Sunday, February 08, 2015

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - February 8, 2015

Good morning. Welcome to my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photos I've taken along the way. If you're a fan of The Amazing Race, I've started going through the cast videos and online bios for the upcoming season. I should be posting more on that subject soon.

Okay, to the week. Hmm. Gah. It certainly won't go down in the history of the best weeks in my life, that's for sure. Here's a round-up.
  • An ice/snowstorm on Monday practically crippled my personal travels until mid-week and there are still some rather treacherous areas. 
  • I really don't feel well and work is doing me in.
  • While having to walk atop an ice-soaked snowbank, one leg went through nearly to the hip. I thought I might have to call for a winch to get me out from where I was stuck. Nobody had better have recorded my efforts to get free and put it on YouTube. If someone did, they'll die.
  • My apartment superintendent told me a family with two small children is moving in to the apartment vacated by Carlos and his wife. Joy, joy. At least that apartment is a two-bedroom. I never understand outright families of more than a couple moving into the one-bedroom units.
  • I dropped my best point and shoot digital camera and then completely killed it while trying to fix it. I have back-up cameras, but they're not as nice. I ordered a new camera on sale ($150 off!) from Amazon that's much better than the one I killed. Yet I mourn its demise.
  • Ritz Garlic Butter crackers are da bomb.
  • The Grammy Awards are on tonight. I'll be watching The Walking Dead as it returns tonight.
Onto this week's photos. Alas, none are works of art except perhaps Vincent just because he's Vincent. 

Ice Ice Baby

A combination of snow and ice clung to the trees for days after our ice/snowstorm early in the week. While the sun melted a bit of it, the sun couldn't win the battle with the frigid temperatures.

Somebody is way too comfy

Vincent has practiced sleeping on just about every inch of the new couch. 


The ONENANYAY sign is much more visible since they took out the bush in front of it this past summer. 


Hanging in there

The cool dude snowman of East Front Street has now lasted days. He seems to have lost some weight and now his sunglasses are a bit too big for his face. He's not quite the snowman he was two weeks ago. Yet, he remains cool.

Work has these going on again

The berries in these planters at my workplace helped keep early arriving robins fat during last winter's terrible cold and snow.

Little snowy icicles

This stuff should be gone off the branches with the sun. It was two days after the ice/snowstorm. Yet it remained for days because it was TOO DARN COLD.

Again, two days later

I'm surprised we didn't have power outages around here with the ice weighing the trees down. Perhaps because the ice covered snow, it might not have been as heavy as pure ice.

I saw a cardinal

But I didn't get a great shot of him. 

Crime scene?

There was what appeared to be blood splatter/droplets on the sidewalk and snow in front of a house on Berckman Street. Now, this is the one house on that block that ALWAYS has drama going on. The people are really kind of nasty, yet they never have given me any problem. I don't think they give their neighbors problems. But they're constantly yelling and screaming at each other, calling the police on each other and DRAMA. Huh. Now there may have been real drama. I don't know. It sure looked like blood and not from a paper cut.


It can go away. Please.

Many sidewalks were ice-covered

Yeah, that's a sidewalk on East Front Street in Plainfield earlier this week. The ice on the walks not done properly lasted for days and made walking treacherous. As I write this, many parking lots and parking spaces are still in the same icy state. I've found the walks mostly clear as of yesterday, at least the ones I encounter. My Peapod groceru delivery man told me on Wednesday that he was running late due to all the snow and ice in apartment parking lots and driveways.

I've got my eye(s) on you!


SueGee said...

Sorry to hear you are still not feeling right..I sure hope the arrival of your new camera can raise your spirits. Be careful out there! You don't need to be falling again.


Anonymous said...

Jackie ~ I didn't realize you were a Walking Dead fan! Happy to hear that! Would love to hear your thoughts on the show sometime...