Sunday, March 22, 2015

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - March 22, 2015

Good morning! It's Sunday morning. You know what that means ... it's time for my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photos I've taken along the way.

As we're in the March Madness phase (which I am SO not into), most CBS shows are preempted anyway. There will be a new Survivor episode this week, but no Amazing Race. Tonight's CBS schedule is still intact, but the only show I watch in that Sunday line-up is Battle Creek. Nope to CBS, I'll be watching Brooklyn Nine Nine on FOX, then The Walking Dead on AMC.

They held an open casting call yesterday for Big Brother in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan. Derrick and Cody from last season were there. I wasn't there.

Meanwhile, life goes on. Work goes on. (And on and on and on.) Vincent is doing well and living the life of King of the Apartment. Alas for him, but good for me, we haven't had any mice issues although he's gone on alert and stalked the kitchen wall a few times lately. We heralded the arrival of spring with a snowstorm. I have two stitches in my back due to the removal of a cyst. I'm getting very weary of health problems. I would like my body to be 25 years old once again, please.

But I did win two dollars on a two dollar purchase of the Cash4Life lottery. My plan had been to win $1,000 a day for life. Or, even the second place win -- $1,000 a week for life. At least I got my investment back.

Onto this week's photos -- clicking on an image will bring it up in a larger version.

Walking in the spring wonderland

It was still a (freakin') winter wonderland Saturday morning at the Plainfield Train Station. Due to the fact that Friday's snow was a wet and sticky kind of snow, it etched all of the trees and was truly a pretty snow. It was the kind of snow that's good for snowball fights and snowmen. But, still ... enough already.

The Polar Express, NJ Transit style

This was my train home from work on Friday pulling into the Bridgewater Train Station. Yay, spring is here!

The Bull Durham building is coming down

I call it such due to a very cool large ghost sign on its side before a fire four years (or so) ago took out the back half of the building. Then it became the Bull Building, Durham gone from view and amongst the rubble. The building should have been torn down after the fire, yet it sat with its entire rear half gone missing all this time. Now it's an emergency to tear it down tying up North Avenue from Gavett Place to Park Avenue. Plainfield. Go figure.


Coming in for a landing

Let's protest!

Don't let them tear down our perch!

Look! There's paparazzi down there!

Save our building ...

... cry the pigeons.


They were heading into the city (NYC) on St. Patrick's Day. Um. Okay.

Da Jersey 'hood

This was before the latest snow. Note the only snow which can be seen is that pile to the left of the tree.

The Big Top comes down

The Big Apple Circus concluded its Bridgewater (NJ) visit on Sunday. So, on Monday morning came the dismantling of the tent. 

Eek! It's the demon Hello Ice Cream Truck!

This was the day before the latest snowstorm. I heard it before I saw it. Then it came out of the apartment buildings across the street from me. If it EVER circles around my apartment building lot, I will raise a fuss. That noise shouldn't be directly outside of anybody's windows! It's bad enough to hear it out on the streets well into the evening every day all summer.

Our Spring Spectacular ...

... turned out to be six inches of snow. I took this at the Plainfield Train Station.

Three dudes

Just chillin' on the corner of Watchung and North Avenues in Plainfield.

Philly love

Okay, Philadelphia is paying for advertising on NJ Transit trains. Are they that hard up for local tourists? I messed a bit with the contrast in this shot.


Berries in the snow ... again.

May I join you?

Seagulls weather the snowstorm in Bridgewater, NJ. Have they room for one more?

Hunkering down

Can it snow any harder?

As I was leaving work on Friday it decided to get very nasty. The other train photo at the top of this entry is when the train got closer to me. Bridgewater Train Station.

Passenger information

Good luck with that! NJ Transit Bridgewater Train Station early Friday evening, the first day of spring.

Love the quick free reads

These two free newspapers are handed out in the NYC subways and NJ Transit trains. I guess they exist on advertising fees. But, with the price so high and the quality/quantity so lacking with print newspapers, maybe they should find what these free ones are doing right.

Sign of the times

Due to the ongoing bridge work at either side of the Plainfield Train Station, trains just outside of peak commuting hours and on weekends are running on one track. On Thursday afternoon, two guys I know come from the methadone clinic sat right in front of this sign and through about six announcements. I wasn't going to bother telling them if they were too dense to realize everyone else was waiting on the other track. Then someone else called over to them.

I should have sympathy, but I don't. I've overheard them talking before. They whined that the government won't allow them to use some drug they want instead of methadone. Hey, they could cold turkey and try working for a living instead of living off taxpayers on Social Security Disability. They're probably both under 35 years old. We're paying for their bad decisions.

Branches in the snow

Flag in the snow

More branches in the snow

Even more snowy branches

One cold birdie!


And keep your nasty feet off the seats!

Deteriorating tunnel

Okay, I messed a bit with the colors to make it look even worse. But the tunnel at the Plainfield Train Station seriously needs repair!

Where's the beach?

A seagull poses atop the Chotola apartment building on North Avenue in Plainfield as the snow melts on Saturday morning.

Uncooperative Vincent

Still not cooperating

But Vincent does indeed say hello to everyone. He's just in a camera shy mood.

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