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Survivor: Worlds Apart - No Collar

I've already chatted about the two other tribes -- Blue Collar (BCT) and White Collar (WCT) -- which you can find with my Worlds Apart Casting tag for the blog. I will continue my lazy tribe monickers with NCT for No Collar Tribe. CBS might be calling this tribe Nargarote, but for me ... NCT!

Hali might currently be a no collar, but she plans to be a white collar. She's 25 years old, a law student presently residing in San Francisco, California. She seems smart and even athletic. Oh ... and she knows how to clean a fish. Does she know how to make a fire? I doubt it. Sure, she might know the concept, but I don't believe she'd take the time to actually try to make one. I'm getter neither great nor terrible vibes from her bio.I am getting that if she's studying to be a lawyer, she's not quite the free spirit I expect of NCT.

Once again, she's another castaway not really from where they list her in the bio. She's a "Southern Belle" from Nashville, Tennessee. She most definitely isn't a real No Collar type. She aspires to be a public defender dedicated to helping the indigent. She does talk a good talk about the game. And, it is indeed likely that she might be able to do well in endurance challenges. She's obviously seen her tribemates, but hasn't really mixed with them before this clip was shot. I'll have to figure out the curly blond guy she wants the alliance of two with as I go along. Is she going to be able to walk the walk until the end? I don't think so. Maybe she'll prove me wrong.


Okay, she's a bit more No Collar than Hali. Jenn is 22 years young, a sailing instructor currently residing in Long Beach, California. Huh. That's the second one mentioning Long Beach this season. She seems to be quite athletic, can swim and might even know woodsy kind of doings. She's been a fan of the show since the first season when she was in third grade. She's seen all the strategies. The only thing I found off-putting was her referring to the fact that she should "kill it." Okay, I get it. Confidence. Let's just see about that.

Now, she currently lives in Sonoma, California but is FROM Long Beach. I know I'm being a Picky Patty, but can't they make all these residence references uniform from bio to bio? She's without a doubt more of a free spirit than is Hali. Like many other women, she'd rather ally with men than with women. I think this girl has spunk even if her life work ambition is a bit lacking. She might be good at the game.


Here's another one that doesn't come off totally No Collar to me. Although he lists his occupation as a jewelry designer, he is a college grad and was actively involved in sports. Joe is 25 and currently residing in Scottdale, Arizona. I believe he's probably the blond guy with whom Hali wants to form an alliance of two. Another young one with long-term memories of the show and aspiring to be on it for years. His bio is really long-winded. I kinda sorta like him, but need to see his video.

Hmm. He just might do well. He has the country and athletic background as well as a love for the show. My only thing about him after watching the video is that he just might be too nice a guy to win this. While he says he'll lie to people and such, I think he just might be a bit naive and trust others a tad too much. Is he cut-throat enough to win? Again, another with my jury out until I see him in action.


I guess my personal perception of No Collar is way skewed. I think of hitchhikers or young ones traveling through Europe with backpacks. I think of people waiting tables or tending bar until the next inspiration strikes them. I think of street performers. I don't necessarily think of someone like Nina -- 51 years old from Palmdale, California. She's deaf but can hear with cochlear implants. As a result, she's an advocate for them. She's proud of her Mom, apparently from Japan, who moved here, learned English and became a citizen despite bearing the brunt of prejudice and bigotry. Then comes her downfall in her bio. She likes Tina Wesson (that's not the bad part) and wants to play the game with integrity. Uh-oh.

At least she realizes she's going to have to lie to get through the game. The problem is ... will she be a good enough liar? She thinks she might have a problem when conversations overlap. She also hopes her work around the camp will keep her in the game. In the video she mentioned being a housewife and I can only assume she has children. I'm going to peg Nina as the Camp Mommy and I'm sure they'll keep her for a while. But when it comes to staying on her own through challenges and such, I doubt she has a chance to "kill it."


Now, here is true No Collar. Vince is a 32 year old coconut vendor residing in Santa Monica, California. His online bio is fairly short and just a bit full of himself reveling in his rather freewheeling lifestyle. Okay, I get it. He doesn't like stuff stuck in his teeth. He likens himself to a mix of Parvati, Coach and Fabio. Um. Well. Let's go to the video.

Cross him off as a true No Collar. This dude first off doesn't mention Santa Monica at all in the video. Instead, he has homes in San Francisco and New York City ... both places are rather prohibitive to reside in without a decent amount of income. He doesn't mention coconut vending; he's a "life coach." I'm thinking more Coach than Fabio going on here but with a better physical game than Coach. He might be one to watch unless he puts his tribe mates off with his Kung Fu moves.


Will's bio is rather short and sweet. He is listed as a YouTube sensation, age is 41 and he's from Sherman Oaks, California. Now, YouTube sensation isn't quite a long term occupation for a man that age. As I never was a Leno fan, I had to check out the YouTube video that created such a sensation. Okay, he was a bartender before his big viral video. He's married to a personal trainer. I think I like him. I'm glad to actually come across a black person in this age-diverse, but not racially diverse so much cast. But does he have a chance?

In his video, he doesn't even mention YouTube at all. He talks about his people skills and bar tending. He also does mention his wife and daughter. I think he's going to be enjoyable to watch on the show. But I don't think he really has a chance to win it all. He comes across as too nice and easygoing to win. I can't see him being a fantastic liar or a villain.

There. The cast peeks are done here. Now we just have to wait until Wednesday, February 25 to see the premiere!

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David said...

After having watched all the video's I am not sure who I will root for. Before it starts I guess I will have to root for Sierra and Mike since they seem to be the only ones not from either coast. Yes, people actually live between the coasts though you would not know it from the media. This season sure does seem heavily weighted towards California and New York area people with a Boston, Miami, Utah, and Texas thrown in.