Sunday, October 05, 2014

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - October 5, 2014

Welcome to my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photos I've taken along the way. I promise you the next post I make will be about television!

This week as has been a bit blah for me -- I've had a stomach bug accompanied by a headache on and off since Tuesday. No, it's not Ebola! I actually think the headache is more sinuses than anything else. But I've generally felt icky. A lot of people around here are sick. They must have breathed on me. Ew!

I still haven't met the latest new upstairs neighbor living overhead my apartment. I think it's a he rather than a she. I also think it's a he with weekend custody of a child. While it's nowhere near as annoying as when a toddler lived up there full time, I hear child running on the weekends. Not horrible, mind you. Unlike the toddler who was all over the place all the time on hardwood floors in shoes walking/running on his heels, this is just now and then and a quieter running. Shoes seem to be off and it's not rattling my walls or windows, plus it ends by 8 or 9pm. I can deal with that. But I do notice it starts on every Friday night, ends on Sunday night. Thus, my deduction of weekend father.

I'm going to reprint something I posted on Facebook earlier this week called Monday's Tales of New Jersey. If you saw it there, head onto the photos. If you're not on Facebook, go for reading it:

1. This morning while walking to the train station, I saw either a 113S or 114 NJ Transit bus go by. Instead of the lighted bus number, this message was flashing: "Emergency! Call Police!" The interior was lighted and there were only a few passengers. I didn't see an emergency, but I went ahead and called. At least if the cops stop the bus, they'll turn that message off!

2. Then, coming home, I decided to wait for the NJ Transit 59 bus nearby the train station (my train pass gets me on the bus for free and it saves me a long walk). As I waited with a bunch of folks, a young man with a Jamaican accent came along. He started pacing back and forth shouting, "Jesus is coming! I will pray for you! Jesus is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow! Jesus is coming!" He kept it up for the ten minutes or so until the bus came. The odd thing is that as he paced he kicked one foot out kind of like the Elaine dance on Seinfeld. At one point, I mentioned to the other folks waiting that perhaps we should ask him when the 59 bus was coming since he obviously knows when Jesus is coming! They all laughed. He thought we were laughing at him, glowered a minute, then started his Elaine Kick Jesus Shouting once again.

 photo IMG_6148a_zpsd5ef1636.jpg
The darkest hour is before the dawn

My early morning walk to the train station is in the darkest of night these days. It won't be until November that the time will change. One morning a huge dude passed me and told me to be careful. He didn't see me roll my eyes. Although dark, it's a very safe time of day. There are working folks out and about at that hour although this photo doesn't show that. It's always the same people. The denizens of the night are long gone, too. It's much more safe than a few hours earlier or probably even the evening hours. East Front Street, Plainfield.

 photo IMG_6175a_zps07accee0.jpg
Autumn is here!

Most of the trees are still green right now, but we have some pretty colors working their way in. Our peak foliage in this area isn't usually until late October. Where I grew up, the trees were barren of leaves before Halloween. Not so much here ... we still (usually) have some nice color going on around then. I took this shot near the Bridgewater Train Station.

Instead of just flowers, this week's slideshow is Flowers and Foliage. There are also some berries -- nightshade and Kousa Dogwood berries from the Plainfield Train Station (see, Bernice ... I remembered!). The sunflowers were growing on East Second Street in Plainfield; the mums are from both Plainfield and Bridgewater as is the foliage. The "veiny" foliage shots are poison ivy leaves in Bridgewater. Although my apartment building has little or no yard (paved parking lot) -- the pink morning glories, late season honeysuckle and the nightshade have taken over the back chain link fence.


 photo IMG_6183a_zpsfbc24fc6.jpg
It's acorn season for the squirrels

The squirrels are out finding all the nuts (yeah, they found ME!) and hiding them away for the long winter ahead. I also think they like to play in the fallen leaves.

 photo IMG_6194a_zps906d7b40.jpg
Run, little squirrel, run!

