Friday, September 20, 2013

The Amazing Race: Meet the Cast Video

On September 29th, a week from this Sunday, we'll have the season premiere of The Amazing Race. Woot! In watching the videos and coming off such a nasty cast on Big Brother, I almost feel rejuvenated ... or something to that effect. It would be nice if BB went for quality and diversity rather than who looks good in a bikini!

Here's Phil's "Meet the Cast" video --

There is one team which is quasi-local to this area. However, I find them confusing. Why would ex-relationship kind of people go on a show like this where they're stuck together as a team and under such stress? The recent article on told us we can expect "a lot of bickering" by the ex-couple from Morristown, NJ. Oh, great. Just what I don't love on TAR!

Will you be watching?


monty924 said...

I love TAR, but I rarely get to watch it live with the blog party. If we have a pool this season, count me in. It's the only pool I've ever won with the Goat Farmers. :))

Merrilee said...

I'm with monty! Sign me up for the TAR pool. It's the only pool I've ever one too!

Blog Pool winner of The Amazing Race Season 22

Caela said...

I love TAR! Please count me in if there will be a pool! I do much better at TAR compared to BB.

DKNYNC said...

I'll be watching. If there's a pool, sign me up too please.

Donna NY

Nickelpeed said...

I'll be watching Brandon and Adam and Chester and Ephram. I want to see how well the long haired dudes and ex NFLers do.

I'll sign up for a pool. BTW, what are we suppose to do?

lynn1 said...

If someone creates a TAR pool I would like to be included.

Margo said...

I'll do a pool but we can start with week 2 therefore no one gets out first week.
I have
anyone else?

David said...

OMG, TV overload this coming Sunday. Good thing I have a DVR. The start of TAR, the finale of Breaking Bad, Football game, and season premiers of all the cartoons (simpsons etc.) for the young ones all on at the same time. Then season premier of Revenge an hour later.

You can add me to the TAR pool.