Sunday, May 11, 2014

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day to all!

Since it's also Sunday, it's time for my weekly off television topic look back on the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken along the way. Later on tonight, I'll post The Amazing Race blog party -- that show's getting down to the wire with the finale next week. Stop on by if you watch the show!

This week? Hmm ... it rained, it had lots of fog, the temperatures were nice and springlike until mugginess (and more storms) hit yesterday. Thankfully, we didn't have any horrific storms like the Midwest did.

Huh. I really can't think of anything noteworthy to discuss this week. I worked. I ate. I slept. I gave a certain cat a lot of attention. My neighbors and I decided that we need to go to the landlord to complain about the overcrowding in one particular apartment in our hallway. It's a one-bedroom with four children and three adults. Those are "at least" figures. They've started sending the kids out to the hallway to scream, play, ride bikes, shoot rubber pellet guns, play ball and more. Sorry, Charlie. That's not going to fly here. The lease says no loitering in the common areas. One of the women always looks incredulous at us when we tell the kids not to play in the hallway. It's time the landlord dealt with the overcrowding in the apartment and the people there found something more suitable. The noise the children make is akin to having them stand outside your closed bedroom door and screaming.

Oh, well ... onto the photos from the week ...

 photo IMG_3067a_zps96567ddd.jpg
Azaleas in bloom

Although, for the most part, the red and white azaleas haven't blossomed yet, the pink and light purple ones came to life this past week in Bridgewater.

 photo IMG_3113a_zps6718490e.jpg
Undivided attention

Er, okay ... divided non-attention. This bird couple has a nest under the bridge at the Bridgewater Train Station. Bringing materials for the nest, they tend to sit on the wire before swooping down to their home. It's quite an eclectic bunch down there -- grackles, starlings, pigeons and even a squirrel family.

 photo IMG_3059a_zps53b6051d.jpg
Spring is coloring the trees

Although, I'm very disappointed with spring this year. First, it didn't come anywhere near on schedule. Second, the trees are blooming late yet the time span of the blooms seems to be very short. It's like the season is trying to catch up on lost time. The trees aren't as full and the blossoms aren't lasting long at all. This shot is a scene in front of Richmond Towers on East Front Street in Plainfield.


 photo IMG_3155a_zps40892be6.jpg
Love the teensy blue flowers!

Growing in the grass in Bridgewater, but not even as tall as the grass.

 photo IMG_3156a_zps48df69f9.jpg
Here's a lowdown side view

 photo IMG_3145a_zps4a7c21e3.jpg
Then there's the white flowers

These are larger than the blue ones, but also seem to be some kind of wildflower or perhaps weed. Berckman Street, Plainfield.

 photo IMG_3146a_zps397b6ed3.jpg
Up close

 photo IMG_3130a_zpsea0633d8.jpg
Foggy spring morning

I took this shot on Church Street in Plainfield, looking across the cemetery at the back of the Friends (Quaker) Meeting House.

 photo IMG_3129a_zpsc83207eb.jpg
Yes, foggy foggy

On my way to the train station early one morning this past week. Corner of Church and East Second streets in Plainfield.

 photo IMG_3091a_zps4bc49a70.jpg
Will the sun come out tomorrow?

Plainfield Train Station.

 photo IMG_3134a_zpsc16e30e2.jpg
An engineering masterpiece

Blow away, dandelion! Yeah, it's but a weed. But, think about it -- it's one of nature's little miracles in action. It goes from brilliant yellow petals to these spores. Then the spores take hold and new life begins.

 photo IMG_3106a_zpsb8d40577.jpg
Yet another weed

 photo IMG_3139a_zps425b139e.jpg
Two days later

 photo IMG_3124a_zps7969864b.jpg
Hey, Mr. Squirrel!

Throughout town there are these large boxes attached low to some power poles. I think they're some sort of FIOS hubs. I was walking by this one at the corner of East Front and Richmond and found my little buddy here. The foggy morning made the perfect backdrop for the photo.

 photo IMG_3109a_zps6b25b138.jpg
Then there's the poison ivy

Already some of the leaves are as big as my hand. Bridgewater Train Station.

 photo IMG_3074a_zpsab747d7d.jpg
And others are new and colorful

 photo IMG_3073a_zps2ada6423.jpg
Leaflets three, let it be

Well, take pictures of it!

 photo IMG_3104a_zps55af5a18.jpg
Dandelion of the week

I've decided I'm going to post a dandelion each week. Each one is different and, they're definitely easy to find!

 photo IMG_3061a_zpsbd4005d4.jpg
Another tree blooms

Although the white apple tree blossoms have gone by, the dogwood is now in bloom. Friends (Quakers) Meeting House Cemetery, corner of Church and East Third streets, Plainfield.

 photo IMG_3069a_zps7c4ea37a.jpg
More white blossoms

I'm not sure what these are.

 photo IMG_3071a_zpsadb4d6a2.jpg
The big pink blossoms aren't lasting

I took this shot at the Bridgewater Train Station, but the same trees grow at the Plainfield Train Station. And they're going quickly. On Saturday as I waited for the train in Plainfield, there were four very young children and their mother. The kids were shaking a small tree of the pink blossoms letting the petals rain down while shouting, "Happy Mother's Day!" Their mom was taking photos and all five were covered with pink petals. I found it interesting that they all spoke in Spanish until the kids called out "Happy Mother's Day." Now, there's MUST be a phrase for that in Spanish! I wonder if, in the distant future, popular languages will meld into something totally new and a mix.

 photo IMG_3100a_zps0681c4f0.jpg
One bold white bloom

Out of the dozen white azalea bushes nearby the Bridgewater Train Station (at the ball park), only one single bloom was evident all week. It must be the advance patrol.

 photo IMG_3095a_zps98eb7223.jpg
Yes, lots of rain this week

But not flooding rains like last week! Bridgewater Train Station or, more precisely, alongside the front of the TD Ball Park (Somerset Patriots).

 photo IMG_3161a_zpsaf2796c2.jpg
So pretty!

 photo IMG_3005a_zps00efdff9.jpg
Vincent, smile for the camera!

No, Vincent. You can't be on strike until you get cat treats. What a spoiled cat you are!


rschnoop said...

The two pictures of the small plant you think is a weed... Watch those blossoms change as they look like wild strawberry plants...

Palmaltas said...

The noisy neighbors sound like a nightmare. I do hope your landlord takes care of the problem. Love the photos. Our spring was late also and our azalea blossoms didn't last long at all.

David said...

I do wish spring would take hold here. We are still having a mega battle of wills over who will rule until summer, winter or spring. Spring tempuratures during the day but winter still rules at night. 70 for the high today but getting down to 28 tonight. The tree's here and all plants are having a really hard time with it.

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day everyone!!

Here in Colorado, all our trees and shrubs 'were' getting so green, and the lilacs are in full bloom ... until today. Denver is buried in SNOW and it's starting to come down in our area now too. :(
On the bright side, it's supposed to be over by noon tomorrow and in the 70's again by Thursday!!


~~Silk said...

The "up close" photo- that's a beautiful blossom! I've never seen anything like those before.

None of them are strawberries, wild or otherwise. The leaves aren't right, and strawberry blossoms look a lot like miniature wild rose or apple blossoms (they're in the same family).

Yeah, it's like the flowering trees are saying, "Ok, you want blossoms? Here's some. Now go away while I catch up on my leaves." I suspect fruit harvests will be scant this year. Could be a problem for birds.

olddoc said...

Jackie, popular language and the so call official language always tend no merge. It is part of speech evolution which may result in local patois but in time certain phrases will become part of accepted speech. Our brand of english is a great example.