Like I'm gonna steal your acorn, silly squirrel!

 photo IMG_6198a_zps004c132e.jpg
Obviously an NYC delivery truck

Plainfield might have its issues, but whenever we have trucks done up in graffiti like this, they're usually out of Brooklyn or Chinatown in Manhattan. I took this shot on East Front Street in Plainfield.

 photo IMG_6187a_zpsd891a671.jpg
In case the train breaks down

Have skateboard, will travel. Raritan Valley Line, NJ Transit.

 photo IMG_6153a_zpsaa724044.jpg
Just before the sunrise

That light in the sky isn't the sun. It's a streetlight. Looking towards the eventual sunrise from Church Street in Plainfield.

 photo IMG_6144a_zps092428ea.jpg
Backyard neighbor's garden

The backyard abutting the back of my apartment building has a garden growing this year. It's not the people with the live Mexican Polka bands; it's next door to them, directly behind my building. This looks like a honeydew melon, although I'm not sure.

 photo IMG_6142a_zpsa2f0f35d.jpg
They also have tomatoes growing

I saw them out there with a big basket of beautiful large red tomatoes a few days before I took this shot. Although we're just a few blocks from the business district in town, the lots are very deep. These folks still have a huge backyard after making about a third of it into a garden. If the city was being built these days, we'd probably have twice as many parallel streets going on and much smaller yards.

 photo IMG_6149a_zpsc5e987ba.jpg

Checking out the eastern skies from my shortcut through the U-Haul parking lot at the corner of Roosevelt and East Second Street in Plainfield.

 photo IMG_6229a_zpsc31d22a1.jpg
Plainfield Train Station

Another day heading to work. Sigh. I suppose I should be happy to be employed. Yeah, okay. Just too many issues going on there these days.

 photo IMG_6235a_zps6bf38c31.jpg
Geese in flight

They honked their way overhead in Bridgewater one morning.

 photo IMG_6233a_zps63de9e16.jpg
Just around sunrise time

Now the sun rises after I get off the train in Bridgewater.

 photo IMG_6214a_zps6916a07d.jpg
Eek! A snake in the grass!

I looked down and there it was! I'm sure had I not scared it, it would've bitten my ankle! Berckman Street, Plainfield.

 photo IMG_6207a_zps88932dec.jpg
Re-doing the U-Haul annex

They're ripping apart the inside of the annex on the U-Haul lot and painting the exterior to match the adjacent U-Haul building. That front has been covered up since I moved to town over a decade ago. Now it looks like they're making it all fancy. Imagine that.

 photo IMG_6203a_zpsa30ffd15.jpg
I have an acorn and you don't

I don't want an acorn, thank you very much! If I wanted an acorn, I could pick one up. They're all over the place!

 photo IMG_6219a_zps64aa1cef.jpg
Ohh ... pipey stuff going on

I'm not sure what they're doing, but they're doing something on Church Street. Something with pipes which light up nicely with my flash.

 photo IMG_6222a_zpsd5559760.jpg
I saw a deer on my walk to the train

Oh. A Deere. A John Deere. Never mind. It was parked by the pipey stuff on Church Street in Plainfield.

 photo IMG_6272a_zps286ad7a0.jpg
Is it time for catnip yet?

Vincent thinks it's ALWAYS a good time for catnip! Both catnip and catnaps!


lynn1 said...

Jackie, great photos this week. I especially enjoyed your pictures of the trees changing into their fall colors. We don't see much of that down here.
I think that Vincent has the most expressive face I have ever seen on a cat. He is definitely a star when the camera comes out.
Hope you feel better soon.

rschnoop said...

You always post the most beautiful sunrise shots! ...and don't tell me that you aren't trying to hoard all the acorns you can find for yourself...

Becky said...

Jackie, beautiful photos. How old is Vincent now? I agree about him having an expressive face.

Jackie said...

They estimated Vincent as around five years old when I adopted him. I've had him for five years. I honestly think he might be a few years younger. So, anyway ... he's probably between eight and ten years old.