Sunday, January 10, 2016

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - January 10, 2016

Good morning! It's Sunday morning once again -- time for my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken along the way. I really don't have all that much for you this week.

It's the after-holidays doldrums. We haven't any snow as of yet. So I don't have a heck of a lot of photo fodder. It's dark when I get out of work. We actually had a few days of bitter cold this week after record warmth bookends. (Today is a record setting day with the high expected to be 60 degrees or more, but pouring rain most of the day.) I'd rather not have snow just because life is easier without it. But, photo-wise, snow would give me some inspiration.

Okay, it can snow for me to take photos. But then it must go away overnight. How's that?

Thankfully many television shows are back to first-run episodes this past week. I've been watching the start of American Idol which I'll stop following once Survivor arrives. New episodes of Blue Bloods, Elementary, The Big Bang Theory and more kept me occupied this week. Plus, I got in some books ordered from -- Stephen King's Bazaar of Bad Dreams and Brooklyn Noir short story anthologies. So, hey ... I'm set to be snowed in if need be!

Then the snow can go away.


Oh ... I've also been watching some OLD shows. Antenna TV on cable now has The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson original episodes airing at 11pm weekdays. Way cool time warp going on with that! Now, I just wish they'd pick up the old Letterman NBC shows from the 80s when he was in his wild and crazy late night guy days.

Hmm. I do have plenty of soup here, lots of stuff to read and watch, bubble baths and bath salts (not the drug kind, the BATH kind!). Y'know, I wouldn't mind being snowed in for a few days. But then it would need to go away. I hate walking (or riding or driving) on ice and snow. My next staycation is at the end of the month. I guess I'll just look forward to that. I don't really WANT winter. I just like being stuck at home, I guess.

I've rambled on enough. Onto the photos (or lack thereof) for the week. Clicking on an image will bring it up in a larger gallery version. I hope you all have a good week!

What if the Hokey-Pokey is what it's all about?


"We are the goon squad and we're coming to town. Beep-beep." - David Bowie, 'Fashion' -- as seen on Watchung Avenue in Plainfield.


 A starling and two pigeons on the ledge

The pigeons gather there on cold winter days when the sun heats up the exterior of the Chotola Apartment Building on North Avenue. I guess the starling is just there to represent.

Geese in flight

Although they might have regretted not migrating south, we have a year-round population of Canada Geese around here. I'm talking even during the bad winters.


Monday morning

Although not in their summer glory, the pansies in Bridgewater were still hanging on Monday morning before the bitter cold hit.

Still Monday morning

They were a bit more shriveled by Tuesday.

Keeping warm

Looking west

This single level train -- all the rest are double-deckers -- is headed east although the locomotive engine is on the tail end of the train. Plainfield Train Station.

The other end

Postal label street art

As seen on Watchung Avenue in Plainfield, it could be either the Jesus from religion or Jesus as in "Hay-sous." With my luck, it's the latter.

Just feed me, please.

Vincent wants me to put away the camera and feed him. Poor starving kitty cat!


Delee said...

El Nino is stealing our winter mix. Rain does not count. I am sure by March we will be able to say, "Turn off the snow"!
I am trying to rid my home of things saved and stuffed into places. I have lived here over ten years and time to decide what to keep of my Mom's and what can go. Amazing the things I have kept of mine also. Hopefully Goodwill will be able to sell whatever I deem saleable!
Stay warm, bitter weather coming our way!

Palmaltas said...

I watched the first rerun of the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and found it a bit dull--even Bob Hope couldn't liven it up. But maybe I was just tired. I'm usually in bed before 10:00. Enjoyed the photos as usual.

David said...

I am more than willing to let you have some of our snow we have been getting here. I have not been able to drive my car in 2 weeks. I have to drive my 4x4 truck and it uses a lot more gas. We need the moisture out here so I guess it is not a bad thing.

Hope you and everyone else have a great week. =)