Friday, January 23, 2015

Survivor: Worlds Apart -- Blue Collar

With the tribes broken into three, it makes my decisions on the casting posts much easier -- I'll go by tribe! The Blue Collar Tribe, while in my mind is BCT, is called Escameca.

Dan is 47 years old and very married. In his online bio, he mentions his wife more than a few times. He's listed as a postal worker, but he's also a landlord and he's a technician at the post office. Definitely a fan of the show, he thinks he should be good at all comps except perhaps for ones involving running. He also thinks he should be good at the social game as he can "schmooze."

Dan has been trying to get on the show since the second season! Y'know ... I think I like this guy. The downside might be his age although I love older people cast on reality competition shows! But if he comes against some young athletic alpha dude with Survivor smarts, he just might be toast.

Compared to Dan, Kelly's online bio is really short. She's 44 years old, a state trooper from Grand Island, NY. For those who only think NYC when it comes to New York, Grand Island is actually an island abutted by the Niagara River, not far from Niagara Falls. Hmm ... her bio lists "commitment" as her biggest pet peeve. Well, apparently she committed to be a state trooper, that's not an easy undertaking. Hopefully, she'll commit to being the sole Survivor! One of the things she wishes she could bring is a camera. Oh! I like that!

That video doesn't tell us too much more about her. One thing I picked up on is that she seems a very young 44. She seems pretty upbeat, too. I personally hope she can escape the "Mom" stigma which seems to follow any female castaway over 40.


Okay, Lindsey is more of the ilk we often see on Survivor. Pretty, 24 years old and a hairdresser. She lists dating as her favorite sport. Um-hmm. She knows she's pretty. She uses extraneous exclamation points in her bio!!! "I’m the most strategic, stubborn and athletic girl I know! I’m resourceful, I’m vicious and I think I do very well under pressure!" Okay! You can talk the talk but can you walk the walk, Lindsey?

The video reveals that she's a single mom. So what. Half the world seems to be single moms these days. Have her come back to me when the kids are adults and we'll see how things go. One thing I picked up on in the video is that she says nothing should make her quit. Wha ...? Why would quitting even come into the conversation? I peg her for not being a worker at the game and for possibly being a quitter. So there. We'll see.


Mike is 38, an oil driller from North Richland Hills, Texas. He sacrificed with a lot of ramen noodle nights to pay his house off in two and a half years. Good for him. What is it with this disc golf stuff? Dan Foley also mentioned it. I have no clue what it is. I'll have to Google it. He's a punctuality and proper spelling fan. I like that in a man! His favorites are Cochran, Ozzy and Boston Rob. Decent choices. Huh. He mentions quitting too -- as in "I'll die before I quit!" But, with him, I don't think there's any possibility.

Oh my gosh. He sounds like he's talking with a throat full of gravel. Maybe he's been breathing in too much drilling debris. In a way, I want to cheer him on. But I have some kind of nagging feeling that, for some reason, he might rub some of his fellow castaways the wrong way unless he can really turn on the country charm.


Rodney is 24 years old, a general contractor out of Boston. His online bio is fairly short, but quite full of himself. I get that he's a big football fan still living his high school football glory days. That's fine. Maybe when he hits 30, new dreams will take the place of his high school jock days. He mentions his bachelor's degree as almost an afterthought. While he's probably going to be strong athletically, we've seen so many young dudes like him before. Onto the video ...

No surprises there. He's very cocksure and full of himself. While he isn't bad-looking, he's no Tom Brady (his apparent idol). I really don't have too much more to say about him other than I love to see young blowhards fall hard. I can only hope! Maybe he'll come across differently during the game. I reserve the right to change my mind about him. But, you've got my first impression!


Sierra is another pretty blonde rather young'un, but seems different to me. She's a cowgirl! She's 27 years old, a "barrel racer" from Roy, Utah. What's a barrel racer? I don't know. It's something to do with rodeo, not an area of expertise for me. She's a national champion at it, though. Dang ... she's 6'1" tall! She's going to dwarf some of the men! She's very country with fishing, hunting and hiking. She's also into sports other than rodeo. She's a big fan of chocolate milk and Parvati Shallow. 

Hmm ... the only drawback I can see from the video is she might be a bit too trusting although she mentions she can't be. I think she'll be good in comps, probably a good worker. She seems smart. But, with her life being so "good people" based, will she be cut-throat enough for the win? I don't know. I do think she's got a lot more game than the other blonde gal on BCT.

Your thoughts on this tribe?


Laurie said...

I do love your take on these first contestants. You make me smile!

~~Silk said...

Barrel racing is a race against the clock, where you ride a small fast horse (think mustang or quarter-horse) in tight-turn figure 8s around barrels.
See - all you need is the first 30 seconds.

~~Silk said...

When are these clips taped? They look like they're on site already, or a similar practice site? Kelly said something about "doing too much pre-game". Have they already met each other? I'm confused.

Jackie said...

Thanks, Silk -- I had already Googled barrel racing and disc golf. The latter is kind of like a Frisbee version of golf. The cast bio clips are always filmed on location as with the entire cast photo shoot. I really don't know if they've been allowed to chat or anything at that point. You know it's in the beginning or they wouldn't be so clean!

meb said...

Thanks Jackie. Looking forward to the season to start.

meb said...

Oh..gotta change out Donnie.. LOL

meb said...

Oh..gotta change out Donnie.. LOL