Sunday, August 25, 2013

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - August 25, 2013

Happy Sunday morning, world! Welcome to my off television topic weekly reflection on the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken along the way. If you're looking for Big Brother show or live feeds posts, you can find the latest at this link. This here post is done weekly throughout the year and is, as labeled, off topic. Hey, that's how I roll. You've been warned.

That said, I can't believe we still have about another month of Big Brother! I've gone around feeling like a zombie for weeks. There's but a small group of us who have had blogs or websites covering the show for years. Others show up, last a season or two, then fall off the radar. Yet, those of us who have covered it for years are almost like a family. I found out from That Dingo ( that one of our own, DogDave (a.k.a. Aldav), who has done fantastic work on his website over the years, suffered a massive stroke this past January. Unlike many trying to struggle to make a living with the websites, I have a "real" job with real health insurance. I don't think he does. If you are a show fan still reading this off topic post, check out the link above. DogDave has been a constant all the years I've blogged. He followed this blog and we're Twitter buddies although I noticed he stopped tweeting sometime over the winter. Very sad news indeed.

On more of the local really off television topic stuff -- someone stole my newspaper this morning. I only get the Sunday paper hard copy as it allows me full online daily access at the website. I didn't get the paper delivered before that because someone would steal them. I'm usually up by five and generally have no problem because what other fool is up at five on a Sunday morning around here? I overslept today. Went down at 6:30 for it. It wasn't there. I suppose the delivery dude may have screwed up, but I'm fairly sure someone stole it. Yeah, I'm cynical like that. Grr.

We had a few 90 degree days, one day of torrential never-ending thunderstorms -- I can't recall thunderstorms lasting for hours and hours like that -- then it went back to my kind of weather. Cool overnights, low humidity, temperatures around 80. I wouldn't even mind a few degrees cooler. Come on, fall ... you know I love you!

I'm counting the days until my next staycation, the third week in September. It lines up with the Feast of San Gennaro week in Little Italy (NYC). So, dependent on weather, I might go there for a day. Whatever I do, I know I will get some rest. Woohoo. I forgot what that's like.

Onto the photos I took this week ... 

Train 2 photo IMG_9357a_zps0d09e64b.jpg
As the sun sets

I took this shot last night upon arriving home from work. Well, not home home. I don't live at the Plainfield Train Station. The days are definitely getting shorter.

Sunflower photo IMG_9350a_zps6e770d9b.jpg
What says summer better?

But it's definitely still summer! The sunflowers seem to be blooming more, yet smaller blossoms than I've seen some years. East Front Street, Plainfield.


Crow photo IMG_9353a_zpsa10ee90d.jpg
Crow large and in charge

This crow was guarding the Chotola apartment building on North Avenue on Saturday morning.

WITH THE RAIN COMES ... 'shrooms!

Tree fungus photo IMG_9345a_zps85cbfe2d.jpg
Mushroom on a tree trunk

Plainfield Train Station

Mushroom in the grass photo IMG_9322a_zps08d3035d.jpg
Mushroom in the grass

East Front Street, Plainfield

Stinkhorns photo IMG_9278a_zpsa94fed5a.jpg
Stinkhorn mushrooms

Bridgewater Promenade Shopping Center

Mushroom photo IMG_9272a_zpse3d318c6.jpg
Mushroom in the graveyard

Cemetery at the Friends Meeting House. Church Street, Plainfield


Wasp nest photo IMG_9279a_zps96d3a509.jpg
Empty nest?

Yet when I shook the fence, a few yellow jackets swooped down out of nowhere. I apologized and left them alone. Bridgewater Train Station.

Unique photo IMG_9283a_zps7b522a32.jpg
Always sporting unique accessories

He cracks me up. Remember, he did propose marriage the one time I talked to him. I can't help but wonder what his story is. He seems sober and intelligent, yet he's a bit "out there." Harmless for sure. Bound Brook Train Station.

Man vs. Nature photo IMG_9293a_zpsc9c53eec.jpg
Man vs. Nature

Bridgewater Train Station.

Moon photo IMG_9310a_zps89ffc223.jpg
Shooting the moon

Yet again, I missed the full moon itself by a day or so. But I love the challenge of a good moon shot from a point and shoot digital camera!

Down came a spider photo IMG_9303a_zpsac647c92.jpg
Is that a spider?

I saw movement out of the corner of my eye as I passed a bush on Berckman Street in Plainfield.

Spider in web photo IMG_9306a_zps2f17bd28.jpg
Yes. Yes, it is a spider.

Why, yes! I believe it's some sort of orb weaver. It wasn't as tiny as Venus the spider I photographed last year and more yellow than green. But it seems to be of the same family. Although it looks big and scary, it's probably less than a half-inch including its legs.

It's the Year of the Snail

Swirly snail photo IMG_9341a_zpsa106afad.jpg
Yet another snail

I still can't believe that I'm seeing these so often now after nearly twenty years of not seeing a garden snail in New Jersey. I KNOW they haven't been here all along at the Bridgewater Train Station. I spend so much time looking for stuff to shoot that no way would I have missed them.

Snail on bridge wall photo IMG_9336a_zps116c1054.jpg
Taking a nap

You can see the "glue" they make to stick them to objects. During the heat wave in July it cemented them to objects, sealing them to their doom. I wiggled this one; it's fine. Yet it did remain there the next day, too. I'll check to see if it's still in place tomorrow.

Snail 1 photo IMG_9284a_zps724d81be.jpg
Another snail on the hand railing

This one was the smallest I've seen yet.


Flowers photo IMG_9312a_zps210f9e1f.jpg
Flowers in the air

East Front Street, Plainfield.

Flowers 2 photo IMG_9313a_zps748978d0.jpg
Flowers on the ground

Roosevelt Avenue, Plainfield.

Here's looking at you photo IMG_9300a_zps1f2f0b2d.jpg
Here's lookin' at ya, kid!

THIS is why snails couldn't be missed by me at the Bridgewater Train Station. Heck, I shoot flies on leaves!

 photo IMG_9282a_zps9027a658.jpg
Different day, different fly

Maybe it's the same fly. I don't really know.

Train photo IMG_9320a_zpseabbb333.jpg
Here comes the train

Heading off to another day in paradise ... a.k.a. - work.

Vincent photo IMG_9348a_zpsf862e305.jpg
Somebody in this post is a cat

Yes, Vincent. You are a CAT. You'll always be the CAT. I am the human. No matter how much you throw yourself down on your back and try to play dead or look adorable, I still have to leave the apartment at times.


Palmaltas said...

Fantastic photos! I'm sorry to hear about DogDave and that your newspaper "disappeared".

Anonymous said...

I only get the weekend edition of the newspaper. Anytime I do not receive a paper, I call that day or the following day and the give me credit for that day. Or sometimes they will offer to deliver that very same day. Even if the delivery person did indeed deliver the newspaper and it was stolen, most newspapers will give you a day's credit on your bill. I guess it depends what newspaper it is. But I think most will issue a credit.

I am so sorry to hear about DogDave, I wonder if anyone is taking up a donation or has a link to a paypal account for those wishing to help him with medical bills. A lot of websites have something in place.I should check out his website, perhaps it is there.


Jackie said...

Sheila - There is a Paypal link for a fund to help Dave out with his medical bills - -- it was set up for others for him. His own website and Twitter haven't been updated since his stroke.