Friday, June 26, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds The Beginning - 6/26 into the wee hours

He's in the HoH room, but he's not

The madness begins. Well, for us, anyway. The hamsters have been in the Habitrail for at least a week now. Nominations on both HoH sides were made, the Battle of the Block has already gone down, there's now a single HoH and only two nominations for eviction remain. Oh ... and the Have Nots have already moved into the Have Not room. We have a lot of catching up to do! So, here goes:
  • One constant in the house remains despite its makeover this year -- the ants have already moved into the kitchen.
  • James is the sole HoH even though Jason keeps hanging out in the HoH room trying his gay glue mojo.
  • Steve and Jackie are on the block. (No, not ME Jackie. I'm in a chair.)
  • Jace, even though Austin seems to have taken to him, is wearing thin on the rest of the house.
  • The current plan is that, if anyone other than Steve wins Veto, James will take Jackie down and put Jace up.
  • Steve's plan to be the goofy kid seems to be going awry. He's coming off more as awkward and lost a bit.
  • Steve told Jace the ants were "nefarious." Um. Okay. I would have gone more for "prevalent" or even a "constant." But I'm no Steve!
  • Audrey told Meg that she thinks Liz and Jace should have a showmance. I don't know if she realizes how much Liz wants a showmance with just about anyone, but is smitten with Clay's looks.
  • The Have Nots (not sure how it happened) seem to be Vanessa, Liz, Austin and Da'Vonne. But John keeps hanging out in the dentist sleeping chairs in there consoling an upset Vanessa. He might be one, too. It's all so confusing!
  • Somehow (again, not sure how) Vanessa saved Austin. If he is indeed a Have Not, she didn't save him from that. More on that when I hear more!
  • It's hard to get a grip on all of what's happened that we've missed. It will be easier when the feeds have been on for a while. But we definitely miss a chunk with that first week gone!
  • I'm not thrilled that Austin seems to be aligning with Jace and Liz. I find the both of them annoying while I had high hopes for Austin's game.
  • The fish tank is a table this year.
  • I'm sure fish will still die.
  • James is more entertaining than I thought he'd be.
  • I haven't seen John a lot, but give him kudos for talking to the upset Vanessa.
  • They picked for PoV players already. But I'm not sure who other than Jason (HG Choice picked by Steve) and John (not sure who picked his chip) is playing besides those on the block and James.
  • Wait! Did I mention they're on an indoor lockdown?
  • No?
  • Oops.
  • They are, most likely for the PoV comp set-up.
  • They had a huge nail salon party with the guys getting their nails painted by the women.
  • Even Austin.
  • According to James, "I don't care what anyone says. I have the prettiest toes in the house!"
  • James also loves the dentist chair beds in the Have Not Room. "They must be Sertas!" 
  • They're just his size while Austin's feet hang off.
  • Some talked about Jace acting up since the feeds went live "just like he did the first few days." Apparently he had a streak of not annoying people.
  • Austin! Get away from Jace right now! Poison! Poison!
That's about all I have for you right now. I'll be posting another report this evening.

Nails party for the boys and girls

The guys got into it and had fun. No alcohol, even!

Audrey seems to get along with all

Jace is the nemesis of Jason

He seems to be in with Austin, though.

John consoles Vanessa in Have Not

Fitting for John, at least, the Have Not room has dentist chairs for beds.

Jackie is on the block, surprised?

James remains HoH after BoB

Don't you love it when I talk in letters?


David said...

When BBAD started and Jace was ordering everyone around and then acting the fool as soon as he realized the camera"s were on (a lot more than just your normal acting up for camera's) I knew right away that he was going to be in trouble rubbing people the wrong way. He gave me a very bad first impression of him. It did not get any better as the hours wore on either.

I have to agree with the majority opinion in the house, they would be a lot better off without him there. I also agree with you Jackie, Austin's game and chances would probably be greatly improved with Jace gone.

Stormy said...

Not sure how long I can stand to watch Jason after watching him on BBAD. I think he is worse than Jace.

QuixoticElf said...

Thanks for my morning fix!

Buzzmaam said...

Thanks, Jackie! I'm looking forward to spending my summer with you. :-)

Chacha said...

I couldn't take Jafe the minute the feeds went live.
Thank goodness for Jackie- I was able to go to sleep and read this now.
I am still trying to put all faces to names and hopefully will have it down by the end of the weekend.
I can't believe Vanessa was having a total melt down over missing her girlfriend. She may be a week link as well.

Dawn Scullin-Scott said...

Hi, Jackie! again, we spend the summer together!
do not know about you, but this season is just a bit hard to get into... hope it picks up! So wish they would go back to season s 1 or 2 formats. It is what it is, so let the games begin! Kiss Vincent... they should have a "take your cat to work day" not fair!

uncartie said...

I'm with you Dawn. It's like these hamsters are just cloned from previous hamsters. The southern hunt/fish guy,gay guy,the token black person,muscle bound guy,surfer dude,a nerd,and on and on. It already feels like a chore to watch. Usually that doesn't set in for me until much later in the season when my favorites are evicted.

The new weekly BB takeover twist infuriates me and just fuels my usual cynicism that production manipulates the show to help certain hamsters.

Vanessa is my pick to win. As of now,once she's gone,so am I,although that's subject to change depending on how the season pans out.

SorryNOTSorry said...

The "midget" with the awful Bahstan accent has got to go. One hour of BB17 with him was more than enough for me.

Sharon N said...

For us (people-watchers), the general behavior is a bit over the top. Not to mention teenager-type giggly/silly, and most are loud/obnoxious, particularly Jace.

Speaking of Jace, he is such a BIG disappointment. Why does he have to be so loud? The constant "look at me" screaming was totally out of control. It got so bad that I had to turn BBAD off fairly quickly. I now hope he will be out-the-door... fast.

Nickelpeed said...

So, James nominated Steve and Jackie....surprise, surprise. LOL

Thank you so much for blogging this, Jackie. I know you lose a lot of sleep!!!

I do get a chance to watch 2 hours of it since I have Dish TV, but it's not like you have. THANK YOU!!!

monty924 said...

I just hope Vanessa doesn't turn into this season's Whaaamber

Stacy Geddings said...

Has anyone noticed the resemblance Austin has to Dan? Could he be another twist? I don't have the feeds so I haven't observed his characteristics as much as his looks. it hit me when he was doing an interview in the confessional. He held his arms the same way Dan did!