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Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - April 13, 2014

I hope everyone is having a great Sunday morning! The weather here today is perfect -- dry, clear skies and an expected high around 70 degrees. Now, THAT is my kind of weather! Since it is Sunday morning, it's time for my off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken along the way.

Yet, I must mention a television bit first! Although I expect tonight's The Amazing Race show to be delayed due to the Master's Golf Tournament (whatever), I'll be posting the blog party post at 8pm EDT. If you watch the show, please come by and watch with us!

It finally turned spring here this past week. No winter temperatures, even the chill of the night time was no lower than the 40s. It's about time! The horrid winter this year wreaked havoc with my health. I can't believe a four-month bout with sciatica. Gah. My allergies are running rampant now. But that's a lot more bearable than sciatica and over the counter medicines actually can control it.

Spring fever seemed to affect co-workers with many calling out sick this past week. I really didn't feel well myself with the allergies and the lack of sleep caused by such. But I wasted too much of my paid time off this winter. So, I worked. And worked and worked. Sigh.

I'm not seeing the multitudes of snakes at the Bridgewater Train Station like I did when they first emerged, but there are still some hanging out. I shot a video hoping to catch the tongue flickering action. Being the curious person I am, I looked up why they do that. It turns out that garter snakes flick their red with black tips forked tongue as a sensor -- it picks up pheromones from other snakes, prey and food from the air. When they return their tongue to the mouth, they insert it in a Jacobson's organ (similar to what cats have) to "read" the results. Huh. Cool. Here I thought they flicked their tongues to look tough.

Here's the video -- no snakes or people were harmed in the filming --

 photo IMG_2556a_zpsa7850844.jpg
How's this pose?

Perfect, Mr. Squirrel. Hold that pose for a moment, please. Thank you. You're dismissed now. Plainfield Train Station.

 photo IMG_2564a_zpsbda24f58.jpg

Heck, this week's spring weather made me use excess exclamation marks, something I rarely do. I don't believe we dipped below freezing not a once this past week, even in the overnight hours. Woot! The daffodils are in bloom on Berckman Street in Plainfield.

 photo IMG_2604a_zpse92809dd.jpg
Yellow and white daffodils

Also on Berckman Street in Plainfield.


 photo IMG_2566a_zps6134a120.jpg
Love me some daffodils!

 photo IMG_2616a_zps9a07ef73.jpg
Dandelions reappeared, too

They're looking a bit funky, though. Bridgewater, NJ

 photo IMG_2537a_zps0e6a6023.jpg
Crocuses at the YWCA ...

... until some jerkface beheaded them all. East Front Street, Plainfield.

 photo IMG_2612a_zps5eb5792b.jpg
Brave starling hunter bird

Worms and other ground bugs are back. I took this shot at the Plainfield Train Station. Meanwhile, over in Bridgewater, the robins I photographed through the winter have abandoned the berries in the planters for more favored foods such as worms.

 photo IMG_2546a_zpsc3fd0b97.jpg
Is that an NJ Transit bus?

Why, yes. Yes, it is. The advertising has gotten so rampant with its shrinkwrapping the buses that you can't tell unless you can see the front of the bus or read the "fine print" legal stuff on the side. This one is touting online gambling, legal in New Jersey. Definitely not going to snag me as a customer! I limit my personal gambling to about $10 to $20 a YEAR on lottery tickets. Never gamble what you don't mind losing!

 photo IMG_2586a_zpsfea697e9.jpg
Another one

This one is advertising a Broadway show I doubt I'll ever go to see. The buses with this really extensive advertising are ones that go in and out of Port Authority in Manhattan. The in-state NJ buses tend to go for fitness center and college ads.

 photo IMG_2607a_zps5651e04a.jpg
Tiny terror

This little dog has been running around my neighborhood for about two weeks now. I know people who have tried to catch him, but it's impossible. Animal Control has to come out of Newark and won't come unless it's contained. I think the dog actually lives on the street in back of me, but they obviously don't take care of him.

He has a Napoleon Complex. If he sees a person, he runs at them wagging his tail acting all friendly-like. That is, until he gets about five feet away. Then he starts barking and baring his teeth while scruffing his back feet on the ground like he's some kind of bull in a bullfight. I don't trust that he wouldn't bite if you tried to walk towards him at that point.

If you turn and walk away from him, he runs after you barking like he's won the battle. I've also heard him barking at night. I fear he's going to get hit by a car although I've never seen him across the street. I really wish his owners would take care of him. He's not a likable little guy, but he needs to be IN a home, not wandering the neighborhood.

 photo IMG_2589a_zps14eeafa5.jpg
Well, I don't know about shorts

We had some rainy days this week and chilly mornings. While I did retire my lighter winter jacket, I indeed wore my spring jacket every day. Towards the end of the week it hit 70. Yay, spring! Plainfield Train Station.

 photo IMG_2558a_zpsf27b8a37.jpg
Yes, it's a train

I took this shot of an NJ Transit train on the overpass on Watchung Avenue this week. I edited it to give it more of an illusion of a cartoon or drawing.

 photo IMG_2576a_zps6abf4ee6.jpg
It's my little buddy!

I'll name him George and hug him and squeeze him! Er, maybe not. I've started calling the snake I see most often at the Bridgewater Train Station "Gardie." He has a whitish spot atop his head, so I know it's him.

 photo IMG_2595a_zpsa0ccecfd.jpg
Well-hidden snake

Gardie hides just as well as Vincent does when his tail is sticking out of under the couch! Nope, I don't see a snake. Do you see a snake?

 photo IMG_2544a_zpse465bde0.jpg
Obscured sunrise

Yep, behind the solar panels, wires and trees, there is a sunrise going on. Taken at the Bridgewater Train Station.

 photo IMG_2541a_zpsd11b1937.jpg
Little fluffy pinks and grays

The sunrise is now shortly after I leave my apartment to walk to the train station on my early days. This was the only morning this past week with a bit of whimsy to the sunrise -- the other mornings were overcast or super clear. Church Street, Plainfield.

 photo IMG_2622a_zpsaf26f3f2.jpg
Pick me up, carry me around

This is the look Vincent gets when he wants me to carry him around. No, he's not spoiled. Nope, not at all.

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lynn1 said...

Jackie, enjoyed all you pictures this week. Especially loved the video of Gardie and actually being able to see his red black tipped tongue. Great work!