Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Survivor: Blood vs. Water Cast Announced

Hmm ... lots of familiar faces. You can check them out at the CBS website for yourselves, but here's who's on and my thoughts about them:

Tyson Apostol / Rachel Foulger, dating
Ages: 34 / 33
Provo, UT
Former pro cyclist / cocktail waitress/graphic designer
Survivor: Tocantins, 2nd jury member
Heroes vs. Villains, 6th voted out
My thoughts: Tyson was a strong competitor. I believe we might have a contender here. The girlfriend seems smart, but that doesn't always win the show.

Aras Baskauskas / Vytas Baskauskas, brothers
Ages 31 / 33
Santa Monica, CA
Musician / yoga instructor/math professor
Survivor: Panama - Exile Island, winner
My thoughts: I liked Aras. I thought he was a very deserving winner in his season. With the brother along, this might be a likable alpha male team.

Rupert Boneham / Laura Boneham, married
Ages: 49 / 44
Indianapolis, IN
Mentor for teens / merchandiser
Survivor: Pearl Island, 2nd jury member
All Stars, 6th jury member, winner fan-favorite
Heroes vs. Villains, 7th jury member
My thoughts: Really? Rupert again? I have to hear him bellow more? I'm so over that. His horse has done been ridden too much. I know he has fans, but I'm not in the bunch.

Candice Cody / John Cody, married
Ages: 30
Washington D.C. 
Survivor: Cook Islands, 5th jury Member                  
Heroes vs. Villains, 5th jury Member
My thoughts: I wasn't all that keen on Candice returning the first time she returned. But this could be interesting with the husband along for the ride.
Monica Culpepper / Brad Culpepper, married
Ages: 42 / 44
Tampa, FL
Former NFL wife; attorney, retired NFL player
Survivor: One World, 5th voted out
My thoughts: Well, this might be revenge on Colton! Cool. He deserves it.

Colton Cumbie / Caleb Bankston, engaged
Ages: 22 / 26
Collinsville, AL
Student teacher / post officer manager
Survivor: One World, 6th out, medically evacuated
My thoughts: I don't like Colton. While I really enjoyed the evil ways of Richard Hatch in the first season, Colton is nasty and seems to feel very privileged. While I don't want him to be medically evacuated again, I hope he doesn't last long. Sorry, Caleb.

Kat Edorsson / Hayden Moss, dating

Ages: 23 / 26
Orland, FL / Springtown, TX
Student / real estate
Survivor: One World, 6th jury member / Big Brother 12 winner for Hayden
My thoughts: I didn't know they were dating! I hope Hayden has more manageable hair on this show than he did on BB. He could very well do quite well, but it's a lot different than being stuck in a house for three months.

Laura Morett / Ciera Eastin, mother/daughter
Ages: 43 / 24
Salem, OR
Construction business owner / cosmetology student
Survivor: Samoa, 3rd jury member
My thoughts: I don't find Laura all that particularly memorable. Hmm. The daughter seems to have spunk. My jury is out on this one.

Gervase Peterson / Marissa Peterson, uncle/niece
Ages: 43 / 21
Philadelphia, PA / Chapel Hill, NC
Cigar lounge owner / student
Survivor: Borneo, 3rd jury member
My thoughts: Gervase? Gervase?!? My memories of him had him as very likable, often wearing a hat ... and lounging about camp! I hope he'll put more into the effort this time!

Tina Wesson / Katie Collins, mother/daughter
Ages: 52 / 25
Robbinsville, NC and New York, NY
Motivational speaker / hedge fund support
Survivor: Australia, Winner
All Stars, 1st Voted Out
My thoughts: Tina played a good game, but if memory serves, she virtually "stole" the win from Colby Donaldson. This could be interesting. She's no spring chicken these days.


While I'm never keen on reality shows having returning players, at least this concept for the season is relatively fresh. Your thoughts?

The season premiere is September 18th. Be here or be square.


SueGee said...

