Sunday, May 19, 2013

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - May 19, 2013

Good Sunday morning, world! As it is Sunday, that means it's time for my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photos I've taken along the way. I'm taking a bit of a television rest as finales have aired and summer shows have yet to start up. However, during this week I do plan on posting about Falling Skies and possibly a few other shows.

Our weather here where I live in New Jersey is still a bit off. We had cold temps early in the week with some overnight lows sending up freeze alerts. By the end of the week we had springlike day temperatures at least. Oh, but then yesterday was grey and we're expecting some rain almost every day for the next seven days. It better get it out of its system as I have a staycation coming up the following week!

I've had a relatively uneventful week. I bought two tickets to the big Powerball drawing. And, let me be the first to announce it right here on the blog ... I got the Powerball! Yes! Yes! Yes, I did. Um, well. I got the Powerball number and no others. I guess I'll have to cancel the order for the Lamborghini.

Let's see ... what else? Oh, I know. There's been a real creepy guy on the train for the last few weeks. He seems to be drunk, even on the first train out in the morning. He's on the train already when I get on it, then gets off where I get off.

The first day he talked to me, he complained about how unfriendly the woman conductor is. "It's Monday morning. You're supposed to be happy. She didn't even say hello or smile!" Well, she always says hi and is friendly to ME. Maybe she just figured you're a creep, I thought but did not say. Plus, in what world are people bouncy and friendly on Monday mornings? Are we supposed to be happy on Monday mornings as we head to work on the early train? I don't think so! (Especially to dudes who creep us out.)

As we left the train, he proceeded to tell me that he should be getting his license back in two weeks. Good. As I continued to basically nod my head and ignore him hoping he'd go away, all of a sudden he stopped in front of me, lifting his shirt. "I got shot here and here. I got stabbed here," as he pointed out scars on his beer belly. Eww! Eww! Ever since that day, I dawdle and let him get WAY ahead of me so I don't have to deal with him. He really creeps me out.

So, last night, there I was lurking by the annex for the Plainfield Police Department Narcotics and Gang Unit waiting for the bus after getting off the train. (The bus to take me a block from home is free with my monthly train pass.) Out of the door comes my buddy ex-narcotics detective who was promoted to sergeant a few months back. He was in his (still crisp) sergeant uniform. I hadn't seen him since the day he got promoted. So we exchanged a big hug and talked for a bit.

It turns out he's been assigned to the Union County Homicide Task Force. It's a very good career thing for him, plus he's learning a lot which, in the long run, will be good for the Plainfield Police Department. He was involved in investigating that bizarre Kai, the hatchet-wielding hitchhiker murder case of a lawyer in the area this past week. While he said he can't give details, I said the whole case seemed weird from what I've read. He emphatically agreed to weird.

After a goodbye hug, he left to go back across the street to the police station. And then, who comes along? Mr. Creepy from the train! Ack! Thankfully he saw the police uniform and the hug. He seemed drunk once again. Or still.

"Was that your husband?" he asked.
"Yes," I said without skipping a beat. Heck, I don't care that the cop in question is probably more than twenty years younger than me and married. For that moment, he's my husband. Yes, indeed. Mr. Creepy staggered away without another word.


Onto this week's photos ...  

Azalea F photo IMG_7268a_zps63c654a5.jpg
Azalea up close and personal

Bridgewater, NJ.

Iris 2 photo IMG_7219a_zpsd342ca3b.jpg
Colorful iris

Growing on Berckman Street across the street from the photo below.

Berckman 2 Allium photo IMG_7146a_zpsd53ecf8f.jpg
Allium and azaleas

The big ball allium is incredibly cool. This photo was taken on Berckman Street in Plainfield.


Bush 1 photo IMG_7251a_zps33d650ed.jpg
Growing at the Plainfield Train Station

Bush 2 photo IMG_7256a_zps737f0e9b.jpg


An overnight frost in Bridgewater early this week turned most of the earliest blooming white azaleas a pitiful tan. Sigh. However, the others are faring better and some buds are yet to bloom. The following azalea shots were taken mostly in Bridgewater with a few photos of azaleas growing on Berckman Street in Plainfield.

