Sunday, November 10, 2013

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - November 10, 2013

Good morning, peeps! You've arrived at my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photos I've taken along the way. Yes, this is Sunday morning and this is the view from here in New Jersey. No, not the real industrial New Jersey you see from the turnpike immediately outside the city. Nor is it the almost New England type farmlands and woods like Northwest New Jersey. Nope, this is northern Central New Jersey -- one of the most densely populated areas of the most densely populated state; a whole bunch of towns close together in what they call the Greater New York City Metropolitan Area.

As a result of locale, many folks commute from around here into Manhattan daily. I don't. Yet I have a love for the city. I'm awaking to news that some idiot shot two people at the skating rink in Bryant Park. Geez. Isn't anything sacred? When I go into the city with my camera around the holidays, Bryant Park is almost always on my agenda as it has a wonderful holiday atmosphere and I can actually get close enough to photograph the skaters (unlike Rockerfeller Center). Apparently not a random shooting, there had been a verbal confrontation between one of the shot skaters and the gunman. At this point, both victims (both skaters) are alive. But ... sheesh. What is WRONG with people?

In other local news, I want to grouse about change. Yes, I know change is always going to happen. But there has been a wooded area next to a brook just as my train approaches the town of Bound Brook. I've often seen deer there from the train. Plus, a man in a maroon truck drops off tons of breadcrumbs daily for at least the past ten years for the geese. This man has been at it daily, dumping about a big wastebasket size amount of bread. Daily ... rain, shine, snow, no matter the season. In the last week, they tore down all the trees and bulldozed it flat. Wah. I don't know what's going to go up there, but I'll surely miss what was.

Let's see ... I must have some good news. Hmm. Well, Vincent the Cat is doing well. But he does kind of have the life of leisure. So, he's bound to do well. There haven't been any more mice incidents.

On a positive local change in Plainfield note, now that the leaves are thinning on the trees, I can see one of the more notorious crime-laden public housing projects in Plainfield from the train. They've been talking about razing it for years. Well, it looks like that's imminent now. People are moving out and, as they do, each apartment is getting boarded up. Sure, the thugs who took it over years back will just find new places to do their "business." But, hopefully, it will be a new start and a much safer life for the innocent children who lived there and the elderly residents. No one should be afraid to walk out their doors in the daytime.

On the other hand, here at my apartment building, it's not cheap to live. Yes, some of the apartments are subsidized for elderly and a few families. But, for the most part, people in my building need to work for a living. As a result, it's safe to take trash out to the Dumpster at 2 in the morning if you feel so inclined. You're more likely to get frightened by a raccoon rather than Riff-Raff. Our latest landlord has really been doing well with upgrades and repairs. The elevator hasn't been out of order for more than a few hours at a time for months now. The new windows look spiffy. I'm pleased with the place and I haven't always been.

This week was rather mundane, so are my photos ... but I do have two Vincent photos for his fans! Later tonight I'll post the blog party for The Amazing Race. If you watch the show, come watch with us! We have cyberdrinks and snacks!

 photo IMG_0949a_zps9da1356b.jpg
No, no ... not already!

Plainfield has its holiday decorations up on the street corners downtown. Sigh. Taken from the corner of East Front and Church Streets looking towards Watchung Avenue.

 photo IMG_0924a_zps0441ab93.jpg
But, but ...

It can't be the holiday season already! Roses are still growing on East Front Street just two blocks away!


 photo IMG_0947a_zps15a71cf8.jpg
Tucked away with flowers!

Okay ... first the bird feeder was on a tree. The tree went down in a storm. They put the bird feeder on a short holder. Birds didn't visit. They hung the bird feeder from the fallen dead tree in the front yard. The birds came back. They tied the dead tree to the fence and hung the bird feeder from it. The dead tree somehow took root and started to grow. They chopped the top off (note it's still tied to the fence) and hung the bird feeder from a post, moving a bird bath nearby it. The birds do visit it although none are in this shot. East Front Street, Plainfield.

 photo IMG_0782a_zpsf710147e.jpg
Colorful berries

These are growing by the fence along the cemetery on Church Street in Plainfield.

 photo IMG_0792a_zpsdf5936af.jpg
Gone now

This little tree by the Plainfield Train Station was full of color on Monday morning. By Saturday it was barren branches.

 photo IMG_0790a_zpsca7fea69.jpg
Gingko glory

The huge gingko tree by the Plainfield Train Station is a gorgeous gold!

 photo IMG_0789a_zps6f7e6326.jpg
A dash of red

The ivy on the fencepost has gone a brilliant red. East Third Street by the side of the Friends (Quaker) Meeting House in Plainfield.

 photo IMG_0796a_zps7631cc07.jpg
Barren trees, red leaves and shadows

The leaves are already gone from these trees. The angle of the early morning sun makes for the shadows, yet the bushes are still a bright red. Bridgewater, NJ.

 photo IMG_0822a_zps53975a77.jpg
Brrr ...

