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Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - April 6, 2014

Good morning, folks! Rise and shine! Up and at 'em! It's Sunday morning. You know what that means ... it's time for my weekly off television topic post reflecting on the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken along the way.

Remember -- The Amazing Race will NOT air tonight! Instead, there's a country music award show.

In other news:
This week was a bit springish at times. I've had to rotate between my lightweight spring jacket and my least winter jacket. We had a lot of rain. We had some sunshine. On the really beautiful spring days with the sunshine, it was so windy that it felt cold. So far our April showers seemed more like November showers -- cold and unforgiving.

Today is supposed to be nice. We'll see about that!

It was another week of work, home, eat, sleep and spend a lot of time being a sofa for a certain cat. The weather must have been a real aggravating trigger for the sciatica problems as I've only had a few occasional twinges as the temperatures have finally gotten above freezing on a daily basis. Mind you, the evenings still dip way down.

I heard my downstairs neighbor was burglarized once again this week while he was away. I think this makes the third, possibly the fourth, time. I tried to tell him it has to be people he knows. He's allowed riff-raff friends in his place over the years. They know when he's gone as his car is gone. I don't believe he ever learned that you're not only known by the company you keep, but that riff-raff has no loyalty. The old upstairs neighbor was the same -- he let his street-ish drinking buddies in and, next thing you know, he ended up burglarized one day.

Without a car, no one knows if I'm home or not. Well, unless I have the stereo on. I also have a habit of not responding to knocking on the door when I am indeed home. If I'm in my pajamas or it's evening and I'm not expecting people, I don't answer the door. If I haven't buzzed someone into the building, they shouldn't be knocking! Any friends I have had over are certainly not of the street or burglar ilk. Most of them are the sort I would trust with the key to my apartment. So, I have no real fears of burglaries here. I'll admit I do keep the window that leads to my fire escape locked when I'm not home. That's just common sense.

While I know that more "innocent" burglaries happen, I can't help but wonder when a person is repeatedly targeted. It has to be the company they keep. I also don't allow Vincent to hang out with cat burglars! (Heehee)

Oh, well ... onto this week's photos. If you click on an image it will open up in a Photobucket page. Clicking on the magnifying glass at the bottom of the photo will make it larger. Then there's one more magnifying glass you can click on to make it even larger. To return to the blog, just close out the Photobucket window.

 photo IMG_2535a_zps19e41bab.jpg
Dusk at the Plainfield Train Station

With the days getting longer, it was dusk when I arrived home from work yesterday. It would certainly be nice if they fixed all the burnt out lamps there. But they have worse things they're not fixing or, at least, not timely fixing.

 photo IMG_2479a_zpsab95b4e8.jpg
Let sunning snakes lie

The garter snakes at the Bridgewater Train Station continue to catch my interest (as you'll see later in this post). What cool and intriguing critters they are! I've tried to catch one for a closer photo shoot. However, they've been much too quick for me. I really must be getting old. When I was a child, I could catch garter snakes with ease.

 photo IMG_2518a_zps9e830c95.jpg
Look! Spring is finally HERE!

Of course, it felt like I needed my winter jacket coming home from work last night and I don't think the high on Friday got above 42 degrees. But, it seems the snow and real winter is finally behind us. I took this shot on Berckman Street in Plainfield.


 photo IMG_2519a_zpsfbef25fd.jpg
Future blooms

Daffodils are just about ready to bloom along Berckman Avenue in Plainfield. I noticed the ones by the house there are already in bloom. But I don't want to be a creeper creepy person right outside their windows!

 photo IMG_2525a_zpse86f0c3e.jpg
Crocuses about to bloom

I took this one at the Plainfield YWCA on East Front Street.

 photo IMG_2494a_zps6c33bea6.jpg
It's almost daylight!

This past week on my early morning commutes, it was just about sunrise as I got to the Plainfield Train Station. It's still pretty darn dark when I leave my apartment, though. Fifteen minutes means a lot at that hour of the day!

 photo IMG_2498a_zps8b2c2e3f.jpg
Not as pretty as last week

Plainfield Train Station near sunrise time.

 photo IMG_2473a_zps6d87e07a.jpg
Also similar to last week

The sunrise is shining under the 287 overpass and lighting up the rails. Bridgewater Train Station.

 photo IMG_2532a_zps5b7e33c1.jpg
Saturday evening

My chauffeur is arriving at the Bridgewater Train Station a bit after sunset.

Onto the SNAKES! --

 photo IMG_2475a_zps8243d585.jpg
Is he sneaky snakying up on me?

Nah. He (she?) was just frozen in fear of me for a moment before zooming away. Garter snakes will always slither away from a person, not towards one! I think this one recently shed his skin as there's a patch of loose skin on his last curve there. Or, perhaps he's starting to shed his skin. I've seen many snakes the past two weeks, but no snake skins.

 photo IMG_2486a_zps39dfedec.jpg
He's kind of cute ...

... in a reptilian way, of course.

 photo IMG_2503a_zpsb785a140.jpg
'Selfie' in the eye of a snake

I caught my own reflection in the eye of the snake in this shot. He ducked down his/their hole and was watching me. Probably hoping I'd go away, I would think.

 photo IMG_2493a_zps7659bb39.jpg
Is she gone yet?

Three snakes peek out of the hole, hoping I would leave soon.

 photo IMG_2505a_zps4890daa0.jpg
Nope. She's still there.

 photo IMG_2516a_zps22019e0d.jpg
Cool car sighting

I spotted this cool car at the East Fourth Street/Watchung Avenue intersection in Plainfield. I'd like one in blue, please.

 photo IMG_2528a_zps8cc2cc73.jpg
New sign?

Perhaps it's been there for a while, but I just noticed the new lighted sign at the Plainfield Center for Islamic Enlightenment this past week. They've been located there for several years now. I don't believe I've ever seen a woman walk through the front door -- they seem to use the back door. True to form, this woman came from the back and walked by the front door.

 photo IMG_2291a_zps50342c37.jpg
Vincent, Vincent, Vincent

Vincent drowns his sorrows in catnip once again. Of course, I think his only real sorrow is that I can't be home with him 24/7. Poor kitty!

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