Sunday, June 14, 2015

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - June 14, 2015

Good morning! Since it's indeed a Sunday morning, it's time for my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken along the way. If you're interested in Big Brother 17 television show news, I have posts at this link and will be posting on the new cast reveal this coming Tuesday evening.

I really don't have much for you this week. It was either raining or hot and humid all week. That's so not my favorite kind of weather. I prefer highs in the low 70s! Here are some random thoughts on the week and stuff:
  • Two different bugs seem to be going around at work -- a stomach bug and a coughing bug. I don't want either one. People need to stop breathing on me.
  • For the most part, I can't even tell I have a neighbor where the noisy screaming thumping family lived. Good. Hopefully he feels the same about me.
  • I filled out the latest NJ Transit customer service survey. I complained about all the riff-raff hanging out, drinking and such at the Plainfield Train Station as well as the horrid condition of the tunnel and elevators. I'm sure they'll listen to me. Right?
  • I don't like to sweat. Wah.
  • I think I need a nap.
Onto the photos for the week -- clicking on an image will bring it up larger in a gallery of all the photos on the post.


I didn't realize my camera was in a bizarre mode when I shot these berries at the Plainfield Train Station. But I kind of like how it turned out.

A posing pigeon

This is an adolescent pigeon who was a roly-poly fluff ball just a few weeks ago at the Bridgewater Train Station.

Canned goods

These were atop the mail boxes in my apartment building one day, apparently for anyone wanted to take them. The only brand name I've seen before is the Del Monte. I have my own canned goods and would be more likely to do this than to take them. But, I'm sure someone can use them, off brands or not.


In the pink

The bike

This bike had been chained to the tree in Bridgewater for almost two months. As I work such bizarre hours, I'm pretty sure no one else's schedule would match mine. The day after I finally decided to take this photo of it, it vanished. Either its owner returned after a jail stay (whatever) or someone else noticed it had been abandoned for so long. It has not returned.

Plataforma cerrada!

Not only are they working on the bridges on either side of the Plainfield Train Station, they're fixing all the masonry issues and doing track work. Oy.

Each in his own little world

Between cell phones, coffee and daydreaming ... as seen on the corner of Watchung and North Avenue in Plainfield.

The air quality one day was so bad ...

... that a lamp post at the Plainfield Train Station needed a respirator face mask! (Or, one of the workmen parked it there. I prefer to think the former!)

The guy on the left just sat down

What the heck sat beside me?

A panting European Starling

The heat and humidity (and poor air quality) was getting to him, too. But his colors were really showing!

Dig those pants

I've seen quite a few guys with pants like these. I guess it's a new fad. They look rather uncomfortable to me unless they're stretchy material.

Don't ruffle my feathers!

Vincent in a box

This is his new scratcher box. He loves it.


Russ Schnoop said...

Every now and then, the Post Office holds food drives where you can leave non-spoilable food items by your mailbox for pickup and delivery to local food banks. Usually, you should get a postcard in the mail about a week before telling you what day they are doing this.
As to the pigeon, that one has a right to the dignified pose and is truly beautiful...
Vincent says that he wants the small bird in the picture above his to play with...

Palmaltas said...

I love all the pink-pinkish flowers--wow!

Jackie said...

Here we have to give the mailman/woman the canned goods or drop them off at the post office. That food drive is usually in the late autumn or early winter. Many people leave things atop the mailboxes in this building to find them a new home -- books, once a laptop with a note that it's free, but needs repair and such. I've seen canned goods there before, as well as packaged bakery items. I once left a can of deviled ham spread that I bought by mistake. I had intended on buying the regular canned chicken spread.

And, Pam ... lots of pink!