Sunday, August 11, 2013

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - August 11, 2013

Good morning! If you're looking for my Big Brother live feeds coverage, the latest post can be found right here at this link. This post is my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken along the way.

Gah. As it is for many summers now, this is my time to be lacking sleep. Unlike some years when I was off from my real job due to knee surgeries, I'm working full time and covering the BB live feeds here on the blog. When I was actually working as blogger for AOL television, this was my cash cow season. Alas, not so much these days. While I do earn some money, it's nothing near the days when I could technically earn more than $100 an hour just writing on AOL. And, this year's cast is very wild, thus getting the Internet audience more worked up than usual. Me? I don't really care who wins the show, I'm just the messenger of the feeds and host of blog parties.

So, I'm in my zombie period at the present. Work, write, work, feed cat, write, work, pet cat, write, work. You get it.

Yes, if I have to ever have another surgery, I'll indeed schedule it in the summer for no other reason than I need the sleep. Local blogger Dan Damon even shouted at me as he drove by me on the street ... "Do you ever sleep?" Sigh. No. Not enough. Not lately.

Anyway ... onto the photos for the week ...

Dismal morning photo IMG_9172a_zpsf8be74af.jpg
Dreary morning train

In this area, we continue to get more and more rain. Other years, at this time of the summer, most lawns are dried out, leaves are turning brown. This year I've seen green growing where I've never seen it before. That said, I've been enjoying the days without heat waves one after another. Plainfield Train Station

Rose photo IMG_9162a_zps7d02ccd0.jpg
Everything's coming up roses!

Er, well. Maybe not. However, compared to many past years, life is doing okay by me here. I hope it is with you, too! Roosevelt Avenue, Plainfield.


Chicory photo IMG_9179a_zpsa3eca720.jpg
Double chicory blossoms

These blossoms at the Plainfield Train Station have been more tightly closed than ever during my early morning commutes. But, once the daylight comes in strong, they open to soak it in.

Yellow sports car photo IMG_9175a_zps1c66282a.jpg
Okay, car fans. What is it?

I keep seeing this sporty really yellow car on Watchung Avenue in Plainfield. What the heck is it? Other than yellow. I realize it's yellow. Really bright yellow. I caught it sitting parked on East Front Street.

Muscle car photo IMG_9128a_zps059e7b9c.jpg
Add in a yellow muscle car

I'm not really sure what this one is, either. But, at least with this one, I know that I would have known it if someone asked me in the early 70s. (A mind is a terrible thing to lose.) Watchung Avenue, Plainfield

Mockingbird 2 photo IMG_9110a_zpseda27717.jpg
Mockingbird on a wire

I'm not sure if this is the same one who chased two other birds right smack into me one day. Sheesh! Nothing like unexpectedly having birds fly into your back! The mockingbirds are very territorial. Bridgewater Train Station.

Mockingbird 1 photo IMG_9095a_zps677bdd6a.jpg
This IS the culprit

Yes, this is the mockingbird who chased the two other birds into me!

National Night Out

As I got home from work much later that usual on Tuesday, I stopped by the National Night Out festivities at Plainfield City Hall for a little while. They had just started and I didn't really stay long. After a rather grueling long day at work, I really wanted to spend the evening IN, not OUT.

National Night Out 1 photo IMG_9137a_zps3250f223.jpg

National Night Out 2 photo IMG_9140a_zps93ba27ae.jpg
Re-purposed Obama sign

National Night Out 3 photo IMG_9143a_zps736e330d.jpg
Free food! Free balloons!

Rise Up photo IMG_9141a_zpsff9ff26a.jpg
Rise up and take a stand

Escapee photo IMG_9144a_zpsed97c497.jpg
This balloon only heard "rise up"

Plainfield Train Station photo IMG_9166a_zps39cc97b7.jpg
Homeward Bound

"I'm sitting in the railway station, got a ticket for my destination." - Paul Simon

Mind you, I have a monthly pass and I'm not sitting at all. I've arrived at my home station! Going home! Putting my feet up! Catering to a spoiled cat! Plainfield Train Station.

Then came the yellow jackets

Gotta love those dang predatory wasps! Well, perhaps not love, per se. I do like to photograph them when they're not being ornery. While they can be very aggressive, if you catch them busy at something, they're usually fairly easy to photograph. You just have to be a bit brave. Or crazy. Or both.

Yellow jackets 1 photo IMG_9182a_zpsb955e04d.jpg
What's going on here?

I went to hang my tote bag on the fence for a moment when I noticed this action going on. Phew! Glad I saw them rather than absentmindedly hanging my tote over them! Bridgewater Train Station.

Yellow jackets 2 photo IMG_9184a_zpsad0ac2a2.jpg
Ah, quite the little nest there

Yellow jacket 1 photo IMG_9115a_zps91854ee0.jpg
Just sittin' on a leaf

Yellowjacket alone photo IMG_9093a_zps3a95376d.jpg
Attracted by the glue?

