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Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - May 4, 2014

Good morning! Since it is indeed Sunday morning, it's time for my weekly off television topic look back on the week gone by in both words and photos I've taken along the way. Later on tonight, I'll be posting The Amazing Race blog party. If you watch the show, come by and watch with us!

I'm SO photo-heavy this week that I'm going to abbreviate my chatter. Here's a quick lowdown:
  • It's finally looking like spring here. YAY!
  • Then we had almost two days of steady to heavy rain -- almost six inches. That resulted in floods in the usual spots. I took this video Thursday afternoon going through the Bound Brook/Middlesex area. Ironically, it's the flooded flood protection project.

  • Thankfully, the worst of the rain was on my day off and I didn't have to go out in it.
  • I managed to tip over my rolling office chair at work and fall. I'm a bit sore, but okay. I can't say the same for my office wall. Oops. It now has a big hole in it. Oops.
  • May the Fourth be with you!
Onto the photos! Clicking on an image will open it in a new window. There's a magnifying glass on the bottom right of the image. You can make it larger twice. Then stop, because that's all you can do! Just close that new window to return to the blog.

 photo IMG_2888a_zps6f087b8b.jpg
Church Street, Plainfield

I know I had a similar shot last week. But I so love the look of Church Street in the spring just after sunrise! I took this photo Monday morning. Most of the blossoms are gone now. Wah.

 photo IMG_2874a_zpsba3c9222.jpg
Scotch Plains

Last Sunday I went to nearby Scotch Plains, a town or so over -- Fanwood makes that a bit confusing! They too had white blossoms lining their streets.

 photo IMG_2988a_zps6d819199.jpg
What's going on here?

Looky, looky! It's a baby squirrel there! For the whole story, read on!


 photo IMG_2990aa_zps0018ddc0.jpg
I saw a squirrel ...

... climbing down the side of the overpass at the Bridgewater Train Station. I thought it was an odd way to cross the road.

 photo IMG_2985a_zpsecd906fc.jpg
Now, what's going on?

Underneath there many birds have their nests and eggs, hidden from view behind the lamps and odd wooden bits. In another few weeks, it will be a cacophony of baby birds crying for food. Is the squirrel going to invade the nests?

 photo IMG_2983a_zps3d07bb52.jpg
First, some primping

 photo IMG_2980a_zpsbe624535.jpg
It's a BABY!

Perhaps more than one, but I just saw the one. It's too young to scale the wall like Mom.

 photo IMG_2989a_zps69e1cd3d.jpg
You saw nothing!

It's almost like the parent was threatening me not to tell the whereabouts of the family.

 photo IMG_2878a_zps6ecf1f08.jpg
Azaleas were blooming in Scotch Plains

Now a week later, I'm still seeing only buds on the ones in both Plainfield and Bridgewater.

 photo IMG_2883a_zps25f2c89c.jpg
A bed of periwinkle

The azaleas in Scotch Plains have a bed of periwinkle around them.

 photo IMG_3042a_zpsfe7d2d8c.jpg
Almost hidden Plainfield periwinkle

East Front Street in the business district, growing quietly under a hedge at the last actual house for several blocks.

 photo IMG_3049a_zps060d2b30.jpg
Underfoot and so adorable

 photo IMG_3058a_zpsf320326e.jpg
Weeds, yes. Still cool, I say.

 photo IMG_2934a_zps75bd88d3.jpg
Love the violets!

 photo IMG_2927a_zpsc77ef749.jpg
Growing rampant

On a lawn on Berckman Street in Plainfield. This was early in the week.

 photo IMG_3001a_zpsbb850321.jpg
Same place, Friday afternoon

Rampant, for sure!

The poison ivy in Bridgewater awakens ...

 photo IMG_3030a_zpsc3fb0dbb.jpg
Leaflets three, let it be

 photo IMG_2919a_zpsb4f16567.jpg
The Godzilla of poison ivy vines

I misjudged the size of this when I mentioned it last week. This huge hairy mainline poison ivy vine at the Bridgewater Train Station is nearly a foot across. If they ever make a poison ivy horror movie, they could use this!

 photo IMG_2913a_zpsc2b4d48f.jpg
I'm not allergic. Yay.

