Sunday, December 21, 2014

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - December 21, 2014

Oh my gosh ... Christmas is just about here! Welcome to my weekly off television topic (kind of) photo post. I say "kind of" because, once again, I don't have all that much in the way of photos taken this week. I've certainly found out that post concussion syndrome really messes with you. Since I didn't have any doctor appointments, I really didn't go out or do much this past week. I even had a Peapod grocery delivery, so I didn't have to go out for food.

On a television note, I was pleased with the winners of both Survivor and The Amazing Race. Both shows look like they're going to have good seasons starting up in February.

I did take trash out to the Dumpster at my apartment building and spotted this --

Huh? Whazzat?

Why, it's a kitty cat!

I hate to see cats out loose on these streets in town. Yes, there are a lot of feral cats who seem to be wise in the ways of traffic and such. But this little one is too clean to be feral. And, we haven't had a regular population of feral cats in the immediate neighborhood in about a decade. This one is probably someone's pet and, unfortunately, its life expectancy is cut way down because they let her out. (Yes, it's a "her" -- it's a calico and they're always female.)

On the other hand, there's a certain Vincent cat who got a new scratching pad handed over to him this week. He had killed his last one and I have a few that I bought a while ago and tucked away in the closet. Yes, he does scratch on it. But he also sits in it, sleeps in it and bites chunks out of it (and spits them all over my floor, thank goodness for hardwood instead of carpet). Silly Vincent!

Oh! And I took the next shot of a bit of color remaining from the fall (happy winter, y'all!):

Hanging in there, as am I

I should have a post up later this week for the holiday, so stop on back! Heck, I might even try for a television post!


Becky said...

Jackie, I am thrilled with a Vincent week. He sure is enjoying his new toy!

I was waiting for you to say you had adopted the Callie, but if she already has a home, good for her -- and good for Vincent not having to share you.

Thank you for another year of pictures and another year of hosting the TV parties.

I will try and stop by during the week and see if you have another post up. If not, have a Merry Christmas and a Better Healthful new year.

Palmaltas said...

Although you weren't able to get out and about much, at least Vincent posed for you. I do feel for the little cat you saw. Here's hoping you will feel as good as new very soon.

Blam said...

I was pleased with the winners of The Amazing Race too. (Haven't watched Survivor in a few years now.) While I was rooting for them, I didn't expect them to be in the final mix, so mostly I was hoping it'd be the surfers over the lunkheads.