Sunday, September 27, 2015

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - September 27, 2015

Good morning! Yes, I slept in today. It was very relaxing not to have to stay up late watching the Big Brother live feeds, then get up early and flashback on the feeds, then post a report!

This is my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photos I've taken along the way. For any folks new to the blog, I do this every Sunday. After all, we can't be couch potatoes watching television all day every day! Can we?

It was the first full week of actual normal temperatures here as we welcomed autumn mid-week. I love it. I'm so not a summer heat and humidity kind of person! Give me the high 60s and low 70s and I'm a happy camper.

No, I did not go camping, mind you. I returned to work after my staycation the week before. Sigh. If not for pesky things like keeping a roof over my head and the bills paid, I'd just pursue things I enjoy doing. Alas, I can't earn enough money at those things. So, work I must.

Some random stuff of the week gone by and what's ahead:
  • I'll be posting links and videos of the BB hamster interviews tonight and during the week.
  • If you want in on our blog pool for The Amazing Race, the cut-off is tomorrow and you'll need to sign up for it on this post right here.
  • If you watch The Amazing Race or Survivor, I live blog those shows and throw blog parties as they air East Coast time -- Survivor on Wednesday 8pm ET and The Amazing Race Fridays at 8pm ET. New folks are always welcome to join in on the fun!
  • Today I plan on heading to nearby Westfield for their FestiFall Festival. Yes, I'll bring my camera.
  • This past week wasn't too exciting. I've overloaded this week's post with photos of a deer who was extremely curious about me.
  • I worked, ate, slept and paid attention to Vincent (the cat).
  • I dropped off my photos for this year's photo contest at the Plainfield Public Library. This year's theme isn't really the best for me, so I'm not all that optimistic about winning any prizes. A few of the photos I would have been able to use for the theme were already submitted in previous contests and they used them on the entry forms and announcements for this year's competition.
  • I noted, between the amount of riff-raff who have been constantly hanging out at the Plainfield Train Station, on the streets and apparently at the site of some sort of encampment I saw downtown ... it appears the homeless problem in town continues to grow. The folks who were hanging out on the bench on the corner of Richmond and East Front (causing the city or someone to remove the bench and put up No Loitering signs) have moved to sitting in front of the Monarch Building on the benches there.
  • Yet, Omar remains gone from the train station. He must be in jail, er ... "away" again.
  • That's what drugs and excessive drinking will do people. 
  • And, it's a reason to keep working. That's no kind of life to live.
Enough ... onto this week's photos. Clicking on an image will bring it up in a larger version.

I'm watching you ...

This young deer at the Bridgewater Train Station was just as interested in watching me as I was in watching her ... or him. I swear the deer must have wanted me to take her home with me or something! So curious! This was Friday on my way home from work. The whole saga in photos is after the jump.

 Eid Al-Adha

This past week marked the two day Muslim holiday of Eid Al-Adha, otherwise known as the Festival of Sacrifice. Traditionally, the faithful would slaughter animals to feed the poor. However, I doubt that was happening at the Plainfield Islamic Center. I believe it was just the feast part! More photos of this after the jump, too.


Dad and Daughter Night Out

I think these two must have been waiting for the train to attend the play-off game at TD Ball Park in Bridgewater. Don't ask me why the girl is a blue panda kind of thing. I don't want to know. The mascot for the Somerset Patriots is a dog. Bizarre, but touching night out for these two!


Whazzat looking at me?!?!

Yes, I'm looking back at you!

Yes, I'm still looking at you.

Thankfully, I only shoot with a camera.

Getting a better view of me.

Can I follow you home?

No! Vincent would not be happy about that!

Eid Al-Adha brought folks to downtown

The traditional clothing worn by attendees of the festival differed from person to person, from loudly colorful, to quiet yet intricate. All in all, the clothing was pretty amazing!

Sisters at Eid Al-Adha

Good morning, glory!

Our back fence isn't as lush as years past due to extended periods of high temperatures and the lack of rain. Yet there are morning glories to greet us!

Both white and pink morning glory blossoms

So vibrant!

The hibiscus plants still sport blossoms

Ring of flowers

Growing in the planters with the hibiscus in Bridgewater.

Chicory blossoms

These have been few and far between at the Plainfield Train Station this year due to the lack of rain and mowing.

Enough computer! Give me cat treats!

Oh, Vincent. You're such a needy little friend! But, yeah, I do find your neediness endearing. Have some cat treats!


monty924 said...

Beautiful photos as always, Jackie. Especially love the deer and floral pics. Sorry I couldn't make it to the TAR party on Friday night. I had coasters to ride. See everyone on this upcoming Friday.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting about the Eid Al-Adha! I have never heard of that/them before! I love New England for always having some beautiful colors to look at year round. Flowers for the majority of the year, but when the trees are bare and the snow is there, you can always count on seeing really green grass. In the south, when it's wintertime, everything looks dead including the grass.