Thursday, February 13, 2014

Survivor: Cagayan just around the corner!

As we all know, three tribes will compete this season on Survivor: Cagayan -- Brains, Brawn, Beauty. I'm really not sure how keen I am on this concept. After all, a person CAN have all three qualities. In looking at the cast, some of the brawn have brains as well. Some of the beauty have brains and brawn. The qualities are overlapping all over the place! It doesn't look like they selected any dumb bunnies for the beauty or brawn tribes. Well, with the exception of Miss Flirty, maybe. Will the intellectuals suffer? Hmm.

Here's Jeff Probst's cast assessment --

It's definitely an interesting cast. What do you think? The show premieres Wednesday, February 26 at 8pm ET/PT.


Lorraine said...

Very interesting Jackie. I'll have to watch these again before I decide on my favorites.

Anonymous said...

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Merrilee and Brian said...

Please add Brian and Merrilee to the Survivor pool. Thanks,

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