Sunday, July 27, 2014

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - July 27, 2014

Good morning! Welcome to my weekly off television topic photo post! If you're looking for my Big Brother coverage, you can find those posts right here at this link. This particular post is one I do each Sunday morning throughout the year, BB or not! I reflect on the week gone by in both words and photos I've taken along the way.

Alas, I didn't have a great photography week. It seemed like I was always rushing or conditions just weren't right. Oh well, there will be many more photos to take in my life.

I'm going to go once again with some random thoughts from the week:
  • Last night as I arrived home to my New Jersey 'hood, I had to hear two competing Mexican Polka Bands. Ack! One was at a house near the corner of my block -- they were having a huge child's birthday party with a bouncy-house and all set up in the front lawn. As I walked by, they sang Happy Birthday, then WHAM into Mexican Polka! The second band was at the usual suspect house in back of my apartment. Even with my windows closed, a fan and the AC on, I could hear the thump-thump of the music. It lasted until nearly midnight.
  • Two very young misbehaving children on the NJ Transit train were yelling and carrying on without any effort on the part of the parents to control them. When the piped announcement said, "Watch out for the gap when exiting." -- the girl cried out, "Cat? Where's a cat?" (I'll admit that was cute.) Her mother told her, "Gap. Watch out for the gap." The girl asked, "What's a gap?" I almost said, "A gap is a monster that swallows children who don't behave." I bit my tongue.
  • There's an abundance of lightning bugs around here this year. If I were several decades younger, I'd be all over that!
  • My cable and power were out on separate days this week, each for about six hours, neither due to a storm. Of course, my cable could have also been out while my power was out. I have no way of knowing.
  • I panicked a bit when I saw Vincent pursuing a long dark quick bug along the floor into the kitchen. Ah. A carpenter ant. Not that I want those in my apartment, but it must have somehow strayed in from outside. As I predicted, I have had no influx of bugs by refusing to have my apartment fogged with poisonous junk.
  • Oh. And Vincent killed the carpenter ant and then wondered why it wouldn't play with him anymore.
Onto this week's photos --

 photo IMG_4836a_zps82a17a86.jpg
Early morning sun

Although the days are getting shorter, it's not to the point that I'm seeing the sunrise on my walk to the train station. We have been lucky in that we haven't seen many actual heat waves so far this summer (temps over 90 for three days or more). But we've had a lot of humid days and it's been a summer for lots of thunderstorms. I took this shot on Church Street in Plainfield.

 photo IMG_4859a_zps25aea68b.jpg
Cool old car!

I have no clue exactly what make and model this is, but it sure is cool. There was an older man driving it. While he'd be too young to be the original owner, he seemed appropriate for the car. Watchung Avenue, Plainfield.

 photo IMG_4837a_zpsbda27ea5.jpg
Looking up!

This Eastern Swallowtail Butterfly flew over my head at the Bridgewater Train Station. I was delighted to see I actually captured a halfway decent photo of him.


 photo IMG_4874a_zps1f227b88.jpg
I like this little flower

I don't know what it is. It's growing in a planter on East Front Street in Plainfield. I'm letting it serve as a preview for the following flower slideshow. Unfortunately, like the rest of the week, my flower photo-taking wasn't all that great. A weed or two ... ahem, wildflower, flowers growing on lawns, flowers in planters in both Plainfield and Bridgewater. You can go full screen with it by clicking on the diagonal arrow on the lower right.

 photo IMG_4897a_zps4f6e3cb3.jpg
Oh my

I'm not quite sure if this qualifies as a sinkhole or what. The hole is in the pedestrian bridge overpass at the Bridgewater Train Station. You can see down about two feet to structure work of the bridge itself. It's an accident waiting to happen if someone falls into it -- it's big enough to get your foot stuck, but too small to swallow a small child. Hey, NJ Transit! You going to get this fixed?

 photo IMG_4847a_zpsa7a98dd9.jpg
The big mushrooms return

These grow to be GIANT! Okay, not quite giant, but very big indeed. I first saw them sprouting up at the Bridgewater Train Station a few years back. And, now they return once they feel we've had enough rain.

 photo IMG_4852a_zps22935a5e.jpg
'shroom close-up

This isn't the same mushroom as above, but the same type and in the same location.

 photo IMG_4832a_zps7cb5cb1b.jpg
The tree stump mushroom

It's there, it's gone. It's there, it's gone. A small almost translucent mushroom appears after each rainy night in a tree stump on East Front Street in Plainfield. Then it's gone. Then it's there again.

 photo IMG_4839a_zps0e41df32.jpg
Am I ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille?

The yellow jacket wasps are still inhabiting the light pole box at the Bridgewater Train Station. I'm very leery, yet feel the need to shoot them (with my camera).

 photo IMG_4830a_zps513add06.jpg
Do you HAVE to go to work?

This is what I have to deal with each day as I get ready for work. I let Vincent drape over my shoulder as I have my morning coffee. But once I let him think it's his decision to get down, he throws himself on the floor watching me get ready to go to work with a sad expression on his little cat face. Nothing like a guilt trip to start off my day!


~~Silk said...

Excellent work with that
butterfly. You're fast! I have seen no butterflies or bees/wasps here (Keyport area) this year, so I'm glad to know you still have them.

That floral walkway is amazing!

Delee said...

It is a 56 Chevy, not sure the model.

I have weird mushrooms in my yard also. Reds/oranges and the normal colors. Some little creature breaks them off and eats them leaving the stem. Just have to make sure Starry does not partake.

~~Silk said...

Chevrolet El Morocco, maybe?

Laurie said...

Love that your inner voice defined "gap" so well. We have yellow jackets in our vegetable garden. I read that they eat tomato worm larvae so I leave them alone!

lynn1 said...

I know nothing about classic cars. The consensus seems to be the car is a chevy. Having said that, I found a picture of a 56 cadillac that looks similar with the headlights and tail fins.,14018/1956-Cadillac-Eldorado-Seville-Prototype_photo.aspx

Laurie said...

Silk is correct! There were very few of these made and even fewer left. Jackie, you found something very special!

Laurie said...

In case others want to read more about this car:

Jackie said...

Alas, it's not the Chevy. I blew up my original image here at home and the front insignia is "Eldorado." Lynn1 is right. It's a Cadillac Eldorado Brougham, but 1957 not 1956. THIS IS THE CAR!

Jackie said...

But it is indeed special, fewer than 1,000 made, cost over $13,000 back then which was more than a Rolls Royce at the time.

meb said...

Loved the Gap definition. Too Clever! I would have thought the car was a Chevy as well except for the emblem... just couldn't remember what car used that back then.

Mushrooms haven't been too bad this year so far. At least I haven't had to go out with grocery plastic bags and fill or three or four of them two or three times in the year. they grow overnight. I so do not like them!

Loved the photos, as usual.

~~Silk said...

Laurie's link (above) explains about the Cadillac ElDorado and the Chevy ElMoroco. They were almost exact twins, even to the "V" on the front. except the Chevy was way cheaper. And, uh, did't say "Cadillac" on it.

~~Silk said...

Turns out the El Morocco was not an official GM vehicle -- it was a custom build, even had a leather shield on the steering wheel saying "custom made for [owner's name}".


One big difference is that the El Dorado had a brushed stainless steel roof.