Thursday, October 01, 2015

The Amazing Race 27: Blog Pool Match-Ups Revealed!

Do NOT forget -- the show airs tomorrow (Friday) night at 8pm ET/PT!

The Marvelous Margo (quite possibly with Mom) has made the blog pool match-ups! Cheer on your team as they race tomorrow night!

Adam and Alex #TheCousins -Anonymouse, DKNYNC, Jackie, Kelsey, Sharon C
Cindy and Rick #ChacAttack - Donna in AL, Donna in FL, Jennasmom, Sharon N
Denise and James Earl #TeamAlabama - Becky, Ginniejulie, ORKMommy, Willie J
Ernest and Jin #TheDancers - Glenn, Marlo, Nancerella, Russ
Jazmine and Danielle #TheTrackStars - Joanie, LafayetteLisanne, Margo, Merrilee
Justin and Diana #TheGreenTeam - Chauncey, Cherry Pie, Monty924, Nickelpeed
Kelsey and Joey #TheReporters - beachmom, ChicMc, David, Grandi in MD,
Logan and Chris #ThePaparazzi - Delee, PDX Granny, Rbennie, SueGee
Tanner and Josh #TeamTexas - Buzzmaam, chrob61, meb, ML
Tiffany and Krista #TheCheerleaders - Brenda, Brian, Cheryl in NC, Ed in OH, Nana in NW

May the best team (Adam and Alex) hit the Welcome Mat first in this leg!
Oh, yes. That's the team I have in the pool. So, I can do that.


Sharon N said...

Or... may the best Doctor & Dentist hit that mat first? :)

Jackie said...

I posted a link to this entry on Twitter and got a re-tweet and comment from Justin -

Justin Scheman ‏@JustinClassic1 1h1 hour ago
Justin Scheman Retweeted Jackie Schnoop
I think Chauncey, Cherry Pie, Monty924, and Nickelpeed are your smartest friends go #TheGreenTeam

He said that, not me! I guess we'll see.

Sharon N said...

^^^ How cool is that?!!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG! We are gonna be famous!


Sharon N said...

Looks like I will probably miss the party tonight.
It's my grandson's 24th birthday and I'll have to inhale a slice of "Death By Chocolate" cake. We'll probably play a round of "Cards Against Humanity" ... which means there will be wine/beer too!! lol

Nickelpeed said...

Hi everyone!!!!

Sharon - I want some of that cake!!!!

Thank you Jackie! Appreciate you giving us a place to hang out. It is greatly appreciated! Give Vincent a scratch for me!

Nickelpeed said...

He thinks I'm smart? I haven't looked at the pool picks yet. LOL

monty924 said...

Penny... we're smart :))