Friday, June 26, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds Daytime 6/26, Power of Veto Winner

Someone's throwing me under the bus

Good evening! Since I last reported, a lot has happened in the house. The Power of Veto comp went down. The house is already becoming divided. And, I still at times have trouble telling the blonde gals apart unless I see them full face. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Rabid Rodents:
  • I found out that Austin is safe from nomination/eviction. I still don't know how Vanessa saved him.
  • Jace, Austin and Liz remain a team, if not a real alliance. They have no name.
  • "I rode through Big Brother on an alliance with no name, felt good to be out of the rain."
  • Ahem. My apologies.
  • They don't trust Audrey and think she's playing everyone.
  • Jace mentioned the distrust to James who promptly told Da'Vonne and Jason.
  • Jace is definitely not the sharpest tool in the shed.
  • But he is indeed a tool.
  • Jace thinks the plan is to backdoor Jason.
  • No, the plan is to backdoor you, Jace!
  • Steve is supposedly just a pawn. But we know he knows that pawns sometimes go home!
  • Audrey is suspicious of Jackie and Vanessa as they seem so close.
  • I say, "Trust no one!"
  • Clay thinks he knows the game and he can just get rid of others easily.
  • Remember, he never heard of the show until four months ago.
  • Even Audrey told Steve that he was safe -- she told him that anyone who won the PoV would take him off.
  • Obviously, she doesn't know that the James contingent would take Jackie off.
  • Doesn't matter. He's safe.
  • He (Steve) won the Power of Veto!
  • Meanwhile, Audrey knows someone is telling others what she says. She thinks it has to be either Liz or Da'Vonne.
  • She starts to question everybody, including James. When she asked if she was going to be backdoored, James told her that nobody's safe.
  • Well, except for Austin, James and (most likely) Steve.
  • I'm feeling let down by Austin. He's already decided that his group is the "cool" people. @@
  • I expected more from him. 
  • James thinks that Jace backdoored is 100%. I'm definitely not seeing this house voting as a whole this season.
  • Good.
  • I like drama.
  • Jason thinks he should make a fake final two deal with Steve.
  • Poor Steve.
  • Jace and Austin made it sound like Jeff was behind the rumors of a backdoor Jason plan.
  • The HoH bunch told Jeff about that.
  • Sheesh ... if this is all going on now, I can't imagine what the summer will be like. I can only hope the numbers on each side stay a bit similar so it's not boring.
  • The PoV comp was a spelling one. They're shocked that the "genius Steve" could spell "trombonist."
  • I'm not surprised. He's into music and he has a brain.
  • I think the PoV ceremony will be on Sunday. I'm sure Steve knows to save himself.

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JonMD1267 said...

I'm with you Jackie, I really want Austin to step up his game. Love Pool Boy Clay thinking he is a BB ninja ha.

~~Silk said...

They're surprised someone knew how to spell trombonist? I guess phonics are no longer taught in school. Sheesh!

Chacha said...

I also thought I would look Austin but he is running me the wrong way.
I don't particularly like Audrey at this point either.
Guess it's too early for me to pick my fave.
Haven't seen enough of my pool pick Vanessa except for her crying last night.

Petals said...

Thank you Jackie. No Internet until next week :(