Sunday, January 26, 2014

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - January 26, 2013

Yes, it's Sunday morning! You know what that means. It's time for my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken along the way. Yes, yes ... I know I've promised some television posts. I have a few underway in draft now. Expect one posted TONIGHT!

I returned to work this week after my self-imposed exile from the world trying to calm my sciatica. That did work to an extent. While it's not completely gone, it has lessened to the point that I'm not in total agony. That, of course, is a good thing. I've got enough of it left to every now and then really kick in to remind me of what sciatica can do, though. I slipped on some ice yesterday and managed to cripple myself up for a few hours. I didn't even fall! I must have twisted just right trying not to fall. Grr.

The big local news around here is the winter weather. It's been extremely cold and we've had more snow. Our previous snow cover was pretty much gone except for dirty clumps here and there and plowed piles of dirty snow. Well, now it's all white and pristine once again. I actually don't mind the cold so much as I know what to wear for it and my heat in the apartment works just fine.

It's the icy sidewalks that scare me. After Tuesday's big snowstorm (about ten inches), some folks didn't clear their sidewalks. Also, some folks did clear their walks down to dry pavement, but where their driveways are is a mess from cars driving over where the city plowed.

It snowed all day yesterday, but I think we only got a few inches. With temperatures not due to break the freezing point this week, it's not going to go anywhere soon. How long is it until spring?

The snowstorm came earlier than expected on Tuesday and I ended up getting caught in it. Oh, well. If nothing else, it was good photo fodder. That said, it would have been nice not to have to walk home from the train station in the wind and snow due to late buses and taxi issues.

I decided to give my Tuesday afternoon snow arrival at the Plainfield Train Station the black and white treatment for a few shots ...

 photo IMG_1659a_zps3abd5d90.jpg

 photo IMG_1657a_zpsf561fe3a.jpg

 photo IMG_1658a_zpsa9ae1021.jpg


 photo IMG_1618a_zps42d974a3.jpg
Strangers on a strange train

Due to the Superbowl and the fact that 80,000 people are expected to attend the game at a stadium with only 18,000 parking spaces, they're touting this as the first Mass Transit Superbowl. As a result, they've taken most of our Raritan Valley Line double-decker trains and given us the single level old ones. I've been getting old train in the morning, double-decker for the commute home.

 photo IMG_1630a_zps245f5e64.jpg
Retro train car

I've been riding NJ Transit long enough to be familiar with these trains. But, since they haven't been used on our line for a good four years or so, lots of folks are very confused. No, the middle door does NOT open at low platform station, guys! Walk all the way to the end of the car! Yes, they're l-o-n-g cars.

 photo IMG_1632a_zps33fd3f49.jpg
Yep, blast from the past

 photo IMG_1650a_zps7fe6f0e7.jpg
It must be SPRING! Yay!

This robin was out in the snowstorm on Tuesday. Silly robin. Bridgewater, NJ.

 photo IMG_1609a_zps43eb393f.jpg
Rip in the sky

A bit of the sunset shows between heavy layers of clouds at the Bridgewater Train Station.

 photo IMG_1655a_zpsf2a97692.jpg
Plow vs. Train

NJ Transit plow waiting for the train to pass at the Bridgewater Train Station.

 photo IMG_1656a_zpsaccea26c.jpg
Plainfield Train Station snow

 photo IMG_1663a_zps88b010b7.jpg

North and Watchung, Plainfield

 photo IMG_1665a_zpsdecda7d1.jpg
Snow in the city

 photo IMG_1666a_zpsaa02511f.jpg
Watchung and East Front

 photo IMG_1668a_zpsa79decf9.jpg
Texas Weiner Snow

Watchung Avenue, Plainfield.

 photo IMG_1682a_zps59bbf5d4.jpg

This is attached to my apartment building. I'm surprised there's been enough snow melting on the roof to do it.

 photo IMG_1714a_zpsad07c903.jpg
Berries in the snow

More and more berries are dying. I fear the winter is going to outlast the berries. Bridgewater, NJ.

 photo IMG_1693a_zpsf66430a5.jpg
They actually shoveled!

Usually this accessible walk to the platform at the Plainfield Train Station is a sheet of ice better used to practice the luge. But take notice of all the ice between the stairs and the street. Plus, there is no shoveled area to the street itself for cab drop-off or shuttle bus boarding. You have to climb over snow to board them.

 photo IMG_1686a_zps833743ee.jpg
As Plainfield awakens

I can't believe the amount of people riding bicycles on this stuff (note chained to pole bike). Before the dawn at the Plainfield Train Station.

 photo IMG_1702a_zps2a56d1a3.jpg
Here comes the train

And, man, it's cold out! Plainfield Train Station, early in the morning.

 photo IMG_1718a_zpsb7943f1e.jpg
What the ...?

I mentioned a few weeks ago that the stairs at the Bridgewater Train Station are crumbling. So, what does NJ Transit do? Plywood. Yeah, that's really going to last, right?

 photo IMG_1742a_zps87646ec1.jpg
Oh, much better

They nailed metal pieces on them. I wonder how long before they actually repair the stairs.

 photo IMG_1720a_zps352c641b.jpg
Afternoon snacking

The snow is/was full of squirrel tracks from tree to tree. They're definitely hardy little critters to keep going in these temperatures! Plainfield Train Station.

 photo IMG_1729a_zpsf63a017e.jpg
Solar panel fail

The snow is supposed to slide off, not stick and form icicles! Berckman Street, Plainfield.

 photo IMG_1728a_zpsf47f496d.jpg
Again with the monster snow guides!

Where did they get these snow guides? Siberia? Buffalo? Berckman Street, Plainfield.

 photo IMG_1735a_zps14b33f74.jpg
If it wasn't way over there

This little food truck has been setting up in the parking lot at the Bridgewater Train Station. I just noticed it this past week. There used to be clothes donation boxes there. The location isn't really good for business. He's in the farthest most desolate corner of the parking lot. If I walked over there to grab a coffee, I'd end up being late to work.

 photo IMG_1737_zps1b6f9b0d.jpg
Time and Temperature

The lighted billboard nearby the Bridgewater Train Station mocked me as I walked from the station to my workplace. Minus 6 at 7:03am. Grr. This was Friday morning.

 photo IMG_1673a_zps93ad7977.jpg
Vincent braving the elements

Poor kitty.


Palmaltas said...

At least the snow gave you plenty of photo opportunities, which I enjoyed looking at very much.

Jackie said...

Thank you, Birthday Girl! I'll be happier when my photo fodder is spring blooms, though!

Patty said...


I absolutely love your train station photos. I have admired them for years now.

For whatever reason, I always feel like the photos are telling me life on the train, it is life's journey.

Thanks for all the neat photos.