Sunday, April 27, 2014

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - April 27, 2014

Good morning! It's Sunday. You know what that means. Welcome to my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken along the way. Later on tonight, I'll be posting The Amazing Race blog party. If you watch the show, come watch with us!

This past week? Let's see ...

It was definitely one of the better ones as of late. The severe cold or whatever it was I had finally stopped. I only had a four-day work week as I had requested a vacation day for Saturday due to expected train issues. And, on Friday morning, a local taxi driver saw me walking and gave me a free ride to the train station as he was heading to his office and I'm a "nice lady." He was one of the regular drivers I used over the winter when the sidewalks were so dangerous. That made my day!

I'm sure many of you will be upset to hear I have no snake photos again this week. Apparently the location at the Bridgewater Train Station might have been some kind of birthing den and they've moved on. It wasn't a good place for the garter snakes anyway -- too close to people. It was good for me as I got to take photos of them. But they need to be away from people.

Our weather here still isn't really "normal." Some of the flowering trees, such as the magnolias, have suffered from the overnight freezes. The gingko trees are just starting to develop leaves. I looked at photos I took in previous years and, every year, things were in full bloom by now with all the leaves on the trees.

Onto the photos for the week -- clicking on an image will lead you to a Photobucket page of the shot, clicking on the magnifying glass at the bottom right of the photo will make it larger. You can make it larger twice. To return to the blog, just close out the Photobucket window.

 photo IMG_2852a_zps206508db.jpg

Welcome to the middle of town, that is. This new electronic sign has been erected on the grounds of Plainfield's Municipal Court and Police Department. I think they were testing it as I watched. It rotated between this welcome and advertisements for the sign company. Then it went into the temperature in blue, jumping randomly from 69 to 73 degrees. Then my bus came. Corner of Watchung Avenue and Court Place.

 photo IMG_2793a_zpse3938557.jpg
Even more welcoming

Church Street (Plainfield) in the sunrise hour of a spring morning.

 photo IMG_2778a_zps34325409.jpg
Also quite welcoming

Tulips in a planter on a porch on Berckman Street in Plainfield. I showed the other planter last week.


 photo IMG_2863a_zpsee2fd31d.jpg
Dream if you can a courtyard ...

... an ocean of violets in bloom.

 photo IMG_2777a_zpsa074c3d8.jpg
Animals strike curious poses

(My apologies to Prince for that. I just can't look at violets in bloom without thinking of 'When Doves Cry.')

 photo IMG_2776a_zps9a019331.jpg
As I sneaked up on the squirrel

Just before his curious pose. The squirrel was at the Plainfield Train Station, the violet on Berckman Street.

 photo IMG_2742a_zpse6729a39.jpg
Not to be confused with violets

This is a periwinkle bloom also growing on Berckman Street.

 photo IMG_2735a_zps81ab1ee7.jpg
I have no idea

 photo IMG_2857a_zps2a39d1e6.jpg
But they're very cool

Also on Berckman Street

 photo IMG_2855a_zps4eca9d13.jpg
Growing wild

 photo IMG_2721a_zps4655dbf3.jpg
Bridgewater Train Station tree

Monday shot.

 photo IMG_2830a_zpsccaf6935.jpg
Then on Friday

 photo IMG_2757a_zps3881cb08.jpg
Sad magnolia season

Several nights of freezing temperatures seem to have affected the normally gorgeous and full magnolia tree in the 'hood this year. The blossoms never went to their full glory and many turned brown quickly. East Front Street, Plainfield.

 photo IMG_2738a_zpsd2cd6991.jpg
The tulips survived

All of these tulip shots were taken on Berckman Street.

 photo IMG_2780a_zpsdac6a028.jpg

 photo IMG_2740a_zps15605811.jpg

 photo IMG_2723a_zps346c3571.jpg
What's spring without bugs and weeds?

 photo IMG_2717a_zpsad603518.jpg
I found a snail-less snail shell

So I placed it on the stairs railing at the Bridgewater Train Station.

 photo IMG_2720a_zps0375e718.jpg
Then I put it on the concrete ...