Not sure how all of these people are going to play out, but the fact that they are promising more twists that BB is going to keep it interesting I hope! Jackie I hope you can get it all straight for us :o)! Redemption Island/Swaps etc etc - my old head is spinning~

SueGee on the Left Coast

Petals said...

YAY! Finally some "older" people. It'll be good to see Rupert & Gervase again.
*pout* wish they could've brought Ozzy back

Anonymous said...

Will they be playing as teams the entire game? Would the prize be given to a team or will it be a individual survior winner? This should be a interesting season.


SueGee said...

Petals, my first thought at looking at the cast was that Ozzie stayed home LOL!!

Apparently they are going to be split into tribes of returnees and the newbies, with some sort of Redemption Island-type twist. The confusing thing I read had something to do with challenges and them being able to switch places. I will have to read more to understand.


Jackie said...

It seems to be divided into two tribes, at least at the start -- Returning players, loved ones. I'm not understanding how it's all going to work myself, either.

Petals said...

Jackie, my brain doesn't work so good lately, so please help -
Is Colton that namby-pamby kid from a season or 2 ago? He was just mean in a meangirl kinda way?
Isn't he famous for the line, "I know black people; our butler is black" or some such nonsense?

Jackie said...

Yes, that would be Colton. He is a superfan of the show, but was medically evacuated early during his season.

AlbGlinka said...

Too bad Aaryn couldn't have played Survivor with Colton: they're a match made in Heaven!

Brent McKee said...

They missed two of the most obvious choices:

1) Boston Rob and his wife (joking) seriously, Boston Rob and his brother.

2) Russell Hantz and his brother. Not the one who was on Big Brother, I'm talking about the sane one, Shawn, who did that mercifully short-lived show on A&E with him (Flipped Off).

Okay, maybe not. BTW, in my opinion Tina didn't steal the win from Colby in Season 2, Colby gave it to her by picking her instead of Keith.

Jackie said...

Brent - Good point on Colby giving it away to her.

If I never see another Hantz on a reality show, it just might be too soon.

Marybeth said...

I have to throw my support to the Culpeppers. Brad was a great football player who had a career ending broken leg. He played with the Tampa Bay Bucs. They stayed here after his sports career ended and he is now a successful lawyer, who gives back to Tampa. I didn't like his wife all that much on her season but she got a bad wrap. Hope they do better this year!

Sharon S said...

I don't remember Ares -- any hints that would trigger my poor memory?

Jackie said...

Tall, handsome, won his season, came across as a good guy ...

Jackie said...

Here's his Wikipedia entry

Anonymous said...

I hate when they bring back players on any of the reality shows. I think that it shows a lack of creativity. Although I have never missed an episode of Survivor yet, I may not watch this season (IDK)
That being said, I only remember about a third of the returning players. But I do have strong memories of Rupert and Colton and despise both of them. I know that Rupert had a lot of fans but I never liked him after he threw the hissy fit for having a vote against him in his first season.
Colton is just a nasty, unlikable brat who thinks that he is all that. I'm not excited about this cast at all.

Sharon S said...

Thanks Jackie. I don't remember him. I must have missed that season -- probably when I had a grad class that night of the week. He's cute!

Nickelpeed said...

I am SO thrilled about this!

I love Gervase, he was so funny.

I really like Hayden. I even liked his hair! LOL. I would love to see him do well. He might have chewed off more than he can handle. But, I really would like him to do well.

Better choices than I thought originally rumored. I am so hoping Colton is out first TC.


The Baskauskas' brother could very well be the front runners,same with Tyson; however, they are probably going to be targets.

I do like Rupert. He reminds me of a pirate; but again, he will be a target.

I really, really disliked Colton and I am NOT happy he's returning. I hope with Monica returning, with her husband Brad, she'll kick his butt. If not her, Brad will do so, he's big and bad. Matter of fact I do not see one person on this list who will put up with Colton's crap.

Stormy said...

Do not know if I can watch one minute of Colton. WHY did they bring him back?????