometimes they aren't. If they were consistently open, I would probably occasionally stop by for snacks for my workday. But, instead, I just make sure I'm snacked up before I leave home.

Crocuses 2 photo IMG_5714a_zps1b6a3597.jpg
Crocuses are blooming ... almost

I took this photo and the next two at the Plainfield YWCA on East Front Street.

Crocuses 1 photo IMG_5710a_zps1b55076f.jpg

Crocuses 3 photo IMG_5716a_zps46026087.jpg

Daffodils to be photo IMG_5705a_zps6a2f4dd4.jpg
Future daffodils

These are on Berckman Street in Plainfield. It's weird ... the daffodils by the house are in full bloom. But these, along the hedge and sidewalk, have yet to bloom. I would creep myself out if I went on their lawn to take photos of the ones by their house. So I'll just keep watching these.

Spring 2 photo IMG_5702a_zpse3734c82.jpg
Berckman Street buds

Daffodils photo IMG_5693a_zpsd88faf23.jpg

These have been out all week in the cemetery behind the Friends Meeting House in Plainfield. Alas, I only go by them early in the morning when it's still dark and they're a ways behind a fence.

Sneakers photo IMG_5689a_zpsb04f833a.jpg
Sneakers on a wire

East Fourth Street near the Watchung Avenue intersection. Plainfield. If I tried to throw my sneakers over wires, they'd probably come down and hit me in the head.

Barren photo IMG_5687a_zps6ffbafee.jpg
Barren trees

I liked the clouds in the background with the sunshine in back of me playing on the barren trees nearby the Plainfield Train Station. They won't be barren too much longer.

Full moon train photo IMG_5679a_zps869f4907.jpg
Full Worm Moon

I took this from the Plainfield Train Station looking up North Avenue towards Park Avenue.

Mockingbird photo IMG_5669a_zps2c5fee11.jpg
Bridgewater mockingbird

Fungus photo IMG_5667a_zpsde514e54.jpg
The return of the fungus

The fungus on the trees in the toxic superfund site near the Bridgewater Train Station is coming back to life. Whatever it is, it's still outright splitting the bark on the trees.

Sunrise 1 photo IMG_5643a_zps6d978f9d.jpg
The sunrise!

This photo and the next three are of the same sunrise I was lucky enough to catch at Bridgewater one morning. I liked the sunrise so much that I couldn't decide which photo of it I liked best. This is just when I got off the train.

Sunrise 2 photo IMG_5647a_zps459c8376.jpg

This is looking through the almost completed solar panels at the Bridgewater Train Station parking lot.

Sunrise 3 photo IMG_5652a_zps8db0d1f8.jpg

Sunrise 4 photo IMG_5653a_zpscfed9690.jpg

Philadelphia photo IMG_5641a_zps4891135f.jpg

This NJ Transit bus bound for Philadelphia was sitting on Gavett Place near the Plainfield Train Station early one morning this week. Weird. Oh, not that Philadelphia is weird. I like Philly. It's a cool city. It's weird because there is no bus that goes through Plainfield heading to Philadelphia. I believe you have to go to Newark or Manhattan to catch a bus to Philadelphia. I would have liked to have gone to Philadelphia rather than go to work that day.

Green house photo IMG_5625a_zpsa7826e83.jpg
The green house

I edited this shot to leave just the house and vehicles in color. While it comes across as stormy skies, it's really not. It's just before the sunrise and those clouds were actually kind of light and fluffy. But I liked it looking like this better! I took this looking towards East Second Street from Roosevelt Street (near the PMUA building for those in town).

Missing bulbs photo IMG_5621a_zpsb845d6c9.jpg
Tsk, tsk

The light bulbs atop this row of buildings on East Front Street in Plainfield are usually lighted up along with holiday wreaths. They decided (apparently) to light them up all the time now. Well, they should fix the burnt-out ones if they're going to do that. It's not appealing to the eye with gaps!

Irish? photo IMG_5611a_zps0a6f49fd.jpg
"Chalkboard" billboard

I like this "chalkboard" style billboard for Oh Brians's Pourhouse. It's kind of cool. That said, I'm not sure about the placement. For some reason, I don't think it's going to attract a lot of new visitors to the Pourhouse when it's placed in a mainly Hispanic and black neighborhood. East Second Street, Plainfield. Hmm ... I'd like a $3 Guinness, though.

More catnip please photo IMG_5179a_zps91be4fe1.jpg
More catnip! More treats!

Poor neglected Vincent apparently doesn't get enough catnip or cat treats. Nor does he have enough toys. Poor kitty! (Yeah, right.)


Sally said...

8595 uralsbBeautiful photos of that sunrise! And it's nice to see your photos of daffodils and crocuses blooming by Easter. We lost a lot of snow this week, but nothing's near blooming yet.

Happy Easter to you and your readers. And to Vincent, of course.

Palmaltas said...

Lovely photos as usual. I thought the not so full Worm Moon looked pretty full. Enjoyed the bit about your eclectic neighbors.

monty924 said...


Love the daffodils. Mine have been blooming all weekend. Beautiful!