Azalea E photo IMG_7265a_zpsa9450c4e.jpg

Azalea D photo IMG_7259a_zps3ed90f9f.jpg

Azalea C photo IMG_7238a_zpsef0b025a.jpg

Azalea B photo IMG_7237a_zps45ab2624.jpg

Azalea A photo IMG_7232a_zps8d46d844.jpg

Azalea 6 photo IMG_7177a_zps9aacd0fb.jpg

Berckman azalea photo IMG_7150a_zps2f437c9c.jpg

Azalea 5 B photo IMG_7140a_zps33613af3.jpg

Azalea 4 photo IMG_7122a_zps91edc0f8.jpg

Azalea 3 photo IMG_7118a_zpsd6686833.jpg

Azalea 2 photo IMG_7108a_zps8cfb77ef.jpg

Azalea 1 photo IMG_7100a_zpsbaa5a4d4.jpg

Berckman photo IMG_7138a_zps8d7edb4d.jpg
Berckman beauty

They always grow such beautiful flowers at this house on Berckman Street in Plainfield. Allium, azaleas, soon to come lilies and more.

Rose 1 photo IMG_7112a_zpsa0109a50.jpg

I spotted this growing on East Front Street in Plainfield. No, it's not a sled.

Rose 2 photo IMG_7157a_zps43a21907.jpg
A few days later

Iris bud photo IMG_7217a_zpsc91e66ce.jpg
Iris bud

Iris 1 photo IMG_7218a_zpsa30feaf2.jpg
Simply stunning

Nature's beauty never ceases to astound me. These irises are growing on Berckman Street in Plainfield.

Iris blue photo IMG_7225a_zps4c916ffb.jpg
An iris of another color

This one is growing on East Front Street in Plainfield.

Beetle photo IMG_7201a_zps683d6631.jpg
Clear-shell tortoise beetle

I should get better shots of these as it gets warmer (and hopefully less windy). It looks almost like a shiny metallic gold ladybug until you get a close look to notice that there's this cool transparent shell around the gold. Bridgewater Train Station (on poison ivy, of course).

Ivy not poison photo IMG_7169a_zps2c7797e9.jpg
Ivy, not poison

But I don't think I'd munch on the leaves anyway. This is growing along East Third Street in Plainfield.

Tree photo IMG_7198a_zpsb589732f.jpg
I dunno, but nifty

This is either a small tree or a big narrow bush. I have no clue what it is. Bridgewater Train Station.

Flower 1 photo IMG_7160a_zpse15b583a.jpg
Pretty in Pink

This is in one of those huge ugly bright orange planters. East Front Street, Plainfield.

Rhododendron bud photo IMG_7155a_zps6f04b3e0.jpg
Rhododendron buds

These are growing on Berckman Street in Plainfield.

Rhododendron photo IMG_7154a_zps9cf1d219.jpg
Rhododendron blooming!

Urushiol photo IMG_7135a_zps7ed0c175.jpg

Urushiol is the "poison" irritant in poison ivy. In its natural state, it's a yellowish liquid. However, if a leaf becomes damaged, it turns black once oxidized. It's actually been used as lacquer over the years. Bridgewater Train Station.

Oops 1 photo IMG_7115a_zps3026896f.jpg

East Third Street, Plainfield, early Monday morning. I high-jumped it! Oh, well. Okay. I stepped over it.

Oops 2 photo IMG_7117a_zps9222c1a1.jpg
Oops, too

Same morning, with the first found downed parking meter on the street at the top of the photo, there was this. A downed (and missing meter itself), tire skid marks, various lens pieces and car bits and vehicle scrape marks on the concrete wall by the Plainfield Train Station. North Avenue. How do people do these things?

Harley photo IMG_7221a_zpsaa658fed.jpg

Harley alert! You don't see too many of these parked out on the street in my 'hood. I think the drivers are scared they'd get tipped over by passing traffic more so than any theft issues.

Vincent photo IMG_7250a_zps8a1a56e9.jpg
At it again

What can I say? Vincent is an addict and I'm an enabler. At least he's not rolling in it ... yet.


Palmaltas said...

Wow! Some of your azalea photos look like paintings. Hopefully your "new husband" policeman will keep the creep away.

Sally said...

Maybe the creepy guy did get his license back...and took out a few parking meters as he drove by. Lots of lovely floral photos this week.

Becky said...

Jackie, the photographs are stunning. I am in awe with your skills. PLUS you are quick on your feet. Good thinking in saying the policeman was your husband! Perhaps he will steer clear of you now.

Vincent, you are the coolest dude ever. Enjoy your high.