Sunday, March 29, 2015

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - March 29, 2015

Good morning! Welcome to my weekly off television topic reflection of the week gone by in both words and photos I've taken along the way. During the upcoming week, we'll have both Survivor and return of The Amazing Race. The latter has been off the schedule for a few weeks due to March Madness basketball.

I'd kind of like to know who watches March Madness basketball myself. With all the hype about "brackets" and other hoopla, I don't think I know anyone who's personally into it. Oh, I can see if your alma mater is involved. I noticed my old alma mater was in it at the beginning and was rather surprised -- it was known as more of an academic college when I attended rather than having much more than losing sports teams. I guess times have changed.

Oh, geez. I sneezed and Vincent just realized I'm here. He came bounding from the other room and leaped on me. Sheesh. It's like he was launched like a kitty cannonball.


Not much going on here this past week. In the ongoing unreasonable and disturbing noise issues from the new neighbors, progress has been made. The downstairs people called the police and I backed them up on their complaint. Then I called the landlord and filed my first official complaint against another tenant in the 14 years I've lived here. It's been quiet over there since. We'll see.

Work remains work. Sigh.

Onto the photos I took this week. Clicking on an image will bring it up in a larger version.

Colorful bike

I wonder if it's his primary bike! Heehee ... I crack myself up. Parked at the Plainfield Train Station. Note that the snow piles are still existent, albeit dwindling, near the building.

Look out!

Coming in for a landing atop a roof on North Avenue in Plainfield.

Oh, deer

Just after sunset last evening I saw a deer at the Bridgewater Train Station. I didn't really have the opportunity to do more than get out my camera and shoot, thus getting really sketchy photos. She was wary of me and kept watching me. I kept trying to get to the opening in the fence near me so I could take photos. She watched me. I watched her. She edged away. I edged towards her. And so the story goes.


She's still there with that camera

She went through the gap in the fence and got her friends to check me out, too. Again, apologies for the photo quality.

Yes, a white tail

And thus ends the tale of the deer of the Bridgewater Train Station.

Coyote on a stick

These decoys are supposed to thwart Canada geese. I'm not really sure how much Canada geese are attracted to the fake turf of the TD Ball Park in Bridgewater in the first place. They tend to be more interested in grass they can nibble.

Spring icicles

Spring? Wherefore art thou? While we were spared of anything more than snow flurries this week and even had some very rainy days, the overnights hit near record low temperatures. 

Regal pigeon

King of all he surveys, this pigeon ruled the world from a wire in Bridgewater.

Pigeon patrol

Most likely plotting against humanity. 

Gored by the "Bull"

In taking down the remains of the old Bull Durham ghost sign building on North Avenue last week, the contractors made a horrible miscalculation. The wall sporting the "Bull" -- the only remnant of the huge ghost sign -- crashed through neighboring businesses. Thankfully, the building adjacent to the demolition had been evacuated before the work started. But now ... their business is totally destroyed. Who will pay for this?

Not quite a china shop

But that Bull surely did damage to it, taking out a good portion of the building itself, as well as a larger portion of the roof.

Future crocuses?

I've been watching the site where I usually take spring crocus photos -- outside the Plainfield YWCA on East Front Street. Nothing at all visible until yesterday when I saw these bitsy pieces of greenery poking up through the dirt.


This loud crow was amongst the pigeons atop the Chotola Apartments building on North Avenue in Plainfield. A defector?

Please get here, Spring!

I saw Bernice refer to these as Snowdrops. The cold weather is delaying spring flowers. I'm hoping it's not going to affect the magnolia trees and other blossoms as it did last year. I spotted these growing on a lawn on East Front Street in Plainfield.

I say "tracks" - you say "train"

To be honest, I doubt this ad campaign is going to stop deaths on the train tracks in New Jersey. I believe very few are outright accidents. Me? I'd rather go peacefully in my sleep, thank you very much.

Time for a nap

Of course, Vincent is usually up for a nap time at any given time. Huh. So am I.


Delee said...

I heard 3 out of 10 watch March Madness, I guess I am one of the 7 who do not. My dad says he lost interest in B-ball and the net needs raised 3 feet to make it sport worthy again.

The bike picture is great, my opinion is no one would steal it as it would be easily found!

I am waiting patiently for the neighbor saga to continue. Did they leave or lose the kids! Haha!

Sharon N said...

Jackie, I always look forward to seeing what you choose to photograph each week. :)

The deer in Colorado aren't shy at all. They'll stand right by out garage as the door goes up and watch as we drive in! No fear. Although they do seem to disappear when hunting season starts... must have some kind of gun radar. LOL

I used to like basketball when I was a kid, but that was a long time ago. Agree the nets need to be raised. Players are all 6 to 7 feet tall now.. and yet the hoop is still at the same height.