Sunday, November 24, 2013

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - November 24, 2013

It's Sunday morning and, guess what? It's time for my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken along the way. Later on tonight, I'll post the blog party for The Amazing Race. If you watch the show, c'mon by!

It turned cold this past week. I fear that's here to stay for a while. This year I'll face it in a new winter coat with the best hood ever. While I'm a firm believer in layering and usually tend to layer with a hoodie ... forget that hoodie hood! This one is down, fluffy and warm. It was more than I usually spend on a winter coat which I mainly use to go back and forth to work. But I had the last coat for the past three seasons or so. So, if this one lasts as well as that one did, it will be worth it! (No, I'm not talking thousands of dollars. But I do tend to jackets and coats under $100. This was more than that.)

It's hard to believe that Thanksgiving is upon us this week. I know they're going on about it being the latest possible day for that holiday, but it still seems like I blinked my eyes and it's here. Perhaps our bouts of warm weather confused my mind; I don't know. It just all of a sudden is looming at me. It will be a four-day work week for me, something that's always welcome. I hope everyone has a nice holiday and a safe one if you're out on the roads.

Hmm ... I don't really have much to say about this past week. I guess I'll get on to the photos --

 photo IMG_1052a_zpse9b2108a.jpg
Hawk in flight

The late day sun was at a perfect angle to photograph this hawk. I only wish I had a closer shot. Over the Plainfield Police Station.

 photo IMG_1042a_zps82063210.jpg
Dawn's reflection

After a dismal walk to the train station, the sunrise was trying to do its stuff on Monday morning. Bridgewater, NJ.

 photo IMG_1059a_zpsd5b4fc7a.jpg
What's this?

I went in late to work on Tuesday and came across a huge amount of fire apparatus for what apparently was a rather small fire in the Chotola apartment building on North Avenue in Plainfield. The fire was on the first floor rear of the building isolated to one apartment. One resident of the fourth floor was treated on the scene for smoke inhalation.

Responding companies: Plainfield Police and Fire Departments, Scotch Plains, North Plainfield, South Plainfield, Westfield, Union County OEM, Haz-Mat and EMS. Oh my. By the next day, I saw the taxi place on the first floor open for business and the residents were back in. Well, except perhaps for the one apartment where the fire was contained. More photos to follow ...


 photo IMG_1078a_zpsadda0968.jpg
My gosh! Everyone was here!

 photo IMG_1073a_zpsd8f868a4.jpg
There is a hose in the doorway

 photo IMG_1070a_zpsebe43de8.jpg
Officer leads tenants to warmth

 photo IMG_1067a_zps6c3e2240.jpg
Westfield has yellow fire engines

 photo IMG_1065a_zpsb7ecf5b3.jpg
Evacuated residents watch

Yes, this is out of order. The officer leading them away actually took place after this. I'm just being lackadaisical.

 photo IMG_1063a_zps60ac229e.jpg
Open windows

The windows were opened to air out the apartments. Brr.

 photo IMG_1061a_zps501f9d2f.jpg
I could smell smoke

But I couldn't see any. The two buildings adjacent to the Chotola are being renovated on the upper floors. That's not fire-related.

 photo IMG_1058a_zpse6a44fcc.jpg
Union County OEM

 photo IMG_1057a_zps41d1a10d.jpg
Union County Ambulance on the scene

Onto other stuff ...

 photo IMG_1030a_zps92b3e954.jpg
Where's the sidewalk?

Where? Where? I already fell once! East Front Street, Plainfield.

 photo IMG_1051a_zps0a9a4293.jpg
Same hawk, different view

 photo IMG_1027a_zpse214b373.jpg
Brockend iPhone

It took me a moment to understand they mean "broken." I'm sure the parents had their child write this notice as her English is better. In the hallway of my apartment building, Plainfield, NJ. No, I didn't see a brockend iPhone.

 photo IMG_1084a_zpsa3626d58.jpg
Something's going on!

