Sunday, September 22, 2013

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - September 22, 2013

It's Sunday morning! Woohoo! Hey, wait ... what am I so excited about? That means it's the last day of my staycation. Wah. However, it's also time for my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken along the way.

I had all kinds of grand plans regarding what I'd get done and do this past week. While I did get some things done, I ended up goofing off most of the time. After three months of getting little sleep between work and covering the Big Brother 15 live feeds and show here on the blog, I was exhausted.

While I did get some of my planned errands done and I made a trip to Mindowaskin Park in Westfield to take photos and enjoy the peaceful tranquility there, I never did make it into the city. I was going to go into Little Italy in Manhattan for the Feast of San Genaro -- which was going on all week -- but I never got the energy to do so. Instead, I spent a good part of the time this past week stuck under a cat.

I need to go back to relaxing ... here are the photos!

Idyllic photo IMG_9690a_zpsb8673ad4.jpg

I believe this was my favorite photo I took at Mindowaskin Park in Westfield. The footbridges over the water lend themselves to fantastic reflections, throw in three ducks and you got yourself a bit of tranquility!

Turtle 1 photo IMG_9886a_zps8e4d73eb.jpg
Red eared slider

More about this little guy a bit later in the post ...

Reflection of a duck photo IMG_9704a_zps9011ed6a.jpg
Reflecting on a duck

A duck and her reflection at Mindowaskin Park.



Balancing duck photo IMG_9672a_zpsf5768f2a.jpg
Balancing act

Moth photo IMG_9667a_zps8f2bd8f6.jpg
Yellow moth

Against the water photo IMG_9670a_zps5a0d45c9.jpg
Against the water

Yellow hibiscus photo IMG_9661a_zpse9b765d4.jpg
Yellow hibiscus

Duck couple photo IMG_9699a_zpsdf5dd85a.jpg
Duck couple

Duck in profile photo IMG_9787a_zpsc3b8b71e.jpg
Duck in profile

Goose photo bomb photo IMG_9771a_zps334ff971.jpg
Goose photobombs the ducks

So, there I was, innocently taking duck photos when up pops a goose! Talk about photobombing!

Sleeping ducks photo IMG_9725a_zps91c3f3d2.jpg
Let sleeping ducks lie

Bottoms up photo IMG_9805a_zps69e8cee2.jpg
Bottoms up!

Like in a square dance, duck for the oysters, dive for the clams!

Goose photo IMG_9844a_zpsf1c32c00.jpg
Goose mug shot

Close-up duck photo IMG_9782a_zpsc7a55cc1.jpg
Up close and personal

Incoming ducks photo IMG_9851a_zpsec32455f.jpg

Turtle 6 photo IMG_9861a_zpsef7f64f2.jpg
Eek! Whazzat?!?!

I lie. I knew what it was when I shot the photo. I had spotted this turtle sunning itself on a rock. But it's way timid. When it heard me, it slid right off into the water. I stayed still for a while taking shots of it swimming. It must have thought I left, so it returned to its rock. In scouting around, I found it's a red eared slider turtle. While they can grow over a foot long, this one's shell was six, perhaps seven, inches. But it's my first sighting of a turtle in the state. So, that's very neat indeed.

Turtle 5 photo IMG_9872a_zps346933f7.jpg
Why, it's a swimming turtle!

My, what big back feet you have!

Turtle 4 photo IMG_9880a_zpsfefb8599.jpg
If I really stretch my neck ...

... I can get back up on this rock to sun! I need me my rays, dude!

Turtle 3 photo IMG_9884a_zps263e1f97.jpg
King of the rock!

Yeah, those ducks better stay away!

Turtle 2 photo IMG_9888a_zpsafe54e9f.jpg
Yeah, I be cool

That is until I got up from the bench again. ZOOM! He slid right back into the water, that red eared slider!


Wildflowers photo IMG_9830a_zps0f0f8e21.jpg

Bee photo IMG_9913a_zps5c4b5254.jpg
Busy bee

Hibiscus photo IMG_9929a_zpsaff6ff0c.jpg

Reaching to the sky on Elm Street in Westfield.

Shadows photo IMG_9663a_zpsfb4edab1.jpg

Bikes parked by the fire escape at Rialto's Theater in Westfield.

Oxtails photo IMG_9948a_zps974a37b0.jpg

Y'know, I never saw oxtails used in so many dishes until I moved to Plainfield! Where do all these oxes come from? Are there ox farms I don't know about in the state? Outside a restaurant on Watchung Avenue in Plainfield.

Abandoned photo IMG_9943a_zpsb3693a31.jpg

Hmm. The last time I went by this unique home on Crescent Avenue in Plainfield, it was occupied. It's very well kept up, so I hope it doesn't sit empty long and deteriorate. That would be a shame.

Krizadon's Motorcycle Garage photo IMG_9938a_zps67157e41.jpg
Krizadon's Motorcycle Garage

Derrick of Krizadon's Motorcycle Garage on North Avenue in Plainfield was kind enough to move gates exposing the whole garage door and to pose for this photo. He showed me some motorcycles inside that were super cool. I almost wish I rode!

Keath Gerald, Jr. artwork photo IMG_9947a_zpsf08d26bd.jpg
Keath Gerald Jr.'s artwork

I talked to the young man who painted these for a while. His parents must be very proud! -- taken at the Plainfield Outdoor Art Festival in Library Park, Plainfield.

Balloon man photo IMG_9944a_zps938beac9.jpg
Balloon magic

In the Children's Art section of the Art Festival, there was a balloon animal artist for the kids. (Along with his way cool rabbit!)

Art bunny photo IMG_9945a_zpsb33a4767.jpg
Festival bunny

I've never seen a bunny quite like this one. It was great with the kids and untethered. Cool.

Orba photo IMG_9935a_zpsa5c2a89b.jpg
Orba, the cross orbweaver spider

After disappearing for several days, Orba is back in her spot. This was by flash again. It's odd the difference in her looks between what's reflected by the flash or photos taken in natural daylight. Berckman Street, Plainfield.

Vincent photo IMG_9958a_zpsba6e7c76.jpg
Vincent, the ultimate cat

He's been spoiled rotten all week! He's going to be very upset when I go back to work tomorrow. Poor kitty.


Palmaltas said...

Fantastic photos this week, Jackie! But "Reflecting on a Duck" blew me away.

~~Silk said...

Beautiful! I liked the bridge best.

Laurie said...

Duck, Duck, Turtle!!
Oh my, you made my day with the ducks. Did you think of me when you saw them and took these wonderful pictures? Just amazing. All of them are, of course, but the ducks have me mesmerized.
I'm glad you enjoyed your staycation and got the rest you so deserved. See you on the Island!

Sharon said...

What with all the little things you spot, you must have eyes like a chicken-hawk!!

That shot of the duck and bridge provides a rather optical illusion.

Becky said...

Jackie, glad you got some rest this past week. You earned it after putting up with BB this year.

"Idyllic" was my favorite non-Vincent photo this week. Loved the turtle and duck shots.

Sharon, Jackie has the eye of an eagle.

Kathy said...

I would like to start taking photo's. Maybe even study beginning photography. I have admired your photos for some time now. They are absolutely beautiful. What camera do you use?

Kathy in Brooklyn