Sunday, March 09, 2014

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - March 9, 2014

Good morning! It's Sunday morning, time for my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photos I've taken along the way. For you television fans, my The Amazing Race blog party post will be up at 8pm EDT tonight even if the show is delayed. Come by and join the party as we watch the show!

Well, another week of winter has come and gone. Thankfully we didn't have additional snow every few days like we have had for most of the winter. While it was quite cold with the exception of yesterday around here, the sun has been able to do its thing and get some of our snowpack down. What snow we do have still on the ground is very dirty. It needs to go away. This has been the winter of MY discontent for sure. Grr.

Huh. Daylight Savings Time is upon us. This is coming way too early these days! It means that I'll be heading to the early train in the dark of night once again when I just got used to daylight at that hour. I personally don't care that it's lighter later into the evening. I remember when I was a young child it really irked me that the daylight lasted beyond my bedtime. Then again, it doesn't seem that today's parents on the whole have assigned bedtimes for children. Sigh.

At least, unlike years ago, most of the clocks I depend upon change themselves. Only my battery clocks need to be manually adjusted. Cell phone, appliances, computer ... just like magic, they do it themselves. Now if my body and mind can get adjusted. I truly enjoy the "fall back" part of "spring forward, fall back." That goes without saying.

But I said it anyway.

 photo IMG_2220a_zpsf0303f59.jpg
They've thrived despite the cold

But, I bet they'll be thrilled when they can once again eat yummy worms! I still can't believe they came back to the area in mid-January of one of the harshest winters on record here. Bridgewater, NJ

 photo IMG_2178a_zps10825675.jpg
Plainfield Train Station

I wish they'd take better care of the lamps so that burnt-out bulbs wouldn't throw off my photos! I edited this shot to leave only the golden glow of the lamps in color, as well as the station track sign.

 photo IMG_2177a_zps0b239df8.jpg
Aw, I don't love you, winter!

On Monday, we were originally supposed to have another big snowstorm. They called that one wrong (thankfully) although bitter cold lasted most of the week. When I left my apartment, this heart in the dusting of snow greeted me. I deliberately walked on it to make my position clear! Get out of my life, Winter!


 photo IMG_2209a_zps154ab9ec.jpg
What's going on here?

Oh. Just Vincent rolling in catnip. Nothing to see here, folks. Move along.

 photo IMG_2188a_zps4e5c5c43.jpg
A yellow sunrise

Last week we had a reflected red sunrise, this week a yellow one. Next week it will be dark again when I do my morning commute. Danny's Bakery building, Watchung and North Avenues in Plainfield.

 photo IMG_2186a_zps664aa450.jpg
A cold sunrise

Plainfield Train Station

 photo IMG_2181a_zps3077d620.jpg
East Third Street

Looking up East Third from the Plainfield Train Station. Although some areas now sport no snow thanks more to the sun than any kind of heat, you can see how much the travel area of the street itself is still narrowed. We won't mention the potholes.

 photo IMG_2191a_zps5e0f3b86.jpg
Tuesday morning

The vehicles and trailers are all part of the Big Apple Circus entourage in Bridgewater near the train station. At least there was no wind that morning. Other mornings it was well into the teens or low twenties but the wind made it feel colder than Tuesday!

 photo IMG_2190a_zps0b0503a4.jpg
Yay! Wait, ew ...

An almost full multi-pack of Pez candy on the sidewalk by the Bridgewater Train Station. Yay! Now, I like Pez as much as the next person. But, wait ... it's apparently been sitting on that sidewalk for the three months I haven't been able to walk on it. Yep, buried under ice and snow there. Ew. No, thank you.

 photo IMG_2217a_zps0a83c591.jpg
Someone took the bait

On the next day all that remained were two separate packs of the Pez.

 photo IMG_2219a_zpse7c788ee.jpg
Yeah, I like "my" robins!

 photo IMG_2229a_zps2ce165a7.jpg
Foolish is as foolish does

Okay, buddy. It's 18 degrees out. It's not shorts weather. Hmm ... maybe he's running away to join the (Big Apple) Circus! Bridgewater Train Station. By the way ... that's the Pez sidewalk which is now at least partly walkable.

 photo IMG_2222a_zps79ef4985.jpg
And what am I doing in this handbasket?

I live to the right of the Shopping District, off in the grey mass. The map isn't really that accurate. Plainfield Train Station.

 photo IMG_2223a_zpsfd496df1.jpg
Another early morning

Again, you can see how much of the snow cover is gone this week ... in places, at least. I still walk through some areas surrounded by snow up to my knees. It depends on how much sunshine shines in particular areas. The snow mounds from plowing are still huge. On Berckman Street in Plainfield, one side of the street has practically no snow except for piles; the other side still has nearly a foot of snowpack.

 photo IMG_2231a_zpsb9be801d.jpg
Animal acts?

Geese have discovered grass nearby the Big Top for the Big Apple Circus. The tent is actually down a small hill. The snow piles there are a good six or seven feet high ... but the itsy field in front is all but snow-free.

 photo IMG_2233a_zps0ec613fe.jpg
AHEM, Plainfield Parking Bureau!

Okay, this is the guy in charge of parking regulations and issuing tickets to violators. Why is he parked heading the WRONG DIRECTION on North Avenue by the Plainfield Train Station. It seems to me that that's a much worse violation than failing to put money in the meter. Shame on him!

Onto the catnip party for one --

 photo IMG_2205a_zpsa653638b.jpg
His eyes are the same color

The flash on the camera did odd things to his pupils.

 photo IMG_2203a_zpsfb2d5d4e.jpg
Oh, Vincent, you silly cat!

I accidentally left Vincent's unmarked baggie of catnip out this week. Well, I leave it out all the time. However, I generally don't have people in here when I'm not here. This week, the monthly exterminator came in. Uh-oh. I put Vincent in the bedroom with a sign not to let him out and there are cat toys about.

The exterminator only does the bathroom and kitchen. (Mind you, I don't have bugs! But, it's a large apartment building, so they have a contract.) Vincent's latest catnip came in a baggie with a cardboard rip off label stapled to it. It probably looks very suspicious if you don't know it's catnip. Oops.

 photo IMG_2197a_zps8b2dcc48.jpg
Step One: Admit you have a problem


lynn1 said...

Great photos Jackie. I hope it warms up very soon. I'm looking forward to some Spring photos.

This is completely OT but I had to share it with you and your blog fans.
Last night my hubby, Al, and I were talking about the the missing Malaysian plane. I was saying how curious it was that that no debris had been spotted. Al said if in the search they find an uninhabited tropical island with a polar bear on it that he doesn't want to know about it.
I know there is nothing funny about the missing plane but his comment cracked me up.

Sharon N said...

Such great photos that it's hard to pick a favorite... though I particularly enjoyed seeing the train station lights and the Robins this time.

Jackie said...

Thank you for the kind comments on the photos! Lynn -- that plane's disappearance does seem almost as confusing as LOST.

Becky said...

Wonderful pictures, Jackie. All I can say is brrrrr! I just THOUGHT it was cold here!

Nickelpeed said...

I love your pictures Jackie

Patty said...


All the train station and train pictures capture my heart. Thank you for sharing you beautiful work.