Sunday, July 28, 2013

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - July 28, 2013

Good morning, folks! Welcome to my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken. If you're looking for Big Brother live feeds reports, the most recent one is right here at this link. This particular post will have no show or live feeds content in it, but I will be posting later today and there will be a blog party tonight as the show airs here on the East Coast.

It's been a rather odd week for me here this past week. At least the heat wave finally ended. Folks were complaining it was too cold one day as I was dancing around saying how much I loved it! As I get older, I'm SO not a summer person. I don't like sweating while I'm just walking or even standing!

I also had to deal with an infected spider(?) bite this week, probably two bites next to each other. I'm not sure if it happened outside or at home. I haven't seen any spiders in my apartment lately although I've had a few here and there in the past. Vincent tends to not let any bug he can get to live, brave hunter that he is. I went to a doctor after a huge bright red swatch around the bites appeared a day afterward and my foot/ankle swelled up. The bite(s) were on the back of my left ankle. So I'm now on antibiotics and I missed a few days of work. But it did feel good to have it elevated on ice. I have paid sick time, too. So, things could be worse.

Without further ado, onto the photos I took ... 

Sunflower photo IMG_8987a_zps16ffd6c1.jpg
First sunflower sighting

The sunflowers have blossomed on East Front Street in Plainfield.

Woodpecker 1 photo IMG_8918a_zps955790e7.jpg
Hey, whazzat?

I heard it first. Then I saw it -- a female downy woodpecker pecking away on a common mullein weed. (Or is it a great mullein? Some are about 12' tall!) As this is indeed a female woodpecker, there is no bright red patch on the back of her head. Bridgewater Train Station.


Oh noes! photo IMG_8407a_zpsf62096ee.jpg

How could anyone desert these two fine friends?!?! That's a pink bunny in back of the dog. Both looked relatively new. Sniffle. East Front Street, Plainfield.

MetLife Blimp photo IMG_8842a_zps1b9aaa98.jpg
Hi, Snoopy!

Blimps like Bridgewater. Until they went out of business, Saturn cars was a big one. Now it's MetLife, other insurance companies and DirectTV. GEICO flies a banner plane around.

Woodpecker 2 photo IMG_8913a_zps254390cd.jpg
Workin' it

I just kept shooting this woodpecker. I had a good vantage point for it and I so often HEAR woodpeckers, but can't get decent shots.

Woodpecker 3 photo IMG_8941a_zps1152f3b9.jpg
Her head's a blur

I love the Internet. I Googled woodpeckers to identify this one and then read up a bit on them. They have natural protections to keep their brains from damage as a human would have with "shaken baby syndrome" and such.

Woodpecker 4 photo IMG_8895a_zpsd2daa34a.jpg

Woodpecker 5 photo IMG_8912a_zpsaa4078b9.jpg
Her back

Cat in window photo IMG_8864a_zps155119ac.jpg
Downstairs kitty in the window

As his (or her) person sleeps, this kitty is often in the window as I head out the door for the train station.

My man! photo IMG_8960a_zpsba45ddfe.jpg
A few weeks ago, he proposed to me

Now it looks like he's bringing balloons to a new love. I'm crestfallen. (Actually, he was pretty funny to talk to and not a dangerous guy at all. But he's definitely a bit "out there.")

Ouchie photo IMG_8983b_zpsd84a0dce.jpg

My infected spider bite(s). The red was unbelievable!

Ducklings photo IMG_8698a_zpsf2fbbec1.jpg
Empire State Plaza duck family

Taken when I was up in Albany, too cute to not show a few more shots of them.

Ducklings 2 photo IMG_8706a_zps731cf792.jpg
Too cute for their feathers

McDonalds photo IMG_8495a_zpsb0cff2aa.jpg
Golden Arches

Again, taken the weekend before last. I edited this shot to leave the signs in color. Corner of 34th and 10th in Manhattan, NYC.

NYPD photo IMG_8467a_zps53c1fb2d.jpg

I also edited this one to leave just the NYPD car in color. Corner of 34th and 11th, Manhattan.

Vincent photo IMG_8861a_zps1969dab3.jpg
Vincent striking a pose

He thinks he's so adorable when he does this.
He is.


Sasha said...

Good Sunday Morning, Jackie. Love your photos, as always. I absolutely cringed and did and audible "OMG!" when I saw the spider bite! Ouch and scary. Glad you got medical attention for that one. Hope it's much better now.
I always enjoy your Sunday morning off-topic post, I just don't usually comment so I thought I'd switch it up today. Have a great week (and Vincent, too) :)

Palmaltas said...

Hi Jackie,

I wouldn't have known those were spider bites if you hadn't mentioned it. Unbelievable! I agree about "Oh noes!"--too cute to throw away unless something bad was spilled on them, I guess. Neat woodpecker photos!

Sharon said...

Always enjoy your photos Jackie.
Well, all except that spider bites picture... my skin immediately started sympathy-itching! lol