Monday, September 28, 2015

Survivor: Cambodia, Second Chance - Blog Pool Match-Ups Announcement

The blog pool match-ups for this season are IN! Lifeguard Laurie has made the random picks and here they are:

Bayon Tribe
Andrew Savage - Jennasmom, JoyzJenn, Silk
Ciera Eastin - chrob61, Jackie, Russ
Jeremy Collins - Brian, meb, Nickelpeed
Joe Anglim - Delee, Mother Guru, PDX Granny
Kass McQuillen - Donna NY, Marlo, Petals
Keith Nale - Tammy, gaylos, Margo
Kimmi Kappenberg - Glenn, Nana in the NW, Rbennie
Monica Padilla - ChicMC, Kelsey, sanra
Stephen Fishbach - Brenda, Matt, Rochelle
Tasha Fox - Donna in AL, Jennamom, Stephanie in Baltimore

Takeo Tribe 
Abi-Maria Gomes - Nobody is stuck with her!
Jeff Varner - Donna in FL, Linda in MA, SueGee
Kelley Wentworth - monty 924, Grandi, RENOthunder
Kelly Wiglesworth - ML, Sharon N, Indiana
Jane Peih-Gee Law - Becky, David, Joanie,
Shirin Oskooi - Cheryl in NC, Kelly D, Sharon C
Spencer Bledsoe - Ellen vdW, Nancerella, Terry is a Texan
Terry Deitz - Anonymouse, Merrilee, ORKMommy
Woo Hwang - Ed in Ohio, LafayetteLisanne, Laurie

Vytas Baskauskas

Well, look at that. In her infinite wisdom, Lifeguard Laurie knew that no one could really cheer on Abi-Maria. After all, how did she even get voted back in except to torment her fellow castaways?


monty924 said...

LMAO literally... thank you Laurie for not saddling anyone with Abi Maria :))))

Sharon N said...

Might be the kiss of death... and now she'll win? LMAO

monty924 said...

LOL, Sharon... so true but I wouldn't want her in a blind draw!! **WINK**

monty924 said...
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monty924 said...

I also feel sorry for several people, but especially Donna NY, Marlo, Petals. No offense but... I thought that I would get stuck with Kass and there is no way I'd root for her even if she ends up winning the season. I doubt she will and I'm thanking the Survivor Pool Draw gods for not sticking me with her. Sorry to Petals, Donna NY and Marlo. I'll be gentle with my dislike for her but she's on the bottom of my list for Survivor players. We could have a side bet on the over/under for Kass! How many times will she change her alliance and/or vote this season!!

LafayetteLisanne said...

Woo hooo! I got Woo. Why do I get the feeling Abi will win to spite us all?

Laurie said...

I did think I might be tempting fate by leaving Abi out, but I took the chance. Besides, it made even teams if we only had 18 Survivors and 54 Pool Peeps! I really liked the symmetry of that.

Sharon N said...

That's it!!!!
It's not about rejection.. it's all about symmetry... we are saved from fate! LMAO

SueGee said...

Thank you Laurie!! And I totally understand the symmetry thing. Can't wait for Wednesdaay!!

SueGee on the LeftCoast

PS I voted for both Kass and Abi to come back. We LOVE drama don't we??

monty924 said...
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monty924 said...
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monty924 said...

I take back my last two posts. I'm guessing and setting the over/under at five. Kass will stab an alliance member in the back five times. Your guess has to be the OVER/UNDER five. :)))

Sharon N said...

What? We have another pool started by Monte? LOL
I'll take 4...

Who's going to be tracking...

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Jackie! This pool is a first for me! Curious to know how Donna in FL and SueGee feel about our random pick - Jeff Varner?
Linda in MA

monty924 said...

That would be the UNDER. I'll mark you down, Sharon :)))

Sharon N said...

Thanks Monte.... with all-stars knowing Kass' routine, I'm thinking maybe she won't get away with as many backstabs! LOL

Welcome to the group Linda in MA. :)

Nickelpeed said...

Thank you Laurie. I was very thankful you didn't match Abi with anyone. Her time can't be all that long.

That being said, I am a Spencer fan, BUT I LOVE I GOT JEREMY!!! GO JEREMY!!!

Monty - only five???? I would have guessed at least 7, but since it's set at 5 and under, you chose 5, Sue chose 4, I guess I'll go for 3...even though I know it's going to be more. LOL

The one person I really wanted to come back was Hayden. I was on the list, but did not make the cutoff at 30. Too bad. I think he has an excellent social game. I guess they wanted to keep to to strictly Survivor alumni.

monty924 said...

No, Penny... you can guess the OVER. I'll mark it down. :))