Sunday, June 15, 2014

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day to everyone out there! My own father passed away young, decades ago. Yet I think of him almost every day.

Since it is Sunday, it's time for my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photos I've taken along the way. By the end of this week, all the quietness on the blog will go kerflooey as my coverage of the Big Brother live feeds and shows commence. I'll still post this weekly off topic post, but there will be multiple daily content spoilers and such for the show. It's our summer guilty pleasure! Also, Under the Dome and Falling Skies return!

The weather here this past week was similar to the week before -- rain during the weekdays, nice weekends. You would think, with all the technology in the world, instead of spending money on wars, mankind could focus its attention on doing things like harnessing the weather -- redirecting rainfall to areas of drought and such. I'm sure the money spent by all nations for wars could handle that, as well as research into cures for diseases. But, nah. Mankind would rather just kill each other off, I guess.

I realized this past week that I've apparently become allergic to mosquito bites. To those who saw the photo of a bite I posted on Facebook, the bite is okay. Yeah, still obvious and all, but no longer inflamed. If a mosquito bites me on the nose, I'm going to have to hide from all society.

I don't have much more for you right now. Look for BB posts and announcements by the end of the week! If you click on any of the photos, you'll be brought to that image on my Photobucket page. You can make the image larger and really larger from there. Have a great week!

 photo IMG_3953a_zps2d62ff08.jpg
My train arrives

Yes, it's MY train. I'm getting tired of all the strangers and tourists aboard. How dare TD Ball Park in Bridgewater have a Saturday daytime game coinciding with my work commute! Is there a reason that parents and children don't understand that the phrase "inside voice" applies to train travel? Sheesh. I'm seriously frightened that the large percentage of children these days who are never taught how to behave in public places are going to make it an even more ill-mannered society in the future. Sure, children will be children. However, if parents don't address unacceptable behavior at a young age, the kids aren't going to listen to them at all later on. On the other hand, I compliment both child and parent whenever I see good manners and well-behaved children. It makes both the child and parent feel good!                                                      

 photo IMG_3937a_zps89050bfe.jpg
Approaching storm

I thought Friday's storm was going to miss us as I straddled the line between storm and sun. It was hot and humid with the air so thick that breathing didn't really come easy. To the north and west, dark clouds made the skies look like night was coming. To the south and east, the sun was shining brightly. On the new electronic sign by Plainfield's Municipal Court, the temperature hit over 100 degrees. Of course, the temperature is still whacked on that -- it's still over ten degrees off. It wasn't THAT hot. It was only in the high eighties with severe humidity. The storm hit hard about ten minutes after I got in the door at home. Lightning, thunder, wind and hail. Oh my.

 photo IMG_3914a_zpsbf14af45.jpg
Coming up next!

After the jump (if you're reading from the main blog page, not the individual post link), you'll find this week's flowers slideshow.

Once again, the flower slideshow includes some blossoming weeds and, this time, even a dandelion gone to spore. The flowers are in "the wild," in planters, on lawns in both Plainfield and Bridgewater, NJ. The slideshow will go full screen if you hit the diagonal arrows in the lower right corner.

 photo IMG_3958a_zpsf08b0945.jpg
More sun and clouds

Although no rain expected this time, the Saturday evening sun made its last hurrah through the clouds to brightly light up a building on Watchung Avenue in Plainfield last night.

 photo IMG_3954a_zps8a933948.jpg

The TD Ball Park near the Bridgewater Train Station, home of Somerset Patriots baseball, always has an ambulance sitting by during ball games. It's always a Somerset Medical Center ambulance. Of course, that's the nearby hospital where I had both of my knee replacements. I'm used to seeing those blue and white ambulances there. Then I saw this -- a Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital ambulance. RWJ recently bought Somerset Medical Center. Notable as THE trauma center for the area, RWJ is where comedian Tracy Morgan is recovering from that tragic accident last week.