... by the stairs. I should have cleaned it off, but I had nothing to do that with on me.

 photo IMG_2705a_zpsa9690d8b.jpg
My morning walk

The sun rises just about when I leave my apartment for my walk to the train station on my early workdays. By the time I'm about six blocks away the sun is hitting some buildings, but others obscure its rays. This is on East Second Street in Plainfield by Union County College with the main Post Office directly ahead of me.

 photo IMG_2707a_zpsf8f85dac.jpg
Head west, young lady

Okay, so I'm not that young. The moon is ahead of me, the sunrise once again kissing the treetops on Church Street in Plainfield.

 photo IMG_2710a_zps1da2da28.jpg
Petals are shedding, leaves arriving

 photo IMG_2709a_zpsd0c25454.jpg

 photo IMG_2734a_zps29944dfa.jpg
They're also on East Second Street

 photo IMG_2725a_zpsbc488c2c.jpg
The poison ivy is awakening

This is at the Bridgewater Train Station. Those are poison ivy vines in the background. They chop it every year, but it's not going anywhere. There's one vine along the ground which is as big around as my upper arm.

 photo IMG_2804a_zps9616df49.jpg
Plainfield Train Station

As seen from East Third Street in the sunrise hour.

 photo IMG_2815a_zps8e420ed7.jpg
Why I took Saturday off

I heard this was coming and put in for a vacation day. I have no desire to deal with whacko bus/train delays.

 photo IMG_2810a_zps677661ba.jpg
Soon to be huge pink blossoms

Plainfield Train Station. Usually by this time, these are in the stage of passing with pink petals littering the lawn and walks. They just started budding this week this year due to the cold spring.

 photo IMG_2761a_zps1331b22a.jpg
Can I be in your blog?

A robin on my front (patch of) lawn.

 photo IMG_2770a_zpsbf9081c5.jpg
Me, too. I'll pose pretty!

A pigeon at the Bridgewater Train Station.

 photo IMG_2821a_zpseadba9b4.jpg

In front of a building being rehabbed on North Avenue in Plainfield.

 photo IMG_2807a_zps1ce32c82.jpg
Am I the only one who sees this?

Mark my words ... this building by the Bound Brook Train Station is slowly collapsing. Now the window frame has popped out due to the shifting. Part of the roof is gone. The chimney is leaning. The very obvious HUGE structural cracks are even more evident. While no one lives in it, people do park their cars next to it. I wouldn't.

 photo IMG_2806a_zpscd639816.jpg
Um. Yeah. Sure.

I saw this sticker on a shopping cart and couldn't resist shooting it.

 photo IMG_2760a_zps21452e79.jpg
If a vampire gums you ...

... let him know he left his fangs on East Front Street in Plainfield.

 photo IMG_2732a_zpse4cb6d15.jpg
New Jersey's "sexy accent"

Hmm ... I have no clue what disco fries are, the Jersey Shore Beer Fest sounds good, and New Jersey's sexy accent? Thankfully, very few people in New Jersey have that stereotypical accent you hear on TV shows and in movies. This is an advertisement for on the side of an NJ Transit bus.

 photo IMG_2790a_zps52ee8200.jpg
What's going on here, Vincent?

Yes, I'm an enabler.


Palmaltas said...

Wow! Fantastic photos this week, Jackie.

Jackie said...

Thank you, Pat!

Anonymous said...

Disco fries are what we call now a "heart attack on a plate" but was usually a staple of mine after the bars closed and we hit the diner. It's a plate of fries smothered in melted cheese and brown gravy. Any true diner in NJ worth its salt makes them, along with a "happy waitress."
I don't comment often but I always check out your pictures of my old stomping grounds. Thanks Jackie!

Anonymous said...

The cool purple flowers are grape hyacinths a welcome sign of spring. Thanks for all the lovely floral shots this week.

Jackie said...

Neat. I learned what disco fries are and will surely abstain. Plus, I learned that the grape-like bunches flowers I see every spring are grape hyacinths!

Thank you!