Sunday, October 18, 2015

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - October 18, 2015

Good morning! It's Sunday, so it's time for my weekly off television review of the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken along the way. I've really been hit hard by a vicious cold since about Wednesday or so, so this will be a bit short and sweet.

Random thoughts on the week:
  • I'm so tired of being sick. I blame the general public for breathing on me.
  • We were set for our first freeze of the season overnight last night. I think we got it.
  • Not that I could tell inside my apartment. I had to get up and turn down the heat as it got so warm in here.
  • Of course, that might also have to do with my not feeling well.
  • But it felt like an oven! Wah!
  • For the second week in a row, my Sunday morning Courier News didn't come. This is ridiculous. Today I checked for it at 6am and every half-hour since. I doubt it was stolen this week. They credit my account mere pennies claiming I can read it online. But I don't have the inserts and lose out on using coupons (many of which Peapod doubles) in my grocery shopping. 
  • We're getting some fall foliage colors now, but nowhere near peak.
  • I think I need more colds meds.
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Church steeple at sunset

Wednesday early evening, East Front Street in Plainfield.

Sneaker salesman

Business must be slow. I saw this get-up on East Front Street in Plainfield. I was a bit dismayed that it was just a rack of sneakers underneath.

It's definitely mums season

This mums shot and the ones that follow after the jump were all taken of planters lining a porch on Berckman Street in Plainfield.

There were red mums

There were white with yellow mums

Also Wednesday's sunset

It's a mystery to me

This large meeting hall sized tent appeared at the edge of the Bridgewater Train Station parking lot. It had gas hooked up and all. No signs that I saw. It was there for three days, then gone as if it never existed. I just don't know.

We're getting some color in the 'hood

More by the Friends Meeting House cemetery

Erasing character

The ongoing bridgework on Watchung Avenue by the train station has them taking away the rock face and laying in a more orderly one. I liked the cool rock face. I hope they at least leave it in the stairwell there.

Vincent on the couch arm

He can sleep anywhere. Of course, his favorite place to sleep is on me.


mindy said...

Hey Jackie, Sorry you are not feeling well. Change of seasons can be tough on the constitution. :( Can't you ask the newspaper people to deliver another copy? I've done that when mine went missing. Those coupons are money! Thanks again for your blog and pics!

Jackie said...

I've asked for redelivery before when this happened and never got it. They won't even roughly pinpoint a time and this is a 40-unit apartment building. I can't keep running the length of the building and downstairs to the front door constantly and during the actual daytime hours there's too much foot traffic in and out the front door. It WILL be stolen. I'm disgusted with them. Two weeks in a row now. Last week I thought it might have been stolen as I went down about 8am for it. This week I went down at 6am, 6:30 and so forth. It was never delivered.

Palmaltas said...

So sorry about the newspaper problem, Jackie. The mum photos are gorgeous!

Sharon N said...

Love all your pictures, especially the foliage.

How frustrating/irritating... you are paying for the Courier newsPAPER with all the benefits contained within... NOT for web-news containing no benefits. I mean really... what do they tell people who don't have a computer... too bad, so sad? IF the Courier delivers a batch of Sunday papers to a nearby store on Saturday evening, maybe it would be worth canceling the "service" altogether and just pick up the paper there???

Jackie said...

Sharon - It would be a waste of money for me to buy the overpriced hard copy of the paper and not have online access to it for the few articles I might read during the week. They pretty much force you to pay something and the Sunday delivery with online access to daily articles is the cheapest route.

Thanks for the kind words about the photos!

Anonymous said...

I planted me some purple mums this season in Baltimore. They look ok, I don't think I'm watering them enough.

Sharon N said...

Jackie, that's too bad. I know what you mean about being selective about weekly articles.
I incorrectly assumed you got the paper on a daily basis, but the Sunday edition was the most important. With having the Sunday & internet combo, they pretty much have you where they want you. :(

Hope you feel better soon!