 photo IMG_3948a_zpseef64d49.jpg
On the city sidewalk

Two girls have some kind of set-up, TV and all, on the North Avenue sidewalk across from the train station in Plainfield. I hope they're not expecting a waitress to come along.

 photo IMG_3945a_zps4bad78cf.jpg
Plainfield Train Station

On Saturday morning we actually had sunshine!

 photo IMG_3934a_zps73d999f6.jpg
Broken down

Oh, my. It wasn't a good day to be the driver of a broken down NJ Transit 113S bus. It was hot and humid with storm clouds moving in. About the only good thing is that he's broken down at the corner of Watchung and East Fourth Street in Plainfield rather than in the Lincoln Tunnel or in traffic near (or at) the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan.


Because we've had so much rain the last few weeks, mushrooms and other fungus are everywhere. These shots were taken in both Plainfield and Bridgewater. From tree stumps, to growing in mulch to fallen and live trees ...

 photo IMG_3913a_zps3dd735b9.jpg

 photo IMG_3902a_zps7c968f67.jpg

 photo IMG_3840a_zpsee3a01e5.jpg

 photo IMG_3900a_zpsd2e58d2d.jpg

 photo IMG_3831a_zps354b7d38.jpg

Early one rainy morning, this was sitting in front of the Plainfield Train Station at the corner of North Avenue and Gavett Place. The street lamps lighted it up quite nicely. I always wonder why I see so many decent-looking baby strollers abandoned. I mean, the wheels are intact and all. These things aren't really cheap. Thankfully, they remember to keep the baby!

 photo IMG_3895a_zps9e71075a.jpg
I see dead people saga continued

Why do people sleep near me on my NJ Transit train? Chances are that the conductor isn't going to bother making sure they're awake at their stop. It's not their job to function as an alarm clock or babysitter. I never sleep on the train. I'm afraid I'd miss my stop or people would steal my stuff. Or ... that someone would be nearby taking my photo!

 photo IMG_3883a_zpsa38f7b58.jpg
Lovely shades of green

The newer poison ivy leaves come in a light green in contrast with the darker, older leaves. Bridgewater Train Station.

 photo IMG_3888a_zpse386a3bd.jpg
No one can see me

I knew I saw SOMETHING in that tall grass! Then he poked his head (and tail) up. Oh. A squirrel in the jungle of an unkempt lawn.

 photo IMG_3931a_zpsdb5929a9.jpg
It's banner plane season

The GEICO insurance banner plane is out and about once again. Ah, I remember the days of banner planes for the BB house. That was a fun few seasons! Over the skies in Bridgewater, NJ.

 photo IMG_3917a_zps1405ecf4.jpg
I know not why

This new-looking vacuum cleaner was sitting on the sidewalk at the Bridgewater Train Station. Definitely not a cheap model, either. If I weren't on foot at that point heading into work, I just might have snagged it for myself. Heck, I should have snagged it for my workplace -- they kill vacuum cleaners with startling regularity.

 photo IMG_3963a_zpsa0a7ba64.jpg
Hey, Vincent! Look up! Hey!

Vincent just didn't want to cooperate for the camera this week. Perhaps he wanted to show off his touch of grey atop his head.


Palmaltas said...

Love the floral slideshow! Plus the other photos also.

rschnoop said...

I am proud to have you as my sister! I am in perfect agreement with how you feel about the correct use of our monetary resources and certainly agree with you on parenting issues. I have to feel like parents not teaching their kids to respect others has a lot to do with all of the violence in the world today...
And then, there's Vincent... Showing his gray is his way of telling the world that he is a Father too and though he never sees his kids, is hoping for appropriate praise... In human culture, that doesn't work, but cat culture is different about such things...

David said...

I remember the banner planes flying over the BB house. Not to give anyone any ideas but I was wondering just the other day looking at the BB house satellite images why people have not tried using the little drones with cameras to peer into the area. Or use them to deliver messages inside. They would be a lot harder for producers to detect and tell them to go inside the house.