Sunday, July 28, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Saturday Night Into Sunday - July 27-28

Oh, no! They're going to put me on the block!

In my last post, I let you know that Spencer (of all people) won the Power of Veto. Woe is the world at this point ... the day Spencer wins a comp. Here's what's been happening since the big win inside that Big Brother House of Messy Misfits:
  • Candice asked Helen to ask Aaryn to put GinaMarie up in Spencer's place instead of her (Candice).
  • Like THAT is gonna happen!
  • Amanda wants it to be an all Howard vote.
  • Putting Candice up there might muddle that a bit since some are so vehemently against her.
  • Aaryn is worried that if she puts Candice up, with the two black people in the house on the block, they'll claim it's racially motivated.
  • Spencer thinks they have the votes to get rid of Amanda.
  • Like THAT is gonna happen!
  • It's fun to watch Amanda worry and squirm, though. She's so controlling and bullying that watching her panic a bit is fun!
  • I know, I have my own mean streak.
  • Aaryn claimed she's never done or said anything racist.
  • Okay, let's review the tapes, little girl!
  • Aaryn thinks that she will say that Candice is going on the block because she ruined her (Aaryn's) reputation with false allegations.
  • Andy said Howard sucked at the competition. It was some sort of puzzle.
  • Howard said he over-thought it.
  • Which is probably just another way to say he sucked at it, I say.
  • Jessie told Candice she's going to go along with what the house wants.
  • Helen says it needs to be Howard gone this week, Amanda another time.
  • Judd thinks Howard is a nice guy, but possibly has the worst social game of anyone ever in BB.
  • I wouldn't say the WORST. I mean ... there was Justin in Season 2, there was that guy tossed for throwing chairs, etc. Howard's biggest social game flaws are: too many bad lies, not manning up to obvious lies when confronted, secluding himself from the others, too much hyped religion in front of others and talking in circles.
  • But, he's not the worst by any means.
  • Judd is now saying he wants Helen out before Elissa because Helen is driving him crazy.
  • That will last until Elissa goes bonkers again.
  • Judd also thinks that Helen plays people very well.
  • He's indeed right.
  • Judd reminded Amanda that she needs to play buddy-buddy with Elissa to make sure Elissa won't vote for her to go.
  • Amanda asked Judd who would win in a final two of her and McCrae.
  • He told her McCrae.
  • She claimed that's because it's just a popularity contest at that point.
  • They still don't know America is the MVP. A few are pondering that "someone" really wants Amanda out to put her on the block.
  • Yeah, I do. I'd like to see McCrae actually play the game for once. I know how Amanda plays it.
  • There was a weird feeds outage with NO SIGNAL for a while. It was during the BBAD hours, so I turned that on.
  • Amanda is worried a bit again -- when she's on the block with Spencer and Howard, she thinks she's relatively safe. Now it will be another dynamic thrown in.
  • Andy told Candice that Howard is the likely target.
  • Well, duh.
  • Howard managed to take himself out of exile to enjoy a dinner Helen and Co. made.
  • Helen tried telling Candice that there's no way Howard has the votes to stay.
  • Candice thinks they can flip them to vote out Amanda.
  • Um. Probably not, I say.
  • Not against Howard, at least.
  • The stress must be getting to Helen. She bummed a cigarette off of Jessie. Helen is an ex-smoker.
  • Although she's not on the block YET, the others are wondering why Candice is working so hard to save Howard instead of herself in the house.
  • Candice cried.
  • Howard said, "It is what it is. If I go, I go."
  • Candice cried some more.
  • Meanwhile, Spencer is working behind the scenes to save Howard. He went to GinaMarie and told her that he was in an alliance with him. He's pushing a Candice Go Home agenda.
  • Probably because he knows that there's no chance of Amanda going right now.
  • Rats.
  • Of course, GinaMarie is the perfect one to approach on that as she dislikes Candice more than she ever disliked Howard.
  • Spencer also hit up McCrae with the same agenda.
  • Since Amanda is so anti-Howard and McCrae is her little puppy dog following her about, I can't see him voting any way other than what Amanda tells him.
  • Judd also really wants Howard out. 
  • We'll see. I don't think Howard is going to survive the week, myself. And, most of it will be his own darn fault.

Run, little hamster, run!

What's the frequency, Kenneth?

(Old R.E.M. song, for the young'uns)


They COULD be cleaning the room!


Witt said...

Good morning Jackie...and Vincent! :)

Say it ain't so!! I was so excited yesterday thinking about a possible Amanda ouster (and, as you say, finally seeing McCrae play the game -- haven't seen THAT for a month). However, if Howard's social game is really that off (for all the reasons you mentioned in this post), it's time to go.

Have a great Sunday! It's completely rainy and dreary here in my part of MD. Of course this is the day my sis and I planned a family pool day. We'll have fun though!

Witt :)

Petals said...

G'morning Ms J, Vincent & everyone :)

I am really not liking McRae. He seemed to be cast in the Ian/Frank, the quirky super-fan. What a disappointment; all McRae has done has been Amanda's vibrator. I have zero respect for him.

Holly said...

Mornin' Jackie! As usual I agree with you 100%! I really appreciate your blog so much! I can't stand to wait for the show to see whats happening in there...and thanks to you I am WAY ahead in my info! Your the first place I go every morning! Have a great day...I'm off to read your weekly post and enjoy your photography=)

Witt said...

Oh, snap Petals!!

Witt :)

Anonymous said...

I hope Judd and Jessie have a meeting this morning. Amanda has no clue how Judd operates as we've seen. Amanda said that Jessie will have to go before Aaryn, Helen and Elissa. He diverted the subject to the others. Whenever he does that he is protecting that person. Hopefully Amanda's name comes up before Thursday and we can see his reaction. He did not like that.

Maybe he will strike early as they only need 5 votes. Spencer, GM (pledged loyalty to Judd), Jessie, Judd and if he can talk to Elissa into it.


Anonymous said...

It's no surprise to me that Howard has a lousy social game. How could he have anything but a social game considering who he is in the house with. If I were him, I wouldn't want to talk to those people either, esp. Aaryn and GM.

mammaroos said...

Is it just me but dang are these hamsters a little messy this year usually there is one person who cleans but WOW this house is gross!! As for the eviction I do hope Amanda goes but why not put up a pawn to make sure she goes. Ugh can't wait till thursday

Sharon said...

mamaroos - true that!
With 30 minutes of entering the house bedrooms start to look like the aftermath of a John Wayne fight scene... and it doesn't get better!
We've seen several who were good with cleaning up the kitchen. Seems like I remember Rachel and Brendan were good about that, and I think Jeff was too. Shelly was so hyper and antsy that she did laundry for everyone every day, and she even cleaned the outside windows. lol
The bathrooms have always looked a wreck. ick

Sharon said...

One exception -
Although I haven't seen the HOH today, Aryan seemed to be keeping the room rather tidy yesterday. The bed was even made! I heard she's been keeping the door locked so nobody can go in unless she's there, so maybe that's the reason for it not being a total wreck? Must be frustrating the heck out of Amanda... losing HER personal 'den.' :X

~~Silk said...

Does the HOH room still have the spy camera? If so, I'll bet Amanda wants that even more than the bed right now.

~~Silk said...

Who watched the story on the Baby Lab on 60 Minutes this evening, and immediately thought of Aaryn et al.? Especially when they talked about "the other".

Petals said...

Silk - yes! Amanda used Judd's bed & food & spy camera for the entirety of his HOH last week.

adrienne said...

New to your blog thanks Jackie At the start of bb season Helen said she promised herself and hubby no matter what she would not smoke .Hope its just the one time