Sunday, August 03, 2014

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - August 3, 2014

Good morning! Welcome to my weekly Sunday morning reflection on the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken along the way. If you're looking for Big Brother live feeds reports, you can find those posts at this link right here. The post you're currently reading is off television topic and a weekly post I make throughout the year on the blog. You can read it or not -- your choice!

Here in New Jersey, we had more than enough rain once again. Our reservoir levels have remained in the positive all summer long. It's a shame that we can't steer the rain off to areas in the West which are experiencing droughts! Overall, after a harsh winter, it's been a mild summer. Hey, I'm not complaining! I'm not a fan of the extreme heat. I'm not one to lay around on a beach sunburning and sweating. I don't like to sweat. Give me the 70s and I love it!

I was bitten by another mosquito this week, going into the full allergic reaction once again. Well, not to the point of anaphylaxis, but yet quite serious. I have no clue why all of a sudden I'm having these allergic reactions. I've been wearing Eau D'Off pretty much wherever I go, but forgot to put it on the morning I visited Mindowaskin Park in Westfield. I put it on after a while as I carry an Off "pen" in my pocketbook, but it was too late.

That's all for me for now. It's onto the photos! If you click on an image, it will open a new window and you can increase the size of the image twice by clicking on the magnifying glass on the lower right. If you click on the X to close that page, you end up right back here where you left off. I have two slideshows this week -- to make those full screen, just click on the diagonal arrow on the bottom right!

I hope everyone has a great Sunday and I'll be posting the latest BB16 live feeds soon!

 photo IMG_4941a_zpsa5f3e1d1.jpg
NJ Transit, Raritan Valley Line

Because the double-decker trains are so tall, they look quite short when seen from a distance. Don't let the optical illusion fool you -- this train is seven or eight long cars long! Thankfully for drivers, it's nowhere near as long as some of those freight trains which take forever to pass by.

 photo IMG_5049a_zps5e150992.jpg
Ducks at rest

I made a trip to Mindowaskin Park in Westfield this week. The ducklings I photographed at the beginning of summer are growing up! After the jump, I have a slideshow of my day in the park. This is just a sneak peek!

 photo IMG_5137a_zps61f8b27e.jpg
East Front Street bunny

I don't have to go to the park to see cute bunnies ... they're all around my neighborhood. This is a young one resting in the grass.

 photo IMG_4993a_zpsc8b9c338.jpg
Blue Dasher Dragonfly

This is another shot from the day in the park. Dragonflies were all over the place! I wonder why more Blue Dashers than other varieties seem to have wing damage of some sort. I've seen in in photos I've taken before. Their wings must be more fragile than other kinds of dragonflies, I guess.

 photo IMG_4935a_zpsc0c59d9e.jpg
After the rain

Again, more than enough rain here this week (and it's raining more as I write this). This is the reflection in a huge puddle after the rain stopped one morning.


This week's flower photos were taken in Plainfield, Westfield and Bridgewater. Some in planters, some on lawns and some just around! Some come with bees, most do not. Enjoy!

 photo IMG_5131A_zps01e28852.jpg
Early morning sun

Still not seeing that sunrise as I leave for my walk to the train station on my early days, but the sun is indeed much lower in the sky. Taken from Church Street in Plainfield.

 photo IMG_5138a_zpsb8b1629c.jpg
Different day

Same location.

Next is my slideshow of my day (actually hour or so) I spent in Mindowaskin Park in Westfield. I always enjoy time spent there, but haven't been since early summer due to (a) weather -- either too hot or too rainy (b) prefer to go when kids are in school and/or (c) a lack of energy or laziness on my part. I've been a bit dismayed over the lack of upkeep at the park the last few years. There's a lot of algae covering the pond and more trash in the pond itself than past years. Yet the ducks and the dragonflies thrive.

 photo IMG_5102a_zps939b58c4.jpg
I must remember to go!

I keep forgetting to take a jaunt over to Westfield on Tuesday evenings. I have gone during past years. They have various jazz trios, quartets and sometimes a solo act playing outside at locations throughout the town. It's really rather cool.

 photo IMG_5164a_zpsda1d5a0e.jpg
Appeared overnight!

I swear this huge mushroom (perhaps seven inches across) wasn't there amongst the poison ivy the day before! Bridgewater Train Station.

 photo IMG_4963a_zps4b605ec3.jpg
Bee in flight

Yes, he (she?) does have wings! Although this looks like a bee bullet, its wings are just moving too fast for my camera.

 photo IMG_5110a_zps519d5950.jpg
Better than Starbucks!

Ahrre's Coffee Roastery is only about two blocks from the local Starbucks in Westfield and much, much better! Of course, the fact that it's a neighbor of the local Trader Joe's is a benefit as well.

 photo IMG_4957a_zps1fec34d8.jpg
Stinkhorn mushrooms are back

Yep, it's stinkhorn season again as they grow in the mulch around bushes in Bridgewater.

 photo IMG_4940a_zpsd2f4e2ae.jpg
Fly on a mushroom

Not the same mushroom as the earlier photo, but in the same vicinity.

 photo IMG_4930a_zpsd43e5399.jpg
Flies on a flower

I don't mind flies so much as long as they stay out of my apartment! I don't like biting kinds of flies at all, but I don't think these are in that category. I think these two must be having an early morning chat atop the Black-Eyed Susan. Bridgewater, NJ

 photo IMG_4947a_zpsfebd180b.jpg
In the early morning sun

Pete's Fish Market on East Second Street in Plainfield is a mainstay for fish purchases in the area. It's not so good to walk by its dumpsters on a hot, hot day before the garbage pick-up. Jus' sayin' ...

 photo IMG_4951a_zps9823ed67.jpg
The saga continues ...

Yep, I still see dead people on the NJ Transit trains. And they really shouldn't conk out in public.

 photo IMG_5194a_zps5a23c139.jpg
Step 1: Admitting you have a problem

I just don't know what to do about Vincent. I realize I'm an enabler, but I just can't stop. The cat craves the nip!


Delee said...

Reflection pictures are the best. Park pics are great. Never was a Starbucks fan, only get if it is the only option when traveling for my morning fix.

Rained here most of night into the morning. Wooded lot beside me breeds the mosquitos so hard to be outside. Might as well be winter for me. Starry can not be in her fenced area as they swarm around her. Township does not spray and that makes me angry. I pay taxes too!

Word veri are horrible. One easy word then one garbled mess.

lynn1 said...

Great photos! What were those 2 guys doing riding their bikes in the water?
My Word verification is Photo sphere. Very approprite don't you think!

Ann from Oklahoma said...

Love your Sunday off topic!!! Your photos are awesome!!!! Wish I lived nearer to you I would enjoy visiting with you and getting some pointers on taking photos...I absolutely love nature..Thanks bunches for sharing...

Jackie said...

Thanks for the kind words, Ann!

Lynn1 - Those two idiots were scaring the ducks and probably making their mothers wonder why their sneakers were soaked on a sunny day. That's why I prefer the park when the kids are in school. Most of the ducks were sleeping up on the pond shore -- probably because they don't like the kids either!