This one was all over where someone had removed a sticker from a sign. A glue-sniffing wasp? Get those bee cuffs out! Haul him away!


Blimp photo IMG_9088a_zpsbd54d409.jpg
This week's blimp

I showed you the MetLife one a week or two ago. Here's the Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield one. I didn't have my camera on me when I spotted the GEICO banner plane. I'll eventually snag that, too. Of course, the Saturn Ion blimp is history along with its company. I wonder what it's like to be a blimp driver for a living. Hmm. Bridgewater, NJ

Moth photo IMG_9087a_zpsd116b6ef.jpg
Moth in a bush

George shroom photo IMG_9167a_zps6002cd19.jpg
Oh noes!

George has a HUGE mushroom growing right on his tummy! It's kind of like a huge belly button! I took this at the cemetery in back of the Friends Meeting House in Plainfield.

Leading into the mushroom shots

Overnight one night, these two giant mushrooms sprouted up at the Bridgewater Train Station. At first, from a distance, I thought they were child-sized soccer balls.

Mushroom 3 photo IMG_9130a_zps14f78588.jpg

Mushroom 2 photo IMG_9120a_zps453a107e.jpg

Mushroom 1 photo IMG_9104a_zps156f522c.jpg


Little blossom photo IMG_9125a_zps5779d4be.jpg
Teensy blue wildflower

These are growing along the fence by the cemetery on Church Street in Plainfield.

Cicada photo IMG_9149a_zps48f7fab1.jpg
Cicada, no magic

Nope, this one is not part of the long gone Brood II Magicicada which made its 17-year appearance earlier this summer. This is a plain old annual cicada. Berckman Street, Plainfield

Vincent photo IMG_9156a_zps7a2c51b8.jpg
"I see a cicada up there. I want it."

No, Vincent, you may not have a cicada. You didn't even kill the fly that was in here. You're slacking!


traci said...

I think that might be a masseratti

Becky said...

Good morning, Jackie. Love the pictures. Now off to read your BB blog.

~~Silk said...

It's a Lotus.

Delee said...

Yellow jackets are the worse. Their sting hurts forever!
My yard has all types of mushrooms growing and I worry that Starry may take a bit of one. The chipmunks mibble'em so guess not poisonous for them.

With BB and a job, I do not know how you are doing it!

Jackie said...

Yes, it is indeed a Lotus. I'd like one in blue, please.

Palmaltas said...

Love the photos, Jackie! Always a great way to start my Sunday online. Thanks!

Ed in Ohio said...


Might be dating myself but I believe the second yellow car is a 70's Dodge Dart.

Back then I had a '69' Z28 Camaro and I remember those Dodge's with 'Hemi' engines.

"Everything will be Coming Up Roses" for which houseguest I wonder??

At this point I don't think any of them deserve to win!

Jackie said...

Ed ... I was thinking Dodge Dart myself. I believe we might be right!

~~Silk said...

Jackie, you can buy fiberglass "shells" of several fancy sport cars, and then drop it onto a VW bug chassis. I was wondering if maybe that's what this "Lotus" is. It doesn't have the L O T U S between the tail lights, and there's something odd about the rear window.

On the other hand, it may have had some body work and they just didn't bother to put the letters back on.

On the third hand, I'd be surprised to see a real Lotus regularly parked on the street ANYWHERE in NJ.

Jackie said...

I looked more into the Lotus. I believe this is probably a real Yellow Lotus Elise S -- there are several photos with ones that have this particular window kit (which might explain why the letters are still missing). I've seen the actual kit cars made from old VWs. This one doesn't sound like them.

NJ has plenty of safe streets for folks to park their Bentleys, Ferraris, etc. Perhaps not necessarily downtown Plainfield, but ...! Lotus is probably slumming it in some NJ neighborhoods.

~~Silk said...

Funny story - I lived in a small tourist-ridden Pennsylvania village in the '60s. There was a woman who parked her Rolls Royce Silver Cloud on the main street, just down from the pedestrian crossing at the village square. The police had to ask her to park somewhere else, at least in the tourist season, because people were so shocked by it, they took their eyes off the road, were crossing into the wrong lane, and running down pedestrians. It was a hazard.

Sissy said...

I'm with you Jackie, living in Delaware I have never seen so much rain in the summer. I remember some years back we were in such a drought, the water was running dry and heat wave that we had "rolling blackouts" occur during the day. Now except for the heat wave in early July, this summer has been wet and cool (so much for global warming).If we still had our pool it would have been a bad summer for swimming and tanning.

Hi Vis said...

Beautiful photos. Personally, I'm not a big fan of summer.... heat, humidity and yellow jackets.