Not that I'm going to test the lack of being allergic to it on purpose, though!

 photo IMG_2895a_zps68483aa3.jpg
Pretty poison

 photo IMG_2969a_zps7fd5111e.jpg
In a planter in the rain

There's a big built-in planter in front of a building on Roosevelt Avenue in Plainfield. I walked by there on my way to the train Thursday morning in the aftermath of our flooding rains. Since it was so overcast, I had to use my flash for the shot.

 photo IMG_2962a_zps3e5e208c.jpg
Another clump of them

 photo IMG_2978a_zps249ce1c8.jpg
Just bushes in the rain

 photo IMG_2967a_zps119033c4.jpg
An odd rose of some type

These are in the same planter as the flowers above. It's more swirly and fewer petals than a normal rose. But I do think it's a rose nonetheless.

 photo IMG_2972a_zps1a8f347f.jpg
This one looks more "rosey"

 photo IMG_2957a_zps4a60fd1d.jpg
Rain-drenched tulips

At the house on the corner of East Front and Richmond Streets in Plainfield. Thursday morning after the rain came down ... and down ... and down.

 photo IMG_3041a_zps13d691a7.jpg
In the sunshine

Same tulips, different day. This is how they looked Saturday when I went by them.

 photo IMG_2929a_zps03709993.jpg
On Berckman Street

Plainfield, of course.

 photo IMG_2932a_zpsb9ad840c.jpg
Berckman Street tulip

Up close and personal.

 photo IMG_2886a_zpse4680456.jpg
Delayed spring in the 'hood

I took this shot early in the week. While it's a bit more leafy today, it's still way behind the usual spring. East Front Street, Plainfield.

 photo IMG_2871a_zpsc86097cd.jpg
The sad magnolia tree

The magnolia tree in my neighborhood never reached its glory this year because of the weather. Wah. And, now it's over until next spring. East Front Street, Plainfield.

The pink, red and white tree is blossoming!

This tree is at the Bridgewater Train Station. Nope, I have no clue what it is. But it's sure pretty this time of year.

 photo IMG_2899a_zps1d823a04.jpg

 photo IMG_2904a_zpsa9fc97ca.jpg

 photo IMG_3054a_zps99f3a592.jpg

This last shot (above) isn't really THE tree. Apparently a seed from the tree got growing in the adjacent field.

 photo IMG_2908a_zps3cce7667.jpg
Beautiful in its own way

Yeah, it's weed. But I think dandelions have their own beauty.

The big pink blossom trees are blooming!

Most of these shots were taken at the Plainfield Train Station with one shot taken at the big pink blossom tree in my own neighborhood. No, I don't know what kind of trees they are. But, yes, they have big pink blossoms. Normally the blossoms have already passed by now. But we're running two to three weeks behind due to our extended winter weather this year.

 photo IMG_2944a_zps473801dd.jpg

 photo IMG_3045a_zps59c9ee68.jpg

 photo IMG_2941a_zps83441371.jpg

 photo IMG_3016a_zps23a735f4.jpg

 photo IMG_3021a_zpsaf93a58a.jpg

 photo IMG_3022a_zpsb06de4e3.jpg

 photo IMG_3023a_zpsb1757c27.jpg
Plainfield Train Station

This shot, not long after sunrise, came out a bit odd. But there's something about it I liked.

 photo IMG_3038a_zpsc9331361.jpg
Romond's Garage no more

With the exception of four first floor walls, the old Romond's Garage on East Second Street in Plainfield is just about gone now. If memory serves, apartments and retail space are going up in its place. I don't know. Although extremely close to the train station, that neighborhood would have to change a lot for me to ever live there. It's not like they're going to be charging cheap rents, either.

 photo IMG_3039a_zps07dea056.jpg
Break on through to the other side

 photo IMG_2890a_zpsd41f1a59.jpg
Green is taking over

The apple blossoms on Church Street in Plainfield are almost all gone now, leaving behind their petals in the gutters.

 photo IMG_3003a_zps06a57f4c.jpg
Vincent is sulking

Vincent knew I was getting ready to go to work. So he flung himself on the floor and sulked. I told him I need to work to support his lavish cat lifestyle of never-ending cat treats, catnip, toys, food. He's not accepting that. He wants me to call my boss to quit and spend quality time with him

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~~Silk said...

When Momma squirrels have babies they are nursing, they need a lot of calcium, more than they get from their usual diet. In the wild they'll gnaw bones, but when bones are hard to find (like in towns) they'll eat newly hatched baby birds and the bits of shell. True. Icky, but true. Deer and many other animals will eat spring chicks, too.