Usually this Methodist Church in the 'hood is dark in the evenings. They might still give out food to the homeless on Monday evenings; I don't know. But this was Wednesday evening. East Front Street, Plainfield.

 photo IMG_1094a_zpsf93e74df.jpg

While certain professions, even in retail (convenience stores come to mind), are pretty much always open, more and more larger stores are opening on Thanksgiving Day. I personally think they're diluting their Black Friday sales while paying staff overtime. Yes, it's greed for the sales. But the shoppers are just as much to blame. Heaven forbid you can't shop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Everyone talks of convenience. Huh. For decades we did without stores open every minute of the year. I refuse to patronize any department store open Thanksgiving. I avoid them on Black Friday because I don't like the madness, too. However, that's another story in itself.

 photo IMG_1109a_zps2d851807.jpg
Red berries, blue skies

Although I like the color contrast, I prefer the spring blossoms on this tree! It's going to be a long time before I see them again. Wah. Bridgewater, NJ.

 photo IMG_1086a_zps7e4806fe.jpg
Waist high and five parking spaces

Some people are actually parking on the piles of leaves. All I can think of is AJ Soprano parking on leaves and his SUV blowing up. Although I'm showing some precipitation photos here, it's all very dry. These piles are a fire waiting to happen. Plus, it's New Jersey. Y'know, there could be dead bodies in there! East Front Street, Plainfield.

 photo IMG_1095a_zpsef298f25.jpg
Mockingbird in charge

This mockingbird intimidated smaller birds to take the top perch in the tree. While very territorial, they were even worse when they had young babies. Bridgewater, NJ

 photo IMG_1033a_zps30861acc.jpg
Rainy days and Monday mornings

To be honest, it was a rainy night, not day. It had stopped by the time I walked to the train station. When it's overcast, you can't tell that the sun is due to rise soon. Roosevelt Avenue, Plainfield.

 photo IMG_1043a_zpsaebc5694.jpg

A small gaggle, but a gaggle nonetheless. Bridgewater, NJ.

 photo IMG_1110a_zps4e22f507.jpg
Excuse me ... SNOW?

I came home last night just in time to get caught in a rather vicious snow squall as the cold front hit the area. I'm glad I decided to wear my new winter coat for the first time this season!

 photo IMG_1122a_zps5e9583ad.jpg
Eek! Snow squall!

The wind was gusting up to fifty mph and the snow was sideways. Visibility was practically down to nothing for about ten minutes. Saturday evening, Watchung Avenue and East Fourth Street, Plainfield.

 photo IMG_1124a_zps91db4472.jpg
A dusting left behind

Plainfield Police Department after it got down to flurries. Watchung Avenue.

 photo IMG_1022a_zps7798ac74.jpg
Why can't I go to work with you?

Oh, I know, Vincent. I never pay any attention to you. I never play with you. I never pet you. I never let you conk out totally asleep on me like I'm your own personal bed. I never give you cat treats. I never give you catnip. Life is so rough on poor little Vincent because I get to go to work all the time and have fun (cough) while leaving you home to guard the apartment. (On a side note: In shots like this, the scar on his nose really shows. That must have been some cut! He came to me with the scar there. I don't know what happened.)


lynn1 said...

Great pictures this week.
Some years back a group I belonged to met at someone's house. There were piles of leaves by the curb. One of the women parked on top of a pile. A few minutes later a late arrival came running in and said there is smoke billowing out from beneath the car. The heat from the muffler or something cause the leaves to ignite.
The fire dept. came out. There were no blazes or flames, just smoldering leaves with lots of smoke. The car was moved and as far as I know was not damaged.
It certainly made for a memorable gathering of friends.
In case I don't get a chance later in the week I hope you and Vincent have a happy Thanksgiving.
I will be spending Thanksgiving with my mother and brother and his family. My Mother will celebrating her 90th birthday on Thanksgiving Day!
Mother has Alzheimer's so she doesn't really get Thanksgiving and Birthdays other than she gets to have cake and ice cream which she loves.

Cathy said...

What is the name of the business that is closed on Thanksgiving?? They deserve a shout-out & a pat on the back!

Laurie said...

Love the blue skies with the hawk and the berries. So pretty!

Glad to see someone is taking a stand and closing for Thanksgiving. Let's hear it for them!!

Jackie said...

The sign in in a Marshalls window although I did notice a similar sign in the Bed Bath and Beyond window, too.

Delee said...

A couple of years ago, I went into a Kohl's on Black Friday late in the afternoon just to check it out. It looked like a tornado had run through the store. I avoid all stores on the weekends from Thanksgiving until after New Years, I dislike crowds!

I was going to say what Lynn said about leaves catching on fire from a catalytic converters heat. Take you chances parking on leaves or tall dry grass.

Everyone have a marvelous Thanksgiving and may your turkey be golden/delicious!

Becky said...

Jackie, an outstanding week of photos. My favorite one this week (other than Vincent) was Dawn's reflection. This one captivated me.