Sunday, November 15, 2015

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - November 15, 2015

Good morning! Yes, I slept in once again. But it felt so darn good! Anyway, since it is Sunday morning (albeit a bit late), it's time for my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photos I've taken along the way. Keep in mind, if you want television posts, I guarantee that I will have posts for both Survivor and Amazing Race as they air in the upcoming week!

My past week wasn't exactly a thrill a minute. I worked. I slept. I ate. I paid attention to Vincent, the cat. There was a big SNAFU with my Peapod grocery delivery this week, the likes of which I've never seen before. Nor do I ever want to see again! Only about a fifth of my order was delivered and I had to have a second evening delivery the next day. That delivery arrived late and things which were in stock for my real delivery were suddenly out of stock for the re-delivery. Grr.

The Plainfield Public Library Photo Competition exhibit and awards ceremony was held yesterday. I really didn't think I'd win anything this year when I submitted my photos. It wasn't a great theme for me. The theme was about Plainfield working, taking care of business, et al. I think the best photos of that sort of thing that I've taken, I've already submitted in past years.

That said, I was surprised to win third place. Yay!

So, now I have another paper check in hand. Oh gee ... I'll have to go to either Trader Joe's in Westfield or Park Beverages (for my favorite microbrew beer) in Scotch Plains as Plainfield itself has no branch of my bank. I love having an excuse to go to either of those places!

In weather, we had rain for the entire beginning of the week. Then it turned chilly with wind. I bought a new winter jacket last week, so I'm warm and comfy. I also wanted just a knit hat, beanie-type, to go under the hood of the jacket. My gosh ... look in women's at places and they all go nearly $20. I bought one for $3.99 in the mens department of Target. I'm not looking for fashion -- I just want warmth under the hood of the jacket. Sheesh.

Without further ado, it's onto the photos for the week. Click on an image and it will open in a larger form ...

Autumn's beauty

Once overnight freezes are commonplace, these flowers will be gone.

Crane at work

At least I had some entertainment this week as I waited for the train to work. One day the men would be cutting holes in the sides of the old (removed) railroad bridge for the crane to hook into. The next day they'd be cutting the bridge into sections so the sections could be loaded on flatbeds by the crane. Hey, I didn't say it was great entertainment! This coming weekend they're taking down the bridge on the other side of the Plainfield Train Station -- the Park Avenue Bridge. Then the process will be repeated once again.

I see dead people

The saga continues. Raritan Valley Line on NJ Transit. 


Kale with a hint of mums

These are in the planters near my workplace.

Surprisingly, these are growing

I took this shot on East Front Street in Plainfield early in the week.

Cucuzza squash

The cucuzza (Italian squash) growing in the backyard garden adjacent to our building's parking lot didn't grow over the fence this year. But, here's one growing on their side.

From the library

This is the scene I saw sitting outside of the Plainfield Public Library yesterday. While I'd love to live closer to the library, I wouldn't be all that keen on living in those apartments. In their time, they were probably grand. But I'm thinking they're walk-up buildings and probably a rougher environment than where I live. I like my elevator and most of my neighbors.

The confused tree

Judging by its colors, it doesn't seem to know whether it's coming or going. Downtown Plainfield off of Park Avenue. (Those apartments have an elevator!) I wouldn't mind there with a terrace. They're kitty-corner to the library.

Plainfield Police Department kale

They've planted kale and other seasonal bushes around the memorial on the corner of their lawn. Very attractive!

Soapy's neon

Soapy's Laundromat on Park Avenue has a cool neon sign. My apartment building's laundry room has no neon sign. But it's a heck of a lot more convenient (and cheaper, too).

My winning photo

As I mentioned before, I'm surprised I won anything other than an honorable mention. This isn't that great of a photo, to me. But it does encompass what they wanted for the contest -- it shows that it's Plainfield and it's a bit of history of life today in the city for their archives.



Dreads and sensory overload

All you have to do is snap a shot and you get double-decker tourist buses, CitiBikes, tall buildings, yellow cabs, maybe a green cab, lighted moving signs ... yeah, that's Plainfield for ya. Um, wait. It's Manhattan. 

Dancing can circumvent this law

That's the word on the street anyway.

Whoa, nitrogen leak!

I often see nitrogen tanks out on the curbs when I'm in the city. But they're not usually hissing and forming ice. I think tanks like these would mysteriously vanish if left on the sidewalks of Plainfield. Yet I've seen this scene so many times in Manhattan. I guess they use them in restaurants or something. I personally have no use for nitrogen tanks, so I'm not all that sure of their commercial uses.

You don't see this NYPD car ...

... on television or in the movies! Nah, they always show the larger more impressive muscle ones. But I see more of these than those when I visit the city lately. I prefer the horses, myself.

Vincent needs his nap

After all, he's had such a rough week being a cat here in my apartment!


Jayne said...

I like your phrase kitty-corner, I say catty-corner

Jackie said...

I've heard the saying both ways. Maybe it's regional? I dunno.