Sunday, September 29, 2013

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - September 29, 2013

Good Sunday morning, world! Welcome to my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken along the way.

A few quick television topic things, first --
  • The Amazing Race starts tonight. If you wish to sign up for the pool, check out this post right here. Please limit sign-ups to that post -- otherwise they might be missed.
  • There will be a blog party post for TAR tonight at 8pm ET. However, as we know, there's always a chance it might be delayed by some sport or another. But the party post will be up on time even if the show doesn't start on time!
Back to being on my off topic ...!

Um. Well. I don't know what was wrong with me this past week. I overslept. I fell asleep watching television after work. I actually missed my train one morning and was late to work. I just don't know! Ack. Thankfully, the TV shows I missed are online, so I have caught up/will catch up with them.

I submitted my photos to this year's Plainfield Library Photo Contest. The theme for the year isn't something with which I'm overwhelmed with photo fodder. "Plainfield Celebrates." Now, many of the fun happenings in town are on Saturdays when I work. I really don't have anything to do with the local high school or sports. I don't have family or celebrations of my own so much here. I made due with some photos I had taken over the last couple of years. We'll see.

Oh! I did have some excitement this week! Oh! Vincent had been staring at the wall in the kitchen once again. When he did that for extended periods of time before, there were mice in the wall. Apparently he can hear them while I can't and there must be a small hole where the baseboard heat attaches to the wall that I can't even find. Sure enough, Tuesday afternoon after work, he was out in the kitchen staring at the wall. Then ... THUMP!!! Next thing I know, Vincent is prancing into the living room with a mouse in his mouth. He tossed it in the air, played and tormented it for a few minutes before I deemed it deceased and buried it "at sea." I let the landlord know because the other tenants don't have a Vincent, Mouser Cat Extraordinaire.

Onto this week's photos. I'm not really thrilled with my efforts this week. But, if nothing else, it will give you a chance to see what I see ...

Mums photo IMG_0044a_zps1c93b098.jpg
Mums time!

I'm seeing homes decked out with pumpkins and baskets of mums on Berckman Street in Plainfield!

Sunrise 3 photo IMG_0029a_zps443c387e.jpg
Sunrise on my commute

Soon it will be dark when I arrive and getting dark when I come home.

Roses photo IMG_9990a_zps016c2868.jpg
Roses by flash

Despite the chilly nights, these flowers are still doing well on East Front Street in Plainfield. It's so dark when I pass them that I have to use the flash on my camera, though.


Chicory photo IMG_0047a_zpse485e59f.jpg
Chicory blossom

No matter how many times NJ Transit mows them down, the chicory blossoms reappear. Kind of like dandelions, but (to me) prettier. Plainfield Train Station.

Sunrise 1 photo IMG_0021a_zps72045eac.jpg
Ah, sunrise

Bridgewater, NJ, as I get off the train.

Predawn photo IMG_0006a_zps921ebfbe.jpg
Part of my morning walk

The sky goes from dark to this shade as I walk to the train station on my early commutes. East Front Street, Plainfield.

Weed photo IMG_0041a_zps6410b692.jpg
Eek, a weed!

Soon these will be gone.

Plainfield Train Station photo IMG_0018a_zpsb2175c42.jpg
Plainfield Train Station

The main building is on the other side of the tracks. Throughout the system, the folks heading towards Newark/New York have better accommodations as more people have to wait for a train going in that direction. NJ Transit tends to think that westbound passengers are just getting off the train and leaving. But, indeed, some of us must wait westbound. This week, as I arrived to the train station for my morning work commute, the sun was yet to rise.

Sunrise 2 photo IMG_0027a_zps2e47fdc7.jpg

I just love to see the sunrise on my way to work! Bridgewater, NJ

Freihofers photo IMG_9994a_zps10bc3b84.jpg

Obviously not a great photo, but I have a reason for posting it anyway. Freihofer's. 'Nuff said. Y'see, Freihofer's had its start in Troy, NY -- my birthplace and home to many childhood memories. My father would deliberately drive us by the main bakery where we inhaled the delicious smell of baking bread like addicts going for a fix.

When I was very young I was on The Freddy Freihofer Show, a local TV show for children pre-dating cable television. It was kind of like a Romper Room with baked goods celebrating birthdays.

When I moved out of the Albany area in the late 70s, I lamented the loss of my favorite chocolate chip cookies. Oh, sure, there was Entenmann's which were similar, but not quite the same. Freihofer's appeared in the Hudson Valley area as I moved to Connecticut. Then they appeared in Connecticut as I moved to New Jersey. Then, finally, they came to NJ some years back. Watchung Avenue and East 4th Street, Plainfield. Mmm ...

Milk photo IMG_9992a_zpse09ee11e.jpg
Trusting milkman

Hmm ... I often pass big boxes of hard rolls and such. But this is the first time I've seen a milk delivery left outside a business. Not only is it a possible target for theft, but it's not in any kind of insulated box like we had back in the days when there actually was a milkman! The morning was chilly, so I hope that kept the cartons cold enough. Roosevelt Avenue, Plainfield.

Green apples photo IMG_9966a_zps5a2a10d9.jpg
"God didn't make little green apples"

... "and it don't rain in Indianapolis in the summertime ..." Okay, I'm dating myself remembering that song! Until the new landlord relocated our Dumpsters for the apartment building, I really had no reason to walk along the back of our building. I never noticed that the yard abutting our lot has an apple tree! You can also see where the morning glory has overtaken the fence. The building is their garage. The lots are very deep in this area. Then, in neighboring towns, folks pay a fortune for a McMansion built on a postage stamp of land.

I see dead people photo IMG_9981a_zps6d0b1da6.jpg
I see dead people, continued

People really need to stop sleeping on the train near me. Really. Raritan Valley Line, NJ Transit

Color photo IMG_9973a_zps7b4531b5.jpg
Just a touch of color

In a few weeks, this tall tree on the grounds of the Friends Meeting House will be ablaze with the reds of autumn. Watchung Avenue, Plainfield.

Vincent photo IMG_9968a_zps45248d36.jpg
Vincent hard at work napping

After saving my life from that evil dangerous huge (hey, it had to weigh at least an ounce!) mouse, Vincent takes a well-deserved nap.


Lifeguard Laurie said...

Being the building's only Mouse Detective is hard work! Vincent deserves and extra-long nap for that.

I'm so excited to see your fall photos, Jackie. They are always my favorite. Will you be seeing that tree next week? I hope we can see the turning process. We really don't get that very much in SoCal.

Hope you have a great week, even if you have to deal with darker commutes.

Sasha said...

Good morning, Jackie. Well, I really enjoyed your pictures even if you were less impressed! Love the sunrises and...yes, Friehofer's :) Mostly because what you wrote reminded me of my childhood in Connecticut. Not far from our house was Pepperidge Farm and driving by and smelling the bread baking was the best! Hope some of your photos make the Library show. Best, Sasha

Jackie said...

Laurie - I usually see that tree five days a week as I wait for my train to come. Last year it had its gorgeous reds when Sandy blew most of them off!

Palmaltas said...

Love the sunrises and was intrigued by Friehofer's since I've never heard of them. I remember when milkmen left bottles of milk on the front porch.