One of those brightly lighted changing billboards has been erected by the TD (Somerset Patriots) Ball Park/Bridgewater Train Station area. Great. Now I know what time it is and how cold it is as I walk from the station to my workplace.

 photo IMG_0838a_zps4ce3a3dc.jpg
Fenced-in foliage

Bridgewater Train Station

 photo IMG_0844a_zps37f23e30.jpg
Won't give up!

Heck, if they could poke their way through snow, they'd do it!

 photo IMG_0859a_zps3bb62c34.jpg
Dusk arrives early

Plainfield Train Station

 photo IMG_0868a_zps9ce3de91.jpg
City living

Looking out one of my (new) windows in the city of Plainfield. Yeah, the hustle and bustle outside my window is really a problem! Those squirrels!

 photo IMG_0903a_zpsc5d65eeb.jpg
"Not in Service"

Excuse me, yes, it IS in service. Perhaps the little marquee doohickey isn't in service. But the train is indeed in service. I'm not getting off! Raritan Valley Line, NJ Transit.

 photo IMG_0895a_zps4ff4aadd.jpg

East Third Street, Plainfield.

 photo IMG_0894a_zps9dac4c11.jpg
Thinning out

I suppose all will be just about barren by this time next week. Wah. East Third Street approaching the Plainfield Train Station (where the lights are).

 photo IMG_0908a_zpsf193868b.jpg
It's coming

My morning train is full of Super Bowl ads. I'm glad I usually have Sundays off. I can't imagine the drunks that will be train traveling that day! Bridgewater Train Station.

 photo IMG_0911a_zpsa45e77c2.jpg
Pretty colors in Bridgewater

This is the walk by the TD Ball Park adjacent to the Bridgewater Train Station. The leaves are coming down fast now.

 photo IMG_0918a_zps2385f804.jpg

Hmm ... two NJ Transit 59 buses to Dunellen (next town over) in a row. That's not a good thing, not at all. They're coming from Newark and they're supposed to be a half-hour apart at peak rush hour times. Knowing NJ Transit, the second one is probably supposed to be the first one! Watchung Avenue and East Fourth Street, Plainfield.

 photo IMG_0920a_zpsb29fca3f.jpg
Past peak in da 'hood

While some of the leaves outside my windows are still green, most of the trees have gone through their burst of color. East Front Street.

 photo IMG_0926a_zpsbcf531e2.jpg

I think the only time I really like to scuff my feet along is while walking though fallen leaves.

 photo IMG_0939a_zps1d70c14e.jpg
Getting a bird's eye view

I'm surprised he didn't sit on that slightly higher branch! Bridgewater Train Station.

 photo IMG_0883a_zps33fbdf84.jpg
Catnip! Glorious catnip!

Vincent needs to seek a 12 Step Program for his addiction.

 photo IMG_0880a_zpsa66d4f81.jpg
I got stoned and I missed it

Hey! You! Paparazzi! Get that camera out of my face! This had better not hit the tabloids!


Laurie said...

Great images, as we have come to expect from you, Jackie. So interesting to see the autumn leaves and know the trees are bare now. You know I love those leaves. Do you know I also love the budding of the new growth in the spring? Something deeply moving about that life cycle. Thank you for sharing your view of that with all of us. Love to you and Vincent!

Palmaltas said...

Lovely photos! I think I'm just as dismayed as you are by tearing down the trees and bulldozing the area flat. I hope something worthwhile goes there.

Petals said...

we are having an incredibly brilliant Autumn splash of color here in KCMO.
I love the last pic - Stoned Vincent.

Becky said...

Jackie said "But he does kind of have the life of leisure. So, he's bound to do well. There haven't been any more mice incidents."

I have to defend Vincent. He IS doing his job -- you just said no more mice!

Great pictures as usual. Enjoy your week. See you in a while.