Sunday, November 02, 2014

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - November 2, 2014

Welcome to my weekly off television topic post! Each week I take a journey through the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken along the way. My next post will indeed be about television -- stay tuned!

Random musings about the week:
  • I could do this get an extra hour of sleep thing every day.
  • We had nice temperatures and some nice days, then some really icky cold rain. Now it's just cold. I guess it's really late autumn. Sigh.
  • At least it didn't rain for the kids on Halloween. Not that I had any trick or treaters knocking on my door. I never do here.
  • My superintendent told me the person upstairs is a younger guy. I think the "younger" bit is relative. He can't be too young or he couldn't afford to live alone there. I'm think probably 30ish-young. But I did kind of call it right. I still haven't seen him. He's still not annoying. Yay!
  • I'm tired. Can I retire yet? I'm really getting tired of being exhausted day in and day out. There has to be a better way!
  • While I had way too many "out of stock" items on my Peapod grocery delivery order this week -- they're still adjusting to the new huge distribution center in Jersey City -- they more than made good on it. They told me they'd remove the delivery charge and put the sale items missed in my cart at the sale price for my next order. Well, since I ordered on Super Saver Wednesday, instead of $6.95 delivery, it was $5 off, then another $1 off as I chose the wide delivery window which they narrow down to two hours the day before. So, technically, my delivery cost a 95 cent delivery charge. (I also get $1 off for paying by electronic check, so ...!) I received an email from them. They took $10 off the order.
  • I also received an email from the Plainfield Library in regard to the photo contest. I won something, but don't know what. The awards presentation and exhibition is slated for November 15th.
Onto the photos for this week -- clicking on an image will open it larger in a new Photobucket window. You can make it even larger there and just close out that window to return to the blog.

 photo IMG_6798a_zps42ae3613.jpg
A touch of color

I took this shot of ivy on a building adjacent to the Plainfield Train Station.

 photo IMG_6824a_zps291feb0d.jpg
Oh my

What the heck broke into that locomotive engine car? This is one of the new fancy/schmancy locomotives which runs diesel and can convert to electric for a one seat ride on the Raritan Valley Line into NYC. Since our line is diesel, we've always had to switch trains in Newark as diesel locomotives can't run in the tunnels. Now, with these new locomotives, some of the trains run directly into the city, but not every train. There are also tunnel crowding logistics running amok in the planning. I'm thinking this locomotive might have struck a tree branch. I'm innocent. Plainfield Train Station.

This week's Flowers and Foliage slideshow has photos taken in Plainfield, Westfield and Bridgewater. Clicking on the diagonal arrow on the bottom right will make it full screen for you!

 photo IMG_6812a_zps6f7568a1.jpg
Yes, I see you, Squirrel.

Is it Rocket J. Squirrel? East Front Street, Plainfield.


 photo IMG_6833a_zps7e326b12.jpg
Now he has a new cause

The Religion and Politics Shouter with his megaphone now has picked up a Ban Ebola cause to add to his repertoire. East Front and Park Avenue, Plainfield.

 photo IMG_6832a_zps3d9c4bda.jpg

I first encountered the marks on the pavement. I thought it was odd chalk drawings until I realized someone had moved one of the really heavy chess tables about thirty feet away. Park and East Front, Plainfield.

 photo IMG_6836a_zps30e9ef12.jpg
Banking on beer

I know I've photographed this old bank turned bar before. But this time the neon beer signs are lighted. East Front Street, Plainfield.

 photo IMG_6806a_zps61467649.jpg
Autumn PPD

The Plainfield Police Department surrounded by a beautiful autumn day. Watching and East Fourth Street, Plainfield.

 photo IMG_6790a_zpsac43c29c.jpg
Foggy morning

Not only was it dark as night, it was foggy as I walked to the train station one morning. East Front Street, Plainfield.

 photo IMG_6752a_zpsa3054315.jpg
Early train station

The gingko trees are turning yellow at the Plainfield Train Station.

 photo IMG_6755a_zpsab37ee0c.jpg
I see dead people saga goes on

This guy slept through his train station stop. Other than people taking the risk of me photographing them as they sleep on the train, they also can miss their stops and be late for work! Raritan Valley Line, NJ Transit

 photo IMG_6783a_zpsad211726.jpg
Bee on an Italian squash blossom

The Cucuzza continues to grow over the back fence of my apartment building.

 photo IMG_6779a_zpsd0f85f8c.jpg
The blossom turns to squash

 photo IMG_6777a_zps0a909919.jpg
The huge one on the ground

This shot was taken through the fence into their garden area. That's a 55 gallon drum and the Cucuzza on the ground has to be well over three feet long. None growing over the fence onto our side have gotten that big. I finally snagged one that's about 18" long. I read if you keep it attached to part of a vine, it might still grow more. I'll give it a while and then experiment with cooking it. I fear that the frosts to come will kill them off for the season.

 photo IMG_6769a_zps4b3f2eb3.jpg
Sunset at Bridgewater

I worked a few hours later than usual one day and caught the sunset in Bridgewater.

 photo IMG_6737a_zpsce9e6fb0.jpg
Westfield street lamps

The town of Westfield (where I visit Trader Joe's and sometimes Mindowaskin Park) has cool double old-fashioned street lamps with planters on them.

 photo IMG_6749a_zps8b8ffd69.jpg
Sunset over East Front Street

Plainfield, NJ

 photo IMG_6718a_zps1cfc816c.jpg
Gingko by streetlamp

 photo IMG_6748a_zps66d03cc3.jpg
Methodist sunset

The Methodist church steeple surrounded by pinks and greys. East Front Street, Plainfield.

 photo IMG_6745a_zps8630450f.jpg
Moon sliver and sunset

Looking down East Second Street in Plainfield.

 photo IMG_6746a_zps336bfde9.jpg
Same sunset, different view

Checking it out over the homes on Berckman Street in Plainfield.

 photo IMG_6285a_zps7cd9e782.jpg
Ready for my day off

Yes, Vincent is ready for MY day off. He thinks I've planned activities for us all day long!


Delee said...

Vincent needs NA for catnip! LOL
Love the creeping Charlie on the wall. I would re-center to remove the concrete blocks on the left. To me they distract from a wonderful picture.
Stay warm!

Part of WV---indifferency. Gee whiz

lynn1 said...

Jackie, I enjoyed your photos today. Congratulations on being notified by the Library that you are a winner again this year. I am not in the least surprised.

Delee said...

Virginia creeper not Charlie.
Yea another prize! I missed that 1st time through!

Palmaltas said...

Great photos as usual but that Foggy Morning shot is down right creepy. Congrats on being a winner again.