Sunday, December 22, 2013

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - December 22, 2013

Good morning! It's Sunday, time for my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photos I've taken along the way. As we approach the holidays, I'll admit I haven't really been posting about (or watching) much television anyway. I've been working. And working. And working. Sigh.

Overall, it hasn't been a great week here for me. I'm still a bit banged up from being in that cab accident last week and now I've had a problem with sciatica the last week or so, too. Ow! Ow! It's like have a constant leg cramp running from my butt down through my calf! Ow. Yet, work is in such a state that I haven't taken any time off other than my regular days off (like today). It's not that I haven't been asked to work extra; I just can't. I'm barely making it through my scheduled days. Gah. It needs to go away!

We had more snow early this week, but today promises to break records as far as warmth. It could very well go about 70 degrees. That should melt most of the snow we have on the ground, definitely de-ice the sidewalks. Good. While I like snow for Christmas for the children, I can do without it myself. Sure, it's pretty. But after dealing with icy sidewalks for a few weeks already, I don't mind a reprieve at all.

Nothing much else is happening here. I didn't and probably won't go into the city (NYC) to take photos of the holiday happenings. I'm really not feeling up to it. I've pretty much been coming home from work and collapsing.

I'm a bit worried about the Target store security breach. I was only there once during the period that the card information was stolen, but once is all it takes. I've been monitoring my account used and haven't seen anything suspicious. However, I think I might just contact my bank anyway. I went into Target yesterday on my way to work and took advantage of their 10% off this weekend for my normal Saturday (mostly grocery) purchases. It was kind of sad. The rest of the shopping center parking lot was crammed (Old Navy, Costco, Marshalls, PetSmart, Michaels, Home Depot, Bed, Bath and Beyond and others) ... Target's lot was only about a third full. I've never seen that on the Saturday before Christmas. It has had a huge negative impact on their business.

I do plan on making some actual television posts this week. I really do. But, for now ... onto the photos --

 photo IMG_1401a_zps174386dc.jpg
Snowy station

On Tuesday, we had our fourth pre-winter snowstorm within nine days. True, they weren't huge storms. But many sidewalks were icy messes until Friday when the temperatures got warm enough to melt them. I took this one as I headed home from work on Tuesday. Plainfield Train Station.

 photo IMG_1413a_zps98ee2c25.jpg
Sunset in da 'hood

Thursday's skies were pretty as I headed home.


 photo IMG_1440a_zps1ce170a3.jpg
Happy Holidays!

Usually this motorized sign sits near scenes of homicides in town, providing contact information for possible tips. Let's hope it can stay through the holidays outside the Plainfield Police Station thanking us for our support and wishing us happy holidays. Happy holidays back at them! Plainfield Police Department, Watchung and East Fourth, Plainfield.

 photo IMG_1417a_zpse35aa61a.jpg
By Friday morning ...

... I could finally walk down the sidewalk on East Third Street to the Plainfield Train Station. Sure, it looks clear in this shot. But, believe me, it was icy for the early part of the week!

 photo IMG_1416a_zpsfed8a70d.jpg
A tree divided by the light(s)

This shot was taken in the darkest hour before the dawn as I headed to the train station. With the mercury streetlamp on one side and the white U-Haul lot flood light on the other, it tells two tales of a tree. Roosevelt Avenue, Plainfield.

 photo IMG_1423a_zps6f823163.jpg
Red skies in the morning

Sailors take warning. The sun is about to rise over the Somerset Patriots (TD Bank) Ball Park in Bridgewater, NJ.

 photo IMG_1436a_zps6891f039.jpg
The sad snowman

I didn't see this until yesterday as I usually walk this route in the pitch dark of pre-dawn. I swear my attention was drawn to its Wicked Witch-esque screams, "I'm melting! I'm MELTING!" East Front Street, Plainfield, on Saturday morning.

 photo IMG_1403a_zpse876ca28.jpg
Once again

NO ONE is shoveling the North Avenue sidewalk in front of the Plainfield Train Station! Why is the city of Plainfield NOT SHOVELING THIS CITY SIDEWALK year after year? Trust me, if I try to get through there and fall on ice, I won't hesitate to contact a lawyer. This is dangerous, year after year. While I'm not always thrilled with NJ Transit's clearing of their walks at the station itself, this is a CITY sidewalk.

 photo IMG_1396a_zps28a165aa.jpg
Snow as I head home Tuesday

The snow started before I headed to work, took some time off during my work hours, then started up again as I headed home. This train is approaching the Bridgewater Train Station.

 photo IMG_1382a_zps2c0a6d9d.jpg
Snow as I arrive to work Tuesday

See, I told you. Note that Bridgewater has a low platform, thus making passengers climb into and out of the train. The Plainfield Train Station has a high (accessible) platform -- all you need do is "mind the gap." That platform is as high as the bottom of the bottom level windows on the train.

 photo IMG_1384a_zps0ec8361b.jpg
Tuesday morning

Outside the ball park in Bridgewater.

 photo IMG_1368a_zps544211be.jpg
All of this will be gone ...

... and this area isn't expected to have a white Christmas despite the early snows. Not to fear, I'm sure we haven't seen the last of the white stuff.

 photo IMG_1366a_zps83fec52d.jpg
Not the best manner of transportation

At least, not in the winter! Bikes parked at the Plainfield Train Station. I used the flash on this which tends to make white gobs in falling snow.

 photo IMG_1374a_zps9f2ea673.jpg
Let it snow, let it snow

The snow was coming down heavy at the Plainfield Train Station.

 photo IMG_1363a_zps64ec28b5.jpg
More berries in the snow

If I can't have sunflowers to shoot, I'll go seasonal with these! Bridgewater, NJ

 photo IMG_1360a_zps3077e36c.jpg
STS tower, Bridgewater Train Station

With the sunrise due in about ten minutes, it's the STS water tower as the shining star. STS is a tire manufacturer located just behind the Bridgewater Train Station.

 photo IMG_1381a_zps2d66bd6e.jpg
Train arriving in the snow

I'm not sure why this shot came out so dark, but I like it. Normally these shots of trains arriving in the dark at the Plainfield Train Station taken without a flash come out with a bright yellow from the lamps.

 photo IMG_1406a_zpse33f74ad.jpg
Busy resting


Palmaltas said...

Although you haven't felt well, your photos are fabulous. Really enjoyed them and I hope feel better soon.

David said...

Hope you get better soon. I know what sciatica feels like after smashing a disk in my back years ago. Mine went all the way down to my toes. The constant, never ending pain makes it very hard to sleep. Chiropratic manipulation helps. But because mine was a smashed disk it took laser surgery to take off the herniations on the disk to fix mine.

Great pictures as always. ;-)

David said...

We go from last Sunday where my DVR was working overtime, I can record 2 channels while watching a third, to this sunday where there is nothing, zip, nada, zilch on the TV. Looks like a good evening to catch up on some missed movies I seem to remember wanting